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Bra Hunt

malignita posted that Peach John carried F sizes and so I decided to head out and see if D = F in Japan. I went to Peach John in 109 which is on the 3rd floor. Their store looked a little underwhelming which merchandise packed in and not many pretty displays or ornaments. When walking into a lingere store I want to feel like I’m in the inside of a jewelry box finding new treasures. Also, it was not very well lit. However, they had used their heater privledges and turned up the heat a few notches which I am sure everyone using a dressing room appreciated.

I asked the staff and together we found 3 bras available in F.
I ended up with this one for 2700 yen (really cheap) consider my normal bra choice from Victorias Secret is around 5000 yen. 
Judging by the two other bras, this F was a fluke. The other two were definitely too small cup-size. I can say 34D is more a 34G in Japanese Peach John. This bra I do like and think it does the same lift and support as my old ones, but I feel it concentrates too much weight bearing on the body hooks and not enough on the straps. I also think the lace trim at the bottom was a bad idea since movement can make it feel scratchy. However, for 2700 yen it wasn’t so bad.
Their holiday bag is cute. Also, their care instructions and fresh-smelling free sachet was a nice touch.
edit: For those with D to DD American bra sizes tutuanna offers G and H cup sizes in really cute bras (located both on Shibuya Centaagai and Harajuku Takeshita dori). The straps look too small on this one, but it’s adorable.  More cute styles hopefully they work on the straps ^_^v
New hair
I went to yuhouse to get a dye + cut and as usual they did a great job. I do question their extension quality, but their dying is some of the best in Tokyo from personal experience.  Then I headed to Rhythm which I mentioned earlier was running a sale for 9800 for 50. It’s the same price at yuhouse, but Rhythm’s amount of hair they put in each extension is a bit more. I went for 60 which ended up being $110.
The store just was an apartment with 2 women working, but they were nice and had tons of mags to look through while I was getting my hair done. Their hair quality seems good, but I will reserve my judgement fully on them for another 3 weeks when extensions start to die.
You can see where my real hair ends here.
My real hair was round brushed at Yuhouse and that doesn’t hide the exte as well.
Better cleaning up the next day. Also I have a blonde chunk on the left side.
Happy me!
My last Carry appointment. sigh >_< I love their skill!
The obligatory nailists own nails shot. Very simple and sparkly.
My fun snow leopard nails done in monotone french tip.
More detail on french + bow + snowleopard
Their bag was cute with a nice holiday touch
The snowleopards do look a bit silly with noses, but I wanted them to meld together with the pink + white + black theme. The snowleopards were done painting colored acrylic directly onto my nails this time. Hopefully the acrylic to acrylic bond this time makes them stay longer.
2 more full days in Japan >_< But man is here and we’re heading to Tokyo Disney soon to enjoy the Christmas love ❤

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  1. Lindsay on

    Thanks for the info about Peach John! I always thought their designs were really cute, but I never knew if they even had a size that could fit me. I guess I can estimate that DD=H? And going by their website they apparently don't carry that cup size. Dang! >_<

  2. さらまり on

    Some of my Japanese bfs were always in sheer awe of women with E and F cups. But to me as an American I just thought "So…? I see them all the time!" haha, but it must be so rare in Japan as you can't find your proper size ><Although I can't buy shoes in Japan, I can buy bras, yay? haha^^Your new extensions are totally beautiful! They suit so much~~! And I love the new nail design you choose. You have great taste^^

  3. Karyu-sama マニア on

    Your nails are adorable!! ^O^

  4. Dollilashes on

    haha! I'm so jealous! I wish I had boobs…lolAnyways I love your hair as always! So pretty the color suits your skin tone so well! Aw I think the snow leopards look so cute with their Rudolf nose! Love your chanel ring too! adorable ❤

  5. Mitsu on

    Lindsay: I edited the post with a lingerie store with some cute bras for you and me (g to h cup) 😀 Their prices look great, too!

  6. Lissy on

    We have the same cup size! That's such a damn cute bra!!<3Whenever I bra shop its so hard to find cute larger sizes, I end up always getting plain black.

  7. Lanna on

    Gorgeous naisl,you and your nailistXDLove the new hair too:)makes me want to get extensions

  8. Bianca on


  9. Chrissie on

    Hello! I'm so GLAD to know that there *are* places in Japan that sell bras that would work for my size (40DD US). I was a little worried about having to buy if I do end up in Japan next summer as I'd like to, so it's nice to know that there's somewhere I can go. Thank you very much for posting this. ^ ^Also, I was wondering: for your extensions, do you buy new hair each time you go, or do you reuse the same hair? The color and cut you got looks really good, and I'm about due for a new set, so I thought I'd ask.Btw, I just found this blog a couple of weeks ago through the everday_gyaru community over at LiveJournal and I like what I've seen so far very much. Keep up the good work! ^o^v

  10. malignita on

    I'm so glad to hear that you didn't leave Peach John totally empty handed! (I had a feeling their sizing might be wonky in real life, so it's good to know that it actually is, lol.) Of the three that you picked out to try on, the polka dot one is my favorite. So cute!I also love your nails. The pink noses are an adorable touch. X333

  11. Mitsu on

    Saramari: LOL well I guess you got one on me there. You prolly find a lot more button up and fitted shirts that work great on you!

  12. Mitsu on

    Dollilashes: LOL trust me, when shopping in Japan. Boobs become a hinderance ^_^;;

  13. Mitsu on

    Lissy: Cool! Exactly! I hate that for some reason they think the larger the cup size the less cute you want a bra. >_<;;

  14. Mitsu on

    Chrissie: Sadly hun I think you might be out of luck >_<;; They do go up to DD, but the 40 is the issue. Most bra places stop at 34 >_<Yes you definitely buy new hair each time. Extensions are not rooted to the head so they lack nutrients that help keep hair healthy, so in essence they're always losing oil and nutrients and break and damage themselves much easier than rooted hair.Thanks for your lovely words ❤

  15. JESSI on

    the bra's are really cute. But i have another question, which hair extension salon is the best now?Can you help me, maybe? 😀

  16. Mitsu on

    JESSI: Lately I was going by Hot Pepper which has special monthly coupons for exte. Most tell you a weight that their extensions have, which is really key since some extension places may have cheap prices, but they may do very thin extensions so 60 can look like 30 if they're cheap. should help, you can even get the coupon mailed to you or you can print it out if you're flying in from overseas.

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