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Just some quick news/updates…

Gilfy + ReDark = Gilfy Market

Yokohama new store was opened as Gilfy Market (so far the only one I know of) and according to news on Gilfy’s website it has both Gilfy items and ReDark items. Did they change the ReDark look just help this new store concept along?

Causing quite a stir

This dress has been making magazine rounds! Egg, Ageha, Vivi and SCawaii have all featured it. Possibly more small frill items to come then…

Forever 21 is coming!

This dress that I profiled earlier in the One*Spo done America Style post, is now the subject of Vivi!

The dress now worn by the lovely and super popular Rina. Forever 21 opened last year in Seoul in a giant store and has since had great progress in the Asian market. Now it’s set to open 4/29/09 in Shinjuku with the new H&M location.

H&M lines in the first Japan store in Ginza were full for 4 weeks until a friend and I could get in, and by then the place was just demolished by crazed shoppers. Forever 21 and H&M Shinjuku should be packed and the topic of many magazines.

Although Vivi isn’t a gal magazine I thought this was worth mentioning since many American gals look to Forever 21 to plump their wardrobe and it also helps those first traveling to Japan to not look as out of place.

Vivi also this issue pumped up such 109 stores as the hippy Love Girls Market, as well as Moussy, OneSpo, and OneWay.

Open Comment Access

I was a blonde and didn’t realize you need to be a blog member to comment. I’m open to any comments, and so I opened up all comments to Anon and non-Anon. Everyone has their own idea of fashion and if mine differs from yours well let’s hope you show us how it’s done in your blog ^_^

Mitsu’s Spring/Summer Gal Predictions PART TWO

Things changing in the Gilfy/Backs/Redark world

Wildly popular Gilfy has done a Tsubasa collaboration of cute matching mother / daughter sets. Gilfy is hoping to target the rising Gal mom market. Umeshan earlier did a Franky father/son set-up… so Tsubasa is just following the hubby right now.

Backs is staying to its original outlook, and by original I mean since Summer of last year opening. The great thing about buying a Backs piece is you know their monotone look won’t change for now so the shirt you bought last summer is still stylish.

Redark however is the biggest shocker. Egg magazine had haadi and colorful Kaoru posing in a strict black and white ReDark set-up. ReDark has been Gilfy’s answer to American Casual with items that almost do look casual IN America (shocking!). However, this season they’ve inserted black and put a lot more monotone and darker looks into their spring selection.

Kaoru Watanabe in Backs…err actually Redark

Does this spell a change in the whole American Casual market? Probably not judging by AmeKaji campion Ranzuki who is still full of bright color spreads and saying every color in the rainbow is great for Spring.

Gilfy, Backs and ReDark …difference anyone?

Black Plastic Glasses

This trend started with Backs, but simple black plastic fake frames are everywhere! One*Spo has an adorable pair in as well. Remember to add a pair to your accessories and preppy up your monotone looks. Or you can play sexy teacher ^_~

Rainbow Heels

Spring has repeated the shoe motto of any time is a good time to wear pumps. Print, girly, preppy, neon, pastel… anything goes!

Other notable IN choices: hightop tennis shoes, colored engineer boots and flat slouchy boots

Chain Bags

The classic 2.55 by Chanel is a fashion icon, and has been appearing heavily in reproductions / copies by various 109 shops since early 2008. However, this summer has gotten more stores into the fix. Cecil McBee had their chain bags with America, France and British logos, Deylye – the store that copies Chanel – has several out, also crazy haadi Valentine’s High has gotten the mix.

Personally I prefer the original Chanel (and own in the 2.55 in Jumbo), but I can’t help but be tempted by the fun colors that are out this season.

Clockwise: Rose Fan Fan, Mar*s, Egoist, the classic 2.55 by Chanel, and Valentine’s High


Deylye can’t seem to make a shirt without putting their name on it, but now Cecil McBee and Egoist are getting into the game. Buying logo shirts and dresses is a great buy for the summer vacation Gal in Japan. These pieces will look classic and represent a brand you love. The more simple the more seasons you can wear it through. Definitely invest in one if you love the store!

The Egoist logo is really classy, like Gucci’s.


Ribbons figure into a lot of overall trends happening at gal stores. First, girly monotone, second electro and third marine. You hime gals have been enjoying ribbons and bows for a while, but pairing your Diamante Bow bag with a cute sleek gal outfit is a great idea.

The below items are a YES the right is a HELL NO! Egg, Rumihi… what where you thinking?!


Pastels are great this season, especially pink, blue, and purple. Just in time for Easter!

This trend can be rocked in three easy ways:
– Cardigan
– Heels
– Onepiece

You don’t have to change your whole wardrobe in pastels, just a few pieces with a monotone or basic gal collection helps you look current.

Adult, Amekaji or Sweet; all styles compliment Pastels

Pucci Print

This is a great trend for all you gals who enjoy sexy and adult styles. Any Pucci swirly print is in vogue this year. Lip Service has done a stellar pastel dress featured in many magazines that highlights this look (far right). For you overseas gals, thrifting or eBaying a vintage Pucci scarf or skirt would rock this trend.

