Delyle – 109 to Overseas

After hitting up Forever 21’s website I started to see a lot of pieces that would transfer well to Delyle’s style, so with further ado…

another brand to abroad post~!

Previous brands:
Glad News

The breakdown of Delyle’s sense of style

These items are key to understanding and imitating the brand’s style.
Delyle started in 2004 (same time as Lip Service) and has etched out a niche with gals who want classic Audrey Hepburn in Paris looks, but want sexy gal styling as well. Just like Liz Lisa or Gilfy, Delyle has a very strong fashion sense and even if studs were BOOMing this season, they were hard to be found in Delyle’s looks. Instead Delyle stuck to being a structured feminine.
This is a really good look to parody into working hours. Lady Gaga said the key to becoming iconic is taking a theme and repeating it several times. Delyle does the same thing (although not with bodysuits and tiny gloves and kermit the frogs). Instead Delyle loves doing cosmetic prints and keeping their font and look as classically Chanel as possible.
Looks by Delyle
Delyle’s popular summer shirt paired with their classic skirt
Cosmetic print
Classic girly stripe dress
Delyle has done really well with their character goods line. First with their 3 releases of Hello Kitty last Spring and onto this Fall.
Now they are marketing Snoopy.
Both HK and Snoopy looks are directed at getting young teens to buy their pieces.
Delyle mainly does two types of outer-wear. Traditional jackets like shown here.
Or cute stadium jackets
Maiko Takahashi doing cute girly outer look
Combining Delyle with jeans still works as being girly-kaji.

Overseas tips for working a Delyle look
  • Stick with monotone and baby pink.
  • Keep a french look in mind when dressing.
  • Buy anything that copies Chanel. Black tipped boots, lots of bracelets.
  • Get a chain bag. One that copies Chanel’s classic 2.55 or retro pieces.
  • Keep it sweet adult: add a pearl necklace or bow accessories
  • Use white and light pink as your accessory pieces.
  • Keep your hair fluffy and in curls, rely on romatic styles that involve volume and loose curls
  • Break out your hime or monotone nails
  • If you enjoy high-brands buy a Chanel brooch. Brooches are often the cheapest of resold brand items. You can often get a good deal on eBay for under $200.00. Then place on your clothing, or use a ribbon to knot around your bag and keep the brooch secured on the ribbon on your chain.
  • Splurge on using a shopping service to buy their jacket or iconic skirt. One gal brand piece can make a whole outfit.

Forever 21’s Tres Tres line is great place to pick from and make a Delyle look.

Not from the tres tres line, but it’s a copy of an exact Delyle skirt
Chanel-esque bottoms
The top print is not very Delyle, but the bottom frill is. Cover with a black or white cardigan  or trad jacket and you’re more in Delyle mode.
Delyle had this cut, and also loves French words. This high cut isn’t very Delyle though.
Adorable tap pants and a Cardi from Urban Outiftters. Garnish with a chain bag and light pink accessories and you’ve hit Delyle style.

Gay Gyaru/Gyaruo

This is part of the Japan Vida series, discussing certain parts about living in Japan.


The hair is fierce!!!

First of all… they exist!

Many of my friends are gay guys and we all head to Shinjuku Nichome together on the weekends. I’ve been to gay bars, lesbian bars, gay events, lesbian events and more… Shinjuku Nichome is pretty much the only open area for gays and lesbians to act and be themselves. It’s only a very tiny block, but some fun is to be had inside. Homosexuality although having historical roots within Japan, now is very unwelcome. For more modern info: please read the Homosexuality in Japan wiki with tons of gay slang information.

Nichome – the gay and lesbian district

Nichome is a small block stacked with gay and lesbian bars, clubs, and host/sex clubs.  There is not one dedicated lesbian club unlike Arty Fartys and Artys Annex which are the same gay club but 2 streets apart. Every club stamps your hand after you pay a drink/entrance fee and you are free to come and go as you please. So often many people camp in front of the conbini Sunklus and get conbini alcohol and drink outside. It makes the evening much cheaper. There’s even a park with swingset that you can go and drink in. So many people are usually wandering the streets from conbini to club or bar to club. This allows for a ton of people watching.

