Resolutions! Gal-ing up your life.

New Years Resolutions

Everyone has them, and mine seem to be bigger and more concrete than usual.

Coming home this time has made my disconnect even clearer. Although I grew up in Houston, I only moved back 2 years ago. Actually my man moved us while I was in Japan in 2007. I really haven’t lived in my American place an entire year combined since I’m always heading back to Japan. So I have decided for 2010 I have a few goals to stop the disconnect and shape up!


I came back from Japan and gained 8 lbs! 3.6 kilos! (*。′口`。*) I was working on losing 5 at the time. So I’m back to 13 lbs to lose. Not awesome. But, even on Christmas I worked out and I’m going to shape up my body, cut the alcohol (after NYE) and be fabulous!


So even though we’ve moved here 2 yrs ago, there’s still unpacked boxes, a lack of closet space, and clothes spilling out everywhere. Now adding up a shopaholic’s booty from Japan for 2 years plus previous grabs equals enough clothes to make Mt. Fuji out of. “<(××)>” I do love having a lot of clothes and allowing myself to dress in several looks depending on my mood. I’m a rock-kei girl who loves girly things, I’m a monotone girl who screams for color, I’m a bold pink when I want baby pink. However, I’d really like to edit my closet.

A logjam >_<

Wake-up my Make-up

I admit to while not feeling confident about my make-up skills and always experimenting, I have collected a ton of make-up and now my bathroom is just midget-sized for my giant problem. So I need use my vanity, and gal it up. Maybe a little more space and organization will make me feel more confident.

Since my make-up counter is too shameful to show, let’s enjoy the Don Quiote wall of eyelashes.

Gal up my American Life

Living in Japan, feeling like you’re in gal style and doing gal things is easy. I lived a 10 minute walk from 109, I passed the D.I.A. workroom on my way to school everyday. Carry was down the street. I was surrounded by great gal places and fun things to do. Now when I come back to the States my life is ungal. I just feel bad keeping my man waiting for the 2+ hrs of hair + make-up (not to say I don’t sometimes (。・・。)). I also feel my day to day doesn’t embody the live-it-up mentality. So I’ll be working on how to best style-up my American world.

Ladies, what are your New Years Resolutions and what are you planning to do about them? Let’s work on it before New Years even comes around <3川 ̄ー ̄川

Also some random pics from the holiday break
Our tiny Rosemary tree with bird ornaments

Some Christmas roses
Shirt: Zara
Necklace: Lip Service
Underdress: Spiral Girl
Liz Lisa for out with the girls
Franklin in angel wings from the man’s parents.


16 comments so far

  1. Nancy on

    Gosh.. the dog looks so cute!! My New Years Resolutions also include gal~ing up my life! Sometimes I'm just too lazy u_U (concering tanning for example ^^"")When you are in the US now.. what's happening with you flat or whatever you have in Japan? Arre you paying rent without living there? o.O Or did you take ALL your stuff with you and find something new in summer?

  2. Lily on

    Hi! Just found your blog a little while ago and love your style 🙂 I was just wondering in regards to gal-ing up your life… how does one do this? haha. I live in the suburban Washington DC metro area and *nothing* goes on here, and therefore I get less motivated to bust out the gal in me… Any tips for day-to-day things? Hope your move goes smoothly!!

  3. Sparklewolfie on

    America has a lot less fashion style subculture for sure!! I would love to see how you will gal up your life :3 Personally I have a hard time to lolita up my life… always so lazy with the hair and coords!

  4. kitsune on

    i'm looking to lose more weight and get into gal more. i'm ready got gal-up 2010 for sure.

  5. Lindsay on

    I have two resolutions: the first is to save my money for the things I *really* want and not just impulse buys (this is going to be tough), and the second is to get fabulous extensions! I always say to make at least some of your resolutions do-able. 🙂 Best wishes for 2010!

