Finger Lickin’ Santa

Are you enjoying your Christmas? Did you get your Christmas KFC?

Crispy for Christmas
Families order weeks in advance to share KFC in Japan. Yes I’m weirded out by it, too. KFC and Japan Christmas info here and here.

New Years Fukubukuro

EDIT: Since it’s going to be 1/1 soon in Japan,  both girlswalker and love-ex have new bags up. Love-Ex has me-jane and Golds Infinity. Girlswalker has those plus Mar*s, Duras, Lip Service and more.

The tradition of New Years is so huge in Japan and other than Hatsumode (first visit of the temple) and eating soba (most soba shops are packed), the concept of fukubukuro is everywhere. Fukubukuro are lucky bags and although 109 stores have them, so does most every apparel business in Japan. Most make-up counters do it as well, and you can often get some serious deals at make-up counters.

Each bag usually cost 10,000yen or around $100.00. Some stores offer bags of $200, $100, and $50.00. Others do multiple different lucky bags of $100.00. It’s a mess, but a happy shopping mess. ✌⋰˚◡˚⋱✌

My lovely friend Sebastian is nabbing me Lip Service, w<3c, and Glad News bags. I admit I’m tempted by both the Liz Lisa and Valentine’s High fuku bags because they’re so cute. ༶❤_❤༶

109 shops have been setting up reservations for their bags, but some just release the day of. Fashionwalker still has some of their bags available, while 109 shops one their website have also been releasing them.

LoveEx which has its own worldwide shipping service also has a few lucky bags up. Maybe more will release on 1/1.

EDIT If you don’t like knowing or are only used to buying through shipping services that use Y! auctions, after 1/2 many should be up and opened showing all items. Or if you’re especially looking for your favorite store like One*Spo or DIA who don’t offer on-line sales of fuku.

Also, for those of you IN Tokyo, while 109 is closed on 1/1, Lumine EST and ALTA are both open so you can try your luck at both of those which have Gilfy, Mars, Swordfish, Valentines High, Cecil McBee, Lip Service and more.

Jagura‘s 109 bag is Kitson-like and does a cute plushy tiger in honor of 2010 as the year of the tiger.

Adorable! It almost convinces me to get the bag.

Spiral Girl has an awesome bag out, but it’s both sold out on fw and their website ㌔_☖#

MeJane is looking a lot like their sister brand Mar*s in their bag’s print

They’re also teasing with a watch similar to the one I bought for $90.00

Valentine’s High‘s bag is simple adorable! I’m not 100% about their clothes, but I’m admittedly tempted by this bag.
EDIT They promise 5 items not available in stores including an outer and a long-tee shirt.

Cecil McBee shows all of what will be in its fuku and I am not as keen to get it now.

Liz Lisa (and Liz Lisa Doll) offers a luggage-piece as its fuku bag. I admit it’s girlish splendor. Both Liz Lisa and Tralala’s bags available at r-shop
EDIT: Liz Lisa promises a coat, a one-piece, a knit top, either shorts or a skirt, a muffler or a hat, and new year item
Liz Lisa Doll  promises an outer, a top, an inner, a bottom, a onepiece, and a fashion piece
The 5200 yen bags offer a one-piece and one more item.

Gilfy‘s newsprint bags are really cute! I’m tempted just by the bag.
EDIT: According to Rakuten’s English website they have pictures of the lucky bag Gilfy items

Now my problem with this is I see a couple of items that ARE Gilfy and some that definitely are not <_<
Another problem is Gilfy is showing these boots here. Which did not sell well in Japan because of the lace-up plus overbuckle skin which is just a pain in the booty when you’re in Japan and often having to take off your shoes. So they’re not selling items created for the fuku, just unloading stuff that didn’t sell well (-_~-)
I’m now hesitant about the Gilfy bag. (↓;д;↓)

JSG‘s cute sling bag fuku is one sale through CREDGE

Ji.maxx also has its fuku up on Credge


Cocolulu has both 1man and 2man bags. The 2man is a roller.
1man bag offers: original outer, long tee, a parka, something small, and the bag
There are some of the options. Both 1man and 2man bags are up on their website

Egoist‘s bag although plain offers 3-6 items costing between $300-500 approx. They’re really keeping it a lucky bag. Goes on sale today at 12:00.