How many gals regard gays and lesbians

I was talking with my one*spo staff Kie and an old one Non-chan, I was buying some accessories to go out that night so they asked where I was going and I told them Nichome. Even though Nichome literally means “2nd block” and numbered everywhere in Tokyo, people usually know exactly where you mean without having to say Shinjuku Nichome. Both were shocked and amazed I had gay friends. They didn’t preach a hate of gay people, more just felt that gay people have their world and straight people have theirs. This happened with some other gals, too.

This doesn’t mean all straight gals don’t love Nichome. My best Japanese friend loves her gay boys and we met at this tiny 7 seat bar in Nichome.

Gay Japan is not Gay anywhere else…

Gaydar is a thing of the past. American gaydar does not work at all in Japan. This goes especially with males. All the effeminate gestures and metrosexual overload makes a man straight in Japan >_< It’s often the beefy crew-cut guys in Japan that are gay <_<;; It used to be that if you wore Abercrombie and Fitch you could tell a guy was gay because  you had to import it. Now that A&F have opened a shop in Ginza, that’s out of the window.

Lesbians in general

Lesbians stick to roles. It is absolutely rare to see two lipstick lesbians together in Japan. If I do, I usually assume they’re friends out together. There is a definite pair off between butch and femme roles. So if you’re dressed like a gyaru with typical gal clubwear expect to get hit on by the butch type. The butch type in Japan often makes you question guy/girl when you see them at first.

Of course the gay and lesbian community is not just gay and lesbian but also has transgenders and bisexuals involved. Nichome also has the fag hags as well (which are termed okoge. Okama means burnt pot and is a slang for fag in Japan. Okoge is the burnt rice stuck at the bottom of a burnt pot. Cruel huh?).

Gay GyaruO

Despite the rumors I rarely see gay gyaruo who are not working as gay hosts (and yes gay host bars exist). Since Kabukicho is close by when hosts walk by it’s hard to tell if they’re heading to Kabukicho from their host dorm/home around Nichome or if they’re actually in 2chome. I have seen two Oraora gay boys who seem couply who often go to nichome. But they are so tanned, when they talk the pink of their lips and gums just glows because they’ve turned as crispy as possible. I wanted it to be hot, but it wasn’t. There are a few, but much less and much less organized than the gyaru lesbians.

Gyaru lesbians and Dance parties

Gyaru lesbians mostly stick to their circles. However their are friends or pairs walking around as well. It’s obvious some work in Kabukicho either as hostesses/girlbars/massage because of their Agejo hair and dress preference, also they tend to show up after typical last train closing hours. There are gals who enjoy dressing in gyaruo style and one particular hottie has a nice giant VANQUISH belt to top off her gyaruo look.

One thing to note: Gay gyaru have no nails. If you don’t know why, then you don’t need to know why ^_^;;

If you go, do not expect to see a ton of lesbian gals roaming. I have seen 20 tops in Nichome.


Gals mostly show up to event nights.  Girlfriend is the most popular and it’s at bar Hijouguchi which is head every last Saturday of the month. Hijouguchi has several other event nights including a gay electro night that is obscenely fun and a dandy event with great costumes (nothing like a guy with a nude colored speedo and gazelle horns on his head taking your money at the entrance).

You may run into b-gyaru Ikumi, who speaks fluent English. She and her b-gal posse are very nice.
Other event nights have fun things such as “speed dating” which is really nampa time (pick-up time). When you enter you are offered the choice of wearing a heart. This heart as a number and then you write your name on a heart and enter neko or tachi. Neko and tachi for gay male sex usually involve the giver and receiver, instead for Japanese lesbians neko means butch and tachi means femme. It can also be a sexual term meaning active vs. passive during sex. Sexually there’s also the term Riba is short for ribaashiburu, meaning they can top or bottom for sex. Also, there’s a check box for if you’re looking for friends/lovers/both.
Then you dance the night away with a heart on your chest (make sure to keep it taped on, or bring a safety pin. They fall off often while you dance or push around people to move in the club). After the night is over you check your number’s envelope and see if you got messages. Or if you see a hottie, send them a message ^_^~
Events often have crappy music, but they’re still a fun event. One event night has four dancers that ride the 2 1/2 poles located throughout (the one half pole is from ceiling to bar). All the girls are skilled pole girls and they often have themed outfits. They also walk around and all identify themselves as lesbians so if you want to chat them up, feel free to. They’re quite nice. One of them, a Chinese girl, supposedly teaches pole dancing and she’s gotta be the best I’ve ever seen on a pole. Girl has skills and flexibility not often seen outside of Cirque de Soliel. It’s hella amusing to see the bulldyke types standing front row to poles to look at the girls. It looks like an actual strip club with pervert row that way <_<;;

All the girls at lesbian events are looking for people. Sure some come with friends and they’re not actively looking, but most come open.