  6. Mitsu on

    Nancy: I give up my place each Spring. It sucks always having to find a new one, but I didn't find the extra $$ to keep it. LOL What am I saying, I'd probably still spend it on clothes ^_^;;Yeah that was one of the reasons I lugged home 300 lbs of luggage >_<;;

  7. Mitsu on

    Lily: Thank you <3Well that's a good question! One I hope to answer for myself and others. So far I have 2 future posts planned on geek gyaru and workout gal. The rest I guess will come I try to style-up the rest of my day-to-day ^_^;;

  8. さらまり on

    I guess my resolution should still be loosing more weight, but I'm so bored of it haha! I guess I want to try being a happier and more giving person.I want to steal that eyelash wall haha!You especially beautiful in your photo graphs, thanks for always posting such interesting photos and content! ^^

  9. Milkpea on

    Mine is body con too so maybe you can share tips and things you find work?

  10. Twinkle Magic Star on

    My resolution is to have a more positive attitude~Franklin looks even more adorable with those wings on!

  11. puregirlblue on

    My resolution for 2010 is definitely going to be losing weight and getting back into shape! I can't wait to see how you gal-up your everyday life, I really hope you do a couple posts on that. I feel like it's so hard to find stuff to do in the US that isn't the usual eating out, movies, and mall wandering. >_<

  12. Bianca on

    i agree with starting before the new year it's less noticeable if you start earlier then on January 2nd. My resolutions would be make as well, and to try harder at least…cute doggie!! btw

  13. borderbasher on

    i hope i can bring a bit more style (back) into my daily life, it's just classes everyday and it feels kind of useless to dress up; but then i sort of have to make dressing up 'normal' so it doesn't feel like i dressed up xD plus, i'm always impressed when you speak of the bad roads japan has and then you're wearing your high heels (i'd just throw on my flats or engineer boots ^^;).that, and taking more photos, train my abs(it's the part i always skip because i hate it, haha), and cook more(i'm usually too lazy to cook for one).

  14. Kat on

    You and I have much of the same New Years Resolutions. 😀 I also plan on whittling down my wardrobe and my waistline. I'm just five pounds away from my goal weight, but I can never seem to get where I want to be and stay there. So my resolution is to try my hardest to do that!I also want to have more fun this year. I killed myself working at school last semester and I made stellar grades but I was so stressed and miserable. So I've pledged to losen up at least one day a week. c: I also want to gal up my life in the ways that you mentioned. Some of it's going to be tricky since there are some things that present a challenge. My doctor said before that I need to be careful about the sun since my family has a history of skin cancer. Do you know if self-tanning lotion is any good? I heard that can increase your sensitivity as well. If that's not bad enough, I play an instrument so I've got to keep my nails kind of short. I'm determined to find ways to work around this so I've been doing a ton of researching and lurking. XD Really, I've decided I want to look more hot in general no matter what I'm wearing. Lolita, gal, sweats; I want to look my best! Sorry for rambling so much! Anyway, I LOVE the first picture of you in this post. Your hair looks amazing. And you also have a cute puppy. ❤ Have a happy New Year and best wishes! 😉

  15. Mitsu on

    borderbasher: LOL well I do wear heels often, people comment if I'm out of them. I guess in ways I feel pressured to do so since most every girl wears them (to a degree). I am not like staff-chans who can pull a long shift in heels (murderizing!). Although you never want to look at a gal's feet to closely. They're hideous! I hate ab work, too. It's the thing I really need to work on though, more core >_<;;

  16. Mitsu on

    Kat: Five pounds away is great! I hope to be there soon, and hopefully before swimsuit season ^_^;;I totally understand the over schooling. It felt like summer semester I was a walking ghost afterwards and the rewards weren't satisfying to fix that dead feeling. I'm not big on tanning lotions or spray tans because they want you to keep moisturizing and not exfoliating. However, I keep working out, which means sweating, which means tons of showers. I find I do the exact opposite of working with tanning lotions. I think tanning lotions and spray tans rely on being lazy which I'm trying NOT to do >_<;;I'm with you on trying to up my day-to-day life here. Hopefully we can both prevail~Thanks and good luck ❤

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