Glad News bag really isn’t my look, but I am really tempted by what’s inside.
You get a blouson outer, leggings, leopard fur beret, cut onepiece, food print long-tee, something random, and the bag. As a present for those who order on-line, you also get a cute skull-mickey notebook here.
Borderless Rakuten offers the GN fuku here, too! No shipping service needed ❤

Delyle is having a slow release of their fuku. Next time is 12/28 midnight.

Since they enjoying copying Chanel, it’s only appropriate their bag looks like the Spring leather shopping bag Chanel put out.

LB-03, LDS and Love Boat have their fuku all up for sale and most still look available. The LB-03 bag (above) looks really cute.

For the himegals, Jesus Diamante has four types of fuku available through the Parco City website. $200, $300, $500, $1,000 and a $1,500. Oh my so pricey The $200 bag offers a knit item, the bag and a small item. The $1,500 bag offers pieces that are worth>_< more than $4,500, but still ^_^;; I’d have to disavow all shopping to ever transform to himeism.

Swordfish has not one but 3 different $100 and 2 different $50 bags to choose from. All on sale here

 Mar*s and Real Mar*s has their fuku out. According to their news on-line fuku starts 12/26.
The Mar*s one has room wear inside. ^_^  I love the Real Mar*s leopard print bag(・m・)☆

One*Spo: Info via the onespo mixi community says there will be a jacket, a onepiece, a top, a skirt, mokomoko roomwear and an accessory. Items totalling 4-5man.

Lip Service: According to the bubbly rakuten store you get an outer, a onepiece, a tanktop, a camisole, and a long tee. I am not a big fan of the bag, but I still ordered it. (⇔ο⇔)
Duras offers a “total coordinate including an outer” that is worth 5man. Goes on sale 1/1 at FashionWalker

What fuku are you buying or wish you could buy?

28 comments so far

  1. Sparklewolfie on

    I LOVE Lucky Packs!!the lolita lucky packs have all the lolitas staying up until strange hours of the morning to nab one as soon as they go on sale XD They usually sell out within a couple of minutes because it is done online @___@Wish I could go to lucky pack rush in person though… have you gone in person? is it crazy?

  2. Kati on

    I love fukubukuros! I would defenitely get the glad news one, Gilfy & the Ji.maxx. Then the Valentine's High & Liz Lisa just because they look so cute! 🙂 I'm quite disappointed with the cocolulus, I don't really like any of the items there.

  3. pinksugarichigo on

    oh how i wish i could afford all those things right now! thanks for sharing! im not familiar with the 109 fukubukuro and it's so exciting to see..

  4. Emi on

    I'm trying to get Liz Lisa, just have to figure out bank stuff. I love the Gilfy bag though…

  5. さらまり on

    I will be in Japan for the first, but these cool bags will be long gone by then. I really want to but them all, I have a thing for grab bags haha^^

  6. yuriyurichan on

    great post as always :3 !id so love to be able to buy a d.i.a. fukubukuro >.<the hime one is insane expensive O.O!!

  7. ewerty_ on

    Do you know if those Liz Lisa's lovely pink ribbon bags can be bought also so that they don't have anything inside them? It's so cute!

  8. Anonymous on

    I'm soooo wishing I could buy those Gilfy bags oh god ~ *__________________________*

  9. Mitsu on

    ewerly_ I think sadly that's a no. They're 100.00 USD which is a not so bad price for luggage ^_^

  10. emiri on

    Woah! Thank you for this post! Everything is so tempting♥

  11. Lissy on

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!Those lucky bags look fantastic I want them all!The closest I will get to lucky bags this year is on poupee! 😀

  12. Chiara on

    Wow I LOVE the jagura bag!!!!