Nichome is home to the most per-gaijin ratio I’ve seen outside of Roppongi (the famous foriegner club district). Sure sometimes you feel like you’re in a gaijin bubble, but that often means people in Nichome are more welcome to speaking and interacting with gaijin. So in a dating context many are open to foriegners. If not most of them go to small Japanese only bars (sure they’re bar doesn’t say no-foriegners, but they are usually holed away in tiny spaces which foriegners wouldn’t go looking for fun).

Recommended places:

So if you want to see and meet lesbian gyaru then only go on event nights. However, Shinjuku Nichome is fun on most weekends. Arty Fartys and Artys annex are both fun to go to (if not entirely way too packed from 1:00 to 4:00) and unless its an event, it only costs a drink which is usually 600 yen.

My peep’s favorite bar is Adezakura. Known for its giant double red doors, it’s near Arty’s Annex. It’s lesbian until 2:00 and then goes mixed. Jin runs the place and she’s both super nice, pours ample drinks, and enjoys gaijin in her place. She’ll also pull up any music you want to hear.

Rehab mostly weekends has happy hour which lasts from 8:00-10:00. It’s directly behind Sunklus in the alley up the stairs on the 2nd floor. There’s a signboard advertising it right below the place. It’s a new place, so not often that full. The happy hour is 1000 yen ($11.00 USD) and it’s all you can drink. Apparently they don’t do shots anymore, but if you ask for any alcohol on the rocks they’ll give it to you. So it’s essentially a shot <_< They also have couches and tons of gay photo books to either stare in awe or giggle at. Best to go in a group.

Me between club and bar, swinging in the park in Nichome.
What you never swung in Mar*s garters before? heheehe
As a note all of the pictures were found on Girlfriend website. I am definitely not trying to out those who don’t want to be outed. 

Fukubukuro (Lucky Bags) unwrapped

I’ll be updating this post the more reveals I find. Most of the pictures are from the brand’s mixi communities.

Since all the fukubukuro have been on sale pictures keep popping up of the reveal. I’ll be hunting more pics down as they come up so check back even if I’m posting above it.

Spiral Girl link to picture possibilities

Baby Shoop

The roomwear and socks look cute


Cecil McBee 

Some nice, if not a little too simple pieces.


Another bag example above
The 5000 yen accessories lucky bag
I really like they didn’t fall into the jacket + onepiece + skirt + shirt repetition some brands have. They’re known for their fun shirts, so it’s cool they stuck with it. Love the zebra one.
Glad News
all items from the current season, nothing new in the fuku
Several different sets 5 in total available. Lots of reprints of old items or old items some from even 2008, but it all still looks chic.

Golds Infinity
The owner of the fuku said it was a bit too too black.
Heaven and Earth
also bootcut and skinny denim jeans

Love the jacket! It comes in white, pink or black arm sleeves.


Lip Service

Really happy I ordered this set. Love the tank OP and Shorts bottoms combination. All new and good spring pieces.

Liz Lisa
Princess Boston. I love this dress.
Princess Carry
Modeling of the Princess carry. Seems the shirt is different.

Echos their season, but all new items. A cute collection.


A pretty boring set, but only 8000 yen



I love the idea of shoes. Although I worry about sizing. Possibly getting this bag. Also there’s a rumored cardigan sweater inside.
valentines high

Who has the best fuku in your eyes?

Happy 2010!!! Hime Style Magazine October scans

The year of the tiger, let’s keep it grrr-eat ^_~
Hime Style October 2009

A present: Hime Style the Kansai-based Agejo gal magazine focusing on street snaps

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click on magazine bits tag for more magazine goodness ❤

Enjoy and Have a Happy New Year!

Resolutions! Gal-ing up your life.

New Years Resolutions

Everyone has them, and mine seem to be bigger and more concrete than usual.

Coming home this time has made my disconnect even clearer. Although I grew up in Houston, I only moved back 2 years ago. Actually my man moved us while I was in Japan in 2007. I really haven’t lived in my American place an entire year combined since I’m always heading back to Japan. So I have decided for 2010 I have a few goals to stop the disconnect and shape up!


