Fukubukuro (Lucky Bags) unwrapped

I’ll be updating this post the more reveals I find. Most of the pictures are from the brand’s mixi communities.

Since all the fukubukuro have been on sale pictures keep popping up of the reveal. I’ll be hunting more pics down as they come up so check back even if I’m posting above it.

Spiral Girl link to picture possibilities

Baby Shoop

The roomwear and socks look cute


Cecil McBee 

Some nice, if not a little too simple pieces.


Another bag example above
The 5000 yen accessories lucky bag
I really like they didn’t fall into the jacket + onepiece + skirt + shirt repetition some brands have. They’re known for their fun shirts, so it’s cool they stuck with it. Love the zebra one.
Glad News
all items from the current season, nothing new in the fuku
Several different sets 5 in total available. Lots of reprints of old items or old items some from even 2008, but it all still looks chic.

Golds Infinity
The owner of the fuku said it was a bit too too black.
Heaven and Earth
also bootcut and skinny denim jeans

Love the jacket! It comes in white, pink or black arm sleeves.


Lip Service

Really happy I ordered this set. Love the tank OP and Shorts bottoms combination. All new and good spring pieces.

Liz Lisa
Princess Boston. I love this dress.
Princess Carry
Modeling of the Princess carry. Seems the shirt is different.

Echos their season, but all new items. A cute collection.


A pretty boring set, but only 8000 yen



I love the idea of shoes. Although I worry about sizing. Possibly getting this bag. Also there’s a rumored cardigan sweater inside.
valentines high

Who has the best fuku in your eyes?


24 comments so far

  1. Keely Valentine on

    i would KILL for the delyle or liz lisa onesurghh

  2. Keely Valentine on

    girl do you have facebook? i would love too add you!

  3. さらまり on

    The Glad News and Lip Service ones look the cutest to me! I saw a girl carrying the Lip Service bag yesterday, I was all jealous. But I don't think even the shirts could fit me haha^^

  4. puregirlblue on

    Oh I'm so in love with the Liz Lisa one, otherwise it's a hard choice.

  5. Mitsu on

    Saramari: I totally doubt it. I saw your new pics, you better celebrate that body~

  6. Mitsu on

    Keely: I do have a facebook, but since it shares a lot of personal details I don't want to share it here >_<;; I'll make a u-doll one maybe ^_^v

  7. Mitsu on

    Keely: I'm agreeing. Seeing the pink down jacket really makes me rethink buying the Delyle one. Do want ❤

  8. Jen on

    Lovelovelove the Lip Service and Liz Lisa sets. I quite like the design of the Golds Infinity one, too, but it is a lot of black, isn't it? ^^;Thanks for always posting such interesting info on this fashion, btw! ♥

  9. Keely Valentine on

    okay sorry love! if you do get one add me keely megan valentine

  10. megan on

    lol, I like the shirt that says, "That's really shitty" on it. Some cute stuff, though I don't have a favorite.

  11. Keely Valentine on

    i love the thats really shitty one tooi ordered that bag I think so maybe I'll get it ahahdoes anyone know whats in the rose fan fan bag?

  12. Bianca on

    i wish they had that here :'(

  13. Zoe on

    Wow..those are really cute outfits,love them all ^^

  14. Aimi on

    Lip Service is the best one! I'm a bit disapointed with the other.

  15. Aimi on

    looking twice, the liz lisa fukubukuro is adorably ;$

  16. yuriyurichan on

    urm.. looks mostly bit .. too plain/simple to me >.nbut i totally like the lizlisa fb.so sweeeet :3tho its totally not my styke lolbtw. wooooha@the lipservice skirt O.O!must be 10 cm short!

  17. Mitsu on

    yuriyurichan: I think the expectation is to be plain or items from that season, since it's a way of getting rid of excess stock and printing some simple items. The Lip skirt is actually shorts. Pumpkin shorts. They did them in velvet. They're short (nothing I wouldn't wear without hosiery) but manageable. ^_^v

  18. Anonymous on

    Is the Liz Lisa carry being sold anywhere that ships to the US? ;~;

  19. Nancy on

    Gosh, I like the Liz Lisa LPs >_<

  20. yuriyurichan on

    uuh, yeah, thats true! :Obut its always like a rouletteu can get good ones or bad ones ´._.but the DIA fukubukuro is DEFnot what i'd call "getting rid of sth"this bag is just > PURE LOVE < :33íts almost ridiculous! giving awayssuch superhot things in a fukuburo:333 !next year im so gonna get a dia fb!

  21. Keely Valentine on

    I agree with the DIA fukulovee itI can't find anything DIA on rakuten or even a website sadly!

  22. LANA~ on

    lol man shopping has been crazy here! I went to Osaka 3 days ago and its pretty damn nuts! I'm to scared to get a fukubukuro bag .__. but i did snag the MA*RS 3 piece set in 109 :DDMitsu! i went to yuhouse for cut and color. dude AWESOME thank you for your recommendation! But i do have to agree with you on extension quality XD Did you like rhythm?

  23. Mitsu on

    Keely: Yeah yahoo auctions only is the way to go. They just don't have a webpresence. It's really stupid.

  24. Mitsu on

    LANA: Oh you~ LOL I love the crazyness! I've been there for the summer rush and it's so fun. The Mar*s 3 piece set looks so cute, I can't believe you didn't go for the adorable Mar*s fuku bag. I love the leopard/heart mix <3I did like rythm, but I think their hot pepper price has ran out. I'd say just go thru hot pepper and check if they advertise weight. That seems to help the weight + # = good price. If no weight they might be giving you tiny extensions which doesn't look good >_<;;Osaka, I'm envious! You better be having a ton of fun ❤

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