Doesn’t Hibou look adorable in this!

Hold back on the leopard and other animal prints.

Girls, oh girls. I know some of you would love to put on an entire suit of leopard and prance around. Do yah thing or whatever, but if you want to follow the trends for the season, leopard print is not in it. Dots, Pucci (as talked about above), Stripes and Camo seem to be the prints winning this season. Store the leopard for later. Put it as a deco or on your nails, but keep it off your body.

Sleepy leopard says wearing leopard this summer makes him yawn

Trends to take out from last year

colored pumps, hippie dresses especially those with small floral prints, worn down jean hot pants, light denim washes, sweet dresses to pair with a monotone look

Tips for certain styles:

Hime: Keep sporting your bow accessories and branch out and buy a monotone dress and try Deylye’s girly items, pair it with your hime accessories.
Trend to try: monotone

Adult: Pucci, Chain Bags and Logo items are great for you.
Trend to try: Adult rock one-piece

Girly: Marine and chain bags, bow accessories and larger jewelry pieces will help your look come together.
Trend to try: fitted cropped jackets

Traditional: Girlz you traditional, buy your hot pants asap then pair them with a logo shirt! Trend to try: Body-con grown up style on top (corset style, jacket, fitted bust)

Rock: Chain bags in a vibrant color, leather jackets, and comic prints. When going for pastel try acid washed pastels in denim instead.
Trend to try: Funky leggings and stockings

Ame-kaji: Don’t load up too much on monotone, stick to bright print tops paired with torn/distressed shorts.
Trend to try: Bright heels with short socks paired rolled-up boyfriend jeans, casual top, and a trucker hat

Electro/Haadi: Load up on the hot accessories such as bright bags, heels and buttons. Pair them with monotone. Also try a matching jacket/shorts set in a crazy print.
Trend to try: Work black into your look to create a bolder statement

Mitsu’s Gal Predictions for S/S 2009 PART ONE

Anyone smell bacon? Surely not!

2005 reached Gal’s highest tanning heights with the Reggae craze that swept through. I think people who went through that era might be still smelling crispy. Although the trend has been since 2006 to get lighter and lighter, I do not think tanning has fully gone away.

However, be warned for those who enjoy the sweet + doll craze rumbling into Spring, get out of the tanning bed a few minutes earlier.

Eyelash obsessed!

Now more than ever, fake eyelashes are key in making a gal look. Although eyelashes have been part of a gal’s make-up case for a while, it’s bottom eyelashes that are the contender this year. Both Ageha and Egg have multiple pages of bottom lash choices and coordinating make-up styles. The doll trend has helped push this along, but it is not just for the sweet.

As a note both girls are wearing the Korean Geo brand of contact lenses that make your eyeballs wider.

Short or long / Bangs no bangs?

If you have short hair, there’s hope for you. As long as it’s in a bob! While some rock-kei girls are working a crisp edgy short look, it’s few. The short and medium length bob are here to stay. Girls are also going back to their blonde and caramel roots and staying away from more wild colors. Long hair of course is fashioned in traditional layered curls of varying curling iron widths.

These two styles seem across the board except for bangs.

Ageha’s Short and Long

Nuts Long and Short

Nuts released its new hair styles of 2009 and only one of the 12 has bangs (and the one was simply sideswept)! However, several of the top Egg models are sporting bangs with short and long hair. Jelly as well is featuring many cute banged cuts. Popteen as well (but sad to say Popteen lately looks trapped in Tsubasa circa summer 2007).

Stockings persist!

Hosiery has been a love in Fall 2008, with adorable prints as well as Egoist and Lip Service putting out their own branded ones. Mind you they were are 30-40 USD a pop! Since just last week it snowed in Tokyo and cold temps can be felt into as late as June nights, ladies will prefer to keep their hosiery on (at least until their legs have reached a good brown).

Tsubasa has added to the trend by releasing a cute legwear line. Personally I can’t wait to wear a pair!


I am biased in saying I love this trend. However magazines have worked this look into many styles. Even Liz Lisa might find a way to work it into their stable brown and pink palette.

D&G did pieces of their whole line this year in Marine style with navy, white and red (shown left). Hopefully Gal designers will be as cute with their interpretation of this style.

Marine is composed of striped prints (especially in navy and white), polka dots, sea captain femine jackets with nautical buttons, nautical style jewelry. Some of the brands that’ve already picked this trend up are One*Spo, Liz Lisa Doll, Pinky Girls, and Duras. Expect Egoist to enjoy the crisp lines of this look as well as other brands scrambling to put something out.

Popteen with so much Marine cuteness


The preppy wave has brought cardigans. These have been translated into Doll, Marine and Rock styles. While these started in Fall 2008, they will carry on. Especially with those that are piped around the edges (like the traditional Chanel suit). Knowing that certain popular brands such as Gilfy’s Backs, Deylye and Egoist do not want to let go of their monotone base, topping a dress with a cardigan helps turn the look into Spring.

Cardigans by One*Spo, Gilfy, Blue Moon Blue etc…