I came back from Japan and gained 8 lbs! 3.6 kilos! (*。′口`。*) I was working on losing 5 at the time. So I’m back to 13 lbs to lose. Not awesome. But, even on Christmas I worked out and I’m going to shape up my body, cut the alcohol (after NYE) and be fabulous!


So even though we’ve moved here 2 yrs ago, there’s still unpacked boxes, a lack of closet space, and clothes spilling out everywhere. Now adding up a shopaholic’s booty from Japan for 2 years plus previous grabs equals enough clothes to make Mt. Fuji out of. “<(××)>” I do love having a lot of clothes and allowing myself to dress in several looks depending on my mood. I’m a rock-kei girl who loves girly things, I’m a monotone girl who screams for color, I’m a bold pink when I want baby pink. However, I’d really like to edit my closet.

A logjam >_<

Wake-up my Make-up

I admit to while not feeling confident about my make-up skills and always experimenting, I have collected a ton of make-up and now my bathroom is just midget-sized for my giant problem. So I need use my vanity, and gal it up. Maybe a little more space and organization will make me feel more confident.

Since my make-up counter is too shameful to show, let’s enjoy the Don Quiote wall of eyelashes.

Gal up my American Life

Living in Japan, feeling like you’re in gal style and doing gal things is easy. I lived a 10 minute walk from 109, I passed the D.I.A. workroom on my way to school everyday. Carry was down the street. I was surrounded by great gal places and fun things to do. Now when I come back to the States my life is ungal. I just feel bad keeping my man waiting for the 2+ hrs of hair + make-up (not to say I don’t sometimes (。・・。)). I also feel my day to day doesn’t embody the live-it-up mentality. So I’ll be working on how to best style-up my American world.

Ladies, what are your New Years Resolutions and what are you planning to do about them? Let’s work on it before New Years even comes around <3川 ̄ー ̄川

Also some random pics from the holiday break
Our tiny Rosemary tree with bird ornaments

Some Christmas roses
Shirt: Zara
Necklace: Lip Service
Underdress: Spiral Girl
Liz Lisa for out with the girls
Franklin in angel wings from the man’s parents.

New layout~!

Well the new layout still needs some tweaks, but I was happy to finally put up pics of real people. Most are staff-chans from Osaka. I feel we need to get more real people to connect to in gal and not just air-brushed models in magazines.
Left to Right:
1) A super bubbly and sweet staff-chan from L-Chance who hugged me several times.
2) Me~!
3) A sweet staff-chan at Camouflage Gilfy select corner
4) One of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in my life. IRL her hair color was amazing. A sweet staff-chan from Lip Service Osaka.
5) From the w<3c staff blog to round it out.
Yay for real people! (*≧∇≦)/


Finger Lickin’ Santa

Are you enjoying your Christmas? Did you get your Christmas KFC?

Crispy for Christmas
Families order weeks in advance to share KFC in Japan. Yes I’m weirded out by it, too. KFC and Japan Christmas info here and here.

New Years Fukubukuro

EDIT: Since it’s going to be 1/1 soon in Japan,  both girlswalker and love-ex have new bags up. Love-Ex has me-jane and Golds Infinity. Girlswalker has those plus Mar*s, Duras, Lip Service and more.

The tradition of New Years is so huge in Japan and other than Hatsumode (first visit of the temple) and eating soba (most soba shops are packed), the concept of fukubukuro is everywhere. Fukubukuro are lucky bags and although 109 stores have them, so does most every apparel business in Japan. Most make-up counters do it as well, and you can often get some serious deals at make-up counters.

Each bag usually cost 10,000yen or around $100.00. Some stores offer bags of $200, $100, and $50.00. Others do multiple different lucky bags of $100.00. It’s a mess, but a happy shopping mess. ✌⋰˚◡˚⋱✌

My lovely friend Sebastian is nabbing me Lip Service, w<3c, and Glad News bags. I admit I’m tempted by both the Liz Lisa and Valentine’s High fuku bags because they’re so cute. ༶❤_❤༶

109 shops have been setting up reservations for their bags, but some just release the day of. Fashionwalker still has some of their bags available, while 109 shops one their website have also been releasing them.

LoveEx which has its own worldwide shipping service also has a few lucky bags up. Maybe more will release on 1/1.