  13. Keely Valentine on

    SO MUCH I WANT!does anyone know whats in the duras bags? i know you can get them on maruione but they dont say whats in them and i cant find it anywhere

  14. Mitsu on

    Keely: It says it's 4man worth of items and a "total coordinate" of 4-5 items. Size 1 and 2. http://www.duras-store.jp/Form/Static/d_members.aspx?cat=drs The bag seems like an eco bag only.

  15. Keely Valentine on

    Girl your honestly the best thing EVER I hate how they don't show what you can get though!Do you think the Duras one would be good? Or do you think glad news on rakuten would be alot better

  16. Anonymous on

    haha, jesus diamante, what do you think ;D i love the idea of lucky packs, some webstores here do it sometimes(or something like it)

  17. Mitsu on

    Keely: I think Duras has some good items, but they keep putting out these one color sweater dresses and things that seem a little more available in the US. Don't get me wrong I like the store, but I think it's often better to try to copy the looks presented there and not buy the looks there. The GN should have some fun prints which are different and only GNs so I'd side with GN.

  18. Andrea on

    I am getting the lip service and glad news ones. I was going to get the gilfy but was disappointed with the items shown. I kinda want to get one more…I am such a shopoholic! Do you think the Delyle would be worth it?

  19. Mitsu on

    Andrea: My friend brought up the idea that some of items may be ones already out in the store, so it's best to get from a place whose items you still like but may not have bought much from. I think Delyle has some cute pieces recently so it might be worth it 🙂

  20. Mitsu on

    yuriyurichan: It's such a shame that dia has 0 web presence. They don't even have their own website, sadly I think yahoo auctions after the fact might be the best way to get it. >_<;;

  21. malignita on

    If we're going by the just the look of the bags alone, the Gilfy, Egoist, and Glad News ones would be my picks. The fuzzy leopard Glad News bag is simply adorable!I see what you mean about the contents of the Gilfy bag, though. The assortment of items is so random…why would you need two jackets or want so many bottoms? Give me tees and one pieces! Well, at least the bag itself is nice, lol.

  22. Keely Valentine on

    Oh man is this a la parfait grab bag?http://en.item.rakuten.com/moery/moery-sale05/ and if it is can someone explains to me how it works rofli got the glad news one http://en.item.rakuten.com/double/saw-gladnewsfukubukuro/do you think this is the one they showed above? the link doesn't show the bag for some reason.Also. WTF IS WITH RAKUTEN SHIPPING! It says their will be additonal charges for shipping btu they don't charge you the time off? How on earth does this work!?

  23. ラブ✰ゆい on

    The liz lisa one is just tooo cute!

  24. Karen on

    I really want the Glad News, Lip Service, and Heaven and Earth ones! Eek! Is there any shopping service I could use other than Rakuten? (or anyone willing to buy for me fu fu fu!)

  25. JESSI on

    Oh thank you for the website. :)I hope i'm able to find this extension store. loldo you know how much 70cm exte cost? ❤

  26. puregirlblue on

    I wish I could get the Liz Lisa one just for that super cute bag!! Of course nothing in it would fit me, but a cute bag is everyone's size. XD

  27. Mei on

    With the help of a friend, I'm going to see if she can still pick up one from d.i.a and One*Spo.I hate how there's no website from them so I can't ever really know what's the latest items from d.i.a. The only closest thing I found next to a website is a company blog? http://ameblo.jp/dia-specI also want to pick up one from GN and Golds infinity but… I doubt it. Actually, I really like the GN bag xD

  28. Mitsu on

    Mei: Both should be okay since without a web presence there is less boom about them. Not the crazy following Mar*s or Liz Lisa has. That is their company/creative blog. Their spec workshop was on my street :)I'm glad lots of people are liking the GN bag. I was worried it might turn people off, but cus it was only me on the fence with it ^_^;;

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