Happy 2010!!! Hime Style Magazine October scans

The year of the tiger, let’s keep it grrr-eat ^_~
Hime Style October 2009

A present: Hime Style the Kansai-based Agejo gal magazine focusing on street snaps

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click on magazine bits tag for more magazine goodness ❤

Enjoy and Have a Happy New Year!


10 comments so far

  1. Onee-G on

    Happy New Year! Lots of joy, love and happiness!!xoxo

  2. sobersun on

    Thank you!!

  3. Emmie on

    Happy New Year darlin'!

  4. さらまり on

    Thanks for uploading that Hime Style magazine. They are small but really cute^^ I love that picture with the tigers saying omedetou, it's soooooo cute~ Happy New Years!

  5. Miki on

    Aww thank you heaps ^^ I wanted to buy this but never seen them stock it at the Kinokuniya here.

  6. Twinkle Magic Star on

    Happy New Year!~Thanks for sharing the Magazine with us! ❤

  7. Anonymous on

    thank you very much for sharing!

  8. kurenaixrain on

    thanks :)looks lovely ^^

  9. deni on

    thank yo very much !!!!! kiss

  10. saikoro.kitten on

    Thank you a lot!

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