EDIT If you don’t like knowing or are only used to buying through shipping services that use Y! auctions, after 1/2 many should be up and opened showing all items. Or if you’re especially looking for your favorite store like One*Spo or DIA who don’t offer on-line sales of fuku.

Also, for those of you IN Tokyo, while 109 is closed on 1/1, Lumine EST and ALTA are both open so you can try your luck at both of those which have Gilfy, Mars, Swordfish, Valentines High, Cecil McBee, Lip Service and more.

Jagura‘s 109 bag is Kitson-like and does a cute plushy tiger in honor of 2010 as the year of the tiger.

Adorable! It almost convinces me to get the bag.

Spiral Girl has an awesome bag out, but it’s both sold out on fw and their website ㌔_☖#

MeJane is looking a lot like their sister brand Mar*s in their bag’s print

They’re also teasing with a watch similar to the one I bought for $90.00

Valentine’s High‘s bag is simple adorable! I’m not 100% about their clothes, but I’m admittedly tempted by this bag.
EDIT They promise 5 items not available in stores including an outer and a long-tee shirt.

Cecil McBee shows all of what will be in its fuku and I am not as keen to get it now.

Liz Lisa (and Liz Lisa Doll) offers a luggage-piece as its fuku bag. I admit it’s girlish splendor. Both Liz Lisa and Tralala’s bags available at r-shop
EDIT: Liz Lisa promises a coat, a one-piece, a knit top, either shorts or a skirt, a muffler or a hat, and new year item
Liz Lisa Doll  promises an outer, a top, an inner, a bottom, a onepiece, and a fashion piece
The 5200 yen bags offer a one-piece and one more item.

Gilfy‘s newsprint bags are really cute! I’m tempted just by the bag.
EDIT: According to Rakuten’s English website they have pictures of the lucky bag Gilfy items

Now my problem with this is I see a couple of items that ARE Gilfy and some that definitely are not <_<
Another problem is Gilfy is showing these boots here. Which did not sell well in Japan because of the lace-up plus overbuckle skin which is just a pain in the booty when you’re in Japan and often having to take off your shoes. So they’re not selling items created for the fuku, just unloading stuff that didn’t sell well (-_~-)
I’m now hesitant about the Gilfy bag. (↓;д;↓)

JSG‘s cute sling bag fuku is one sale through CREDGE

Ji.maxx also has its fuku up on Credge


Cocolulu has both 1man and 2man bags. The 2man is a roller.
1man bag offers: original outer, long tee, a parka, something small, and the bag
There are some of the options. Both 1man and 2man bags are up on their website

Egoist‘s bag although plain offers 3-6 items costing between $300-500 approx. They’re really keeping it a lucky bag. Goes on sale today at 12:00.

Glad News bag really isn’t my look, but I am really tempted by what’s inside.
You get a blouson outer, leggings, leopard fur beret, cut onepiece, food print long-tee, something random, and the bag. As a present for those who order on-line, you also get a cute skull-mickey notebook here.
Borderless Rakuten offers the GN fuku here, too! No shipping service needed ❤

Delyle is having a slow release of their fuku. Next time is 12/28 midnight.

Since they enjoying copying Chanel, it’s only appropriate their bag looks like the Spring leather shopping bag Chanel put out.

LB-03, LDS and Love Boat have their fuku all up for sale and most still look available. The LB-03 bag (above) looks really cute.

For the himegals, Jesus Diamante has four types of fuku available through the Parco City website. $200, $300, $500, $1,000 and a $1,500. Oh my so pricey The $200 bag offers a knit item, the bag and a small item. The $1,500 bag offers pieces that are worth>_< more than $4,500, but still ^_^;; I’d have to disavow all shopping to ever transform to himeism.

Swordfish has not one but 3 different $100 and 2 different $50 bags to choose from. All on sale here

 Mar*s and Real Mar*s has their fuku out. According to their news on-line fuku starts 12/26.
The Mar*s one has room wear inside. ^_^  I love the Real Mar*s leopard print bag(・m・)☆

One*Spo: Info via the onespo mixi community says there will be a jacket, a onepiece, a top, a skirt, mokomoko roomwear and an accessory. Items totalling 4-5man.

Lip Service: According to the bubbly rakuten store you get an outer, a onepiece, a tanktop, a camisole, and a long tee. I am not a big fan of the bag, but I still ordered it. (⇔ο⇔)
Duras offers a “total coordinate including an outer” that is worth 5man. Goes on sale 1/1 at FashionWalker

What fuku are you buying or wish you could buy?

