DECO: The BIG Project

I’m reporting from Houston for 3 weeks during my summer break! Yay for escaping August weather in Tokyo, but boo on missing the Yoyogi Fireworks Festival. D:

Anyone who decos has a project in mind. Usually a few small projects in mind and then the grande finale large project.

Well ladies, here’s my large project.

The Townie by Electra in pearlescent pink.

I got her last Christmas and she’s my city bike for Houston. Since I live close to the zoo and Museums, it’s great to bike around the area. I can even bike to my tanning place ^__^v

And while the color and shine is super gorgeous, I really want to pretty it up more.

I chose the top bar of the frame since it gets less impact when biking,
so hopefully the crystals are safer there.

So I’ve bought 900 crystals in Swarovski Crystal (!!!) from in order to style up my bike. While 900 sounds like a lot, in reality it’s a pretty small amount for bike.

I have a few design ideas in my head, but right now I’d adore input.

Pick your favorite design or suggest one for my bike.

With my Wacom tablet and pathetic drawing skills I worked up 3 choices.

Right now I’m leaning towards choice one, since the crystals alone should be lovely enough, but let me know your input! I can’t wait to start my summer project ^___^

♥ ♥ I put a poll on the top right, so if you’re nervous about commenting please help by choosing on your favorite by simply clicking ♥ ♥

10 comments so far

  1. Kati on

    I think the candycane sounds cute! I also like the first idea :3I really like your blog and finally decided to comment ^^' Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Keely Valentine on

    i think the fade would turn out the bestI CANT WIAT TO SEE!so do you like live on your own in japan?

  3. Violet LeBeaux on

    While I love the idea of the candy stripe I think it would look better if you did it over the whole bike so I'm voting for the fade!

  4. Mitsu on

    Kati: Thanks for your sweet words!Keely: I am excited too! I think whatever sparkle design would make me happy ^___^I live on my own in Japan and with my man in Houston it's rough/fun at the same time.Violet: Wow candy on the whole bike? That'd be crazy and awesome! Too bad I ride it too much and worry about crystals chunking off near the bottom >___<

  5. malignita on

    This probably sounds insane but…I'd go for leopard print. *_*Here's an example of how to work out the design with a single color/size of rhinestones:

  6. Mitsu on

    malignita, I like the idea I just don't know how successful it'd be on a cylinder-shape especially a usually moving one. It's definitely a print to consider for another project, though!

  7. Keely Valentine on

    I totally admire you!Have you made alot of frinds their? and are you fluent in japanese?Sorry for the questions I just really want to move their like you have but I'm terrified

  8. Mitsu on

    My Japanese I think gets worse as I live there, but I can have decent conversations. As for friends I'll try to address that in the upcoming friends post.There's not much to admire (lots of people do it), being able to live in two countries is as much about finances as anything else.

  9. Goblette on

    I vote you get some more decoden gems of various sizes/shapes and maybe a couple different colors (white/clear and dark pink perhaps, or some pearls) and scatter them randomly all over the bike! Easier, covers more space, and probably cheaper since you wouldn't be packing them all together! And your whole bike will ~*sparkle*~!

  10. Mitsu on

    Goblette, I can see that making sense, but sometimes I worry about spacing gems too much. I feel it can start to look like pimply sparkles and not the gorgeous glitter we want. Also since I do ride it I want to not knock off ones near tires/spokes etc so placement is important.

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