Merry Christmas + Host/Hostess Magazine Download

Happy purple tree at Osaka OPA

The docomo 3-d tree at Namba, Osaka

Happiness is iPhone Puri

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the giving season and spending it warm and cuddly indoors or outside romping around with fabulous hair.

Are you doing the family way or the Japanese date way for Christmas? I think the man and I will be enjoying football on tv and sipping some pretty pink bubbly. I loveeee champagne

Of course I have a gift for you guys. The start of a bunch of magazine scans from hard-to-find mags. First up is Four Season, a trade magazine all about (mostly) hostesss and some host clubs in Fukuoka.

Four Seasons entire mag scans up at mediafire

Paleness, Momoeri, Poupee, and Galmama

Ghostface killah

LOL It seems on the gyaru_secrets, I was called out for being too pale and uhhh making my eyes too big(?).  I really am super pale, indeed. Once a boy in middle-school asked me if I was albino. I told him I was half ^_^v teehee! I did tan this summer, but with it costing around $30.00 a trip in Japan (their monthly packages are rare or very expensive), and the upcoming joy of tights I decided to stop for the winter. Not to mention the skin erosion.

Now I’m back to my pale self. As I’ve said before, when I tan I notice non-gyaru Japanese enjoy calling me gyaru, but with the gyaru community I think they see white girl (as in race) not white girl (as in albino) first. However, with the rise of Agejo I think tanning has really stopped for a lot of people. Agejos are usually the ones with the purchasing power so you’ll see many more Agejos out and buying instead of looking and saving $$ for tanning and working a part-time job.

It feels like there’s now two pulling factions of gal culture with Agejo pulling to paleness and Oraorakei and Nuts style Rock heading to tanning (or black skin as its called. BTW it’s considered a compliment when someone comments on your tan and says your really black. Hilarity ensues when you hear Japanese people say this to a white person in English). I do appreciate how gal has opened yet again to allow those who don’t want to tan into its circle.

The popular tanning place: Blacky

Jul,y 09 in a Delyle onepiece. I miss being that brown.

But I do not want this as my future nsfw

Anyways if you’re turned off by my skin, I’m sorry I guess. I do not plan to tan until shorts season. I really admire many of the Japanese who take a live for the now approach and tan until they’re “black”, but I just can’t do that myself. Skin cancer and less elasticity in skin doesn’t appeal to me until my legs are out 24/7.

I also hope to make this blog about as less about me as possible. If it was more about me I’d be discussing papers, my cats, my freakish love of Mexican food and pie, and my obsession with Sportscenter. Not too fun, eh?

Momoeri’s Pop-up store

While leaving I read on Momoeri’s blog about her pop-up store in Shinjuku. Popup stores are quite popular in Japan, with Bape and Kitson having stellar sales during their times as ones. However it was my last day in Japan and I was too exhausted to visit >_<; So in pops my beloved Sebastian to report on  it:

 From Sebastian:

 Pic from Sebastian

The space in marui one shinjuku where random stores rotate on the first floor currently features MOMOERI. i think it’s there until 1/11. i got a picture of the window outside, but it is kind of shoddy because it was taken with my phone >_> i would have taken one inside, but they wouldn’t let me. if i find myself back in shinjuku soon i will try and take some better pictures. they have tons of hostess dresses for sale (which oddly only old women were looking through >_>), her roomwear, some ridiculous santa suit roomwear onepiece, shoes/socks/etc and lots of make and blingtastic accessories and generally cute things for about 5sen and under. a lot of the make was like 300Y – 800Y and they also eyelashes, tiny purse mirrors, keitai straps etc.  there was even a heart-shaped condom box with two flavored condoms inside ! like seriously wtf. there is another satellite store on the seventh floor with things like momoeri portable DVD players completely deco’d, more 小さいもの stuff and some jewelry boxes that looked like doll-sized plush pink chairs and sofas and shit, but they open up like leopard seal mouths.

The inside from Momoeri’s blog
Leopard seals with their Stitch mouths and diet of penguins creep me and Sebastian out. 

I do like tiny Momoeri goods, but the larger ones seem to be more cheaply made. Here’s hoping she finds a better supplier!


Momoeri’s Slutty Santa gear
So Christmas is the biggest date night in Japan, so coincidentally in comes all these lingerie and outfits of slutty Santa. Sometimes it’s slutty elf or reindeer, but both are rare thankfully. Men’s Egg voted Cosplay Sex as their biggest kink, over such old ones as s&m and toys. I do want to know how many women decide to buy and bring out slutty Santa outfits. Maybe I’m a simple girl for gettin’ down. ^_^;;

Now poupee has a version of it. As well as bra + panty set.

Are you guys all using poupee?It’s a place you can shop without having to pay anything, and you get money from uploading your own clothes… ahh for a shopaholic this was like taking Las Vegas to a gambler.

Also you can make your poupee look like you. Me n Poupee from this summer:

Pretty similar except I lack giant eyes, but make up for it in forehead
Thank god for bangs.

If you’re on poupee, add me and let’s be friends! I’m lazy/busy and only dress-up my poupee lately though.

 It may provide kitschy outfits, but the best for gals to use it is the poupee jiten.Users often post their purchases before you see them in mags and often on real people. It’s a great way to shop fashions and find out what your brand is currently doing. Gilfy, Glad News, and Cecil McBee are on it just to name a few. The gal shoplist has all the poupee links if they have one.

Gal Motherhood: the facts

Momoeri brings me to a talk on being a galmama. Now I’ve noticed both rapture and hate within the gaijin communities over the rise of galmama.

Now I should preface this with I am NOT a mom, I am NOT one because I think mothers make the ultimate sacrifice. They should always put their children first and I admire those who take action to do so.

I have said GAL is WORK. However, many of these mamas have found ways to work around that. (see the Momoeri pic below)

A relevant thread of how Fukuoka real gal moms are dressing. See the simplified hair and often lower heel.
Even the mom-models have simplified hair. Both also look extension free.

Before I start with the gal issue, discussing mama in Japan has to go hand-in-hand with the declining birthrate. The US has a declining birthrate, but we have a laxer immigrant policy which pics up the slack. So when Japan found this out a few years ago there was a huge commotion about how people should screw and some politicians even came out asked women to be baby making machines. This got shot down, but the atmosphere was very pro-babymaking. So the culture for children is very desirable now. Onto the gal part…

Galmamas usually fit into two categories: unmarried and married. 

In the unmarried case, a gal who for the most part before baby has a job that is not office related ex: hair, nails (like in Momoeri’s case), shopstaff. Now these aren’t hours that make having children very easy. Since space is always important, daycare is very expensive and many have waiting lists. So… how does a young mama help her child? Well she either gets help from her parents, which frees up her time to do gal things if she wishes.

Or.. she becomes an Agejo. Either hostess, bargirl or works on in an adult business. As a single mama needing daylight with her child, there are not that many jobs. Japan has climbed up a few notches on the gender and equality scale on the UN, but it definitely still poor.So in an unequal society, women do what they can.

Agejo is a gal look that must be maintained. However, they can wear their hair plain and pay for hairset (30 minutes) during work times. Then she can wear shorter nails which are easier to handle the child’s needs (two hours every month). In this way, gal is her profession, it is her lifestyle.

In the married case, during naptimes or school she has time to make appointments and touch-ups to her look. She also has the monetary support of her husband to spend a little on herself if she sees fit.

Personally, I really appreciate the rise in galmama and the magazines dedicated to it. In western society there has always been a MILF stereotype or at least an allowance especially with celebrities that moms could look sexy and be attractive after marriage.

The traditional mindset in Japan has made a bride into a mother and therefore as someone’s mother she is not to be considered sexy or attractive. In a psychology study of Japanese men who cheated many said they no longer found their wives attractive or sexy after birth. However, on the same side a woman had the thought that if she birthed a child and raised him she was finished and had no more obligations as a woman.

But cheap and cute with the moms still looking sexy.

Now with the blossoming of galmama, moms are allowing themselves to feel sexy and attractive. This is a very new and IMO great trend. You may think that the time it takes to be gal ignores your child’s needs, but most mothers can find time for themselves and reassert that they are a person, a woman too, and not just a mother. Yes being a mother means sacrifice, but gal can and often has to be done for the welfare of their children.

Look at Momoeri, looking gal but in great maneuverable clothing.
Galmama magazines also talking about issues most moms want to know: saving on food, cute kids clothes, and recommendations on short or no heels for strollering your kids. Not to mention it’s a forum for mom’s to show off their cute kids, and that’s just universal.
  Food budgeting tips.
Before you hate or love on galmamas just take time to reconsider their place in society and how most are working hard for the sake of their children. v^_^

Fukuoka! ^_^;;

The bridge to Nakasu

While it might sound odd, I’ve been interested in Fukuoka when I heard it was closer to Shanghai than to Tokyo. Fukuoka has turned out to be the other. Not Kansai or Kantou in its ways, but very much Kyuushu. However, I cannot help but feel a little downhearted by the small glance of gal culture I saw in Fukuoka.

The Cecil McBee window displays and gals outside Core


The main Fukuoka mall of gal culture. However 6(ish) floors are dedicated to gal style, while 2 are for men’s looks. Many not exactly gyaruo. Fukuoka’s concept of 109 the corner for men been done in a stylish way that definitely helps Fukuoka boys become sexy gyaruo. But, I just can’t feel the same for girls. While the girls floors are packed with great 109 brands: Cecil McBee, Lip Service, One*Spo, Glad News, and Cocolulu to name a few. For the most part, the gals I saw inside the stores didn’t reflect the pure style of the brand.

Cocolulu staff girls were on point, but many shopping had bad flat hair and no extensions. The dying seemed lacking as well as tight outfit style I see from the several of the clientele and staff of 109. I even couldn’t call it relaxed like the Osaka gals, instead it just seemed lacking.

Their deco store on B-1 did seem top notch, tough. Love the handle.

To further bastardize Fukuoka gal style, JRock brand Algonquins as well as Lolita powerhouse Angelic Pretty had stores next to gal brands. Out and about in Fukuoka I saw more people in JRock style than gal style. The gal magazines were out and displayed in tons of Fukuoka bookstores, but the lessons on style weren’t reaching the Fukuoka girls.

The 109 Mens floor was a new and welcome addition, featuring men’s brands such as Vanquish, Buffalo Bobs, Glad News, Semantic Design and more..


This is not to say all Fukuoka gals were lacking, I saw a few with cute ideas and even some Agejo style and some with good strong gal looks and one girl with the best short hair I had see Agejo in a long time.

Hostesses and Nakasu

The rows of foodstalls and the crowds around Nakasu

Fukuoka has a tiny island of entertainment district called Nakasu in which tons of hostess clubs were located. It seemed hostess clubs wholly overpowered the host clubs. I didn’t see that many hostesses out and about shopping in Core. At Shinjuku Alta, Agejo wannabe mix with the hostess girls while shopping. This was’t the case for Fukuoka Agejo, which I imagine have strong numbers judging by the amount of kyabakura inside the island.

A giant building housing tons of hostess clubs, possiblty 7 per floor.
A row listing all the clubs inside
They’re calling this a girl’s bar although all the pictures make it look more like an information stop.
Girls bars are more like traditional hostesses, who simply serve drinks and listen on a bar stool next to you.
For some reason every entertainment district has tons of pet shops.
My bet is its a place for hosts to take their customers
It was hard to get a good shot of this place and I cared not to get closer since there seemed to be visible yakuza patrolling the place. It was an entire giant apartment block set-up to be a soapland or “massage” and prostitution building. 8 floors in total, which means a lot of hookin’

Sky Dream Fukuoka

You can take a bus from Tenjin (one of Fukuoka’s main hubs) and head to Evergreen Marinoa outlets. I do not recommend training it since the setting itself is a 20+ minute winding walk from the closest train station. Evergreen Marinoa has Sky Dream Fukuoka. Purportedly the fourth tallest Ferris Wheel, Sky Dream takes 20 minutes to rotate and is a great date spot.

Making the loop better is the large selection of outlets to shop at around it. Everything from ABC Mart shoe store, to gal stores such as Egoist and male-fronted Tornado Mart. All the outlet items were last year’s pieces, but my all time favorite Egoist dress was in there for $40.00, not a bad way to stock up on sexy dresses. However since Lip Service is doing sexy current basics at $40.00 I wasn’t swayed to purchase anything. For those interested in OL there was a Pinky & Diane and also a nice large Coach outlet. Prices appeared to be only 15-25% off at the Coach Outlet, but maybe I was missing some great bargains.

Me and the man taking Ferris Wheel puri
I can’t say I recommend traveling to Fukuoka. Especially since the sheer price to do so: around $800.00 round trip on the Shinkansen. For a small port city, Kobe is much better.