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Packing M, new DECO, new camera :D

My whitening highlighter compact from Chanel got the DECO treatment. However since the compact isn’t interchangeable like my pressed powder one, I had to be cheap on materials. 100 crystals and some pearls later along with a Swarovski flower I got on sale my deco total was $12.00 only.

It’s simple, but I’m pleased with the flower impact.

Next deco project is my new digicam 😀 I’m unsure if I’m doing it or giving it to Glam Baby for the luxurious treatment.

The Sony T90 Cybershot in Pink!

My man also bought me an 8″ Sony Digital Photo Frame, too. So I could see pics of my man and my animals easily 🙂 I’m looking forward to using it!

A day before my flight and I have to be a packing bee. So I thought I’d show you some of last season’s looks that are coming back with me.

Cecil McBee

One*Spo bow sweater tee




and a lot of other bits from my One*Spo post.

Sadly I don’t get to bring seal-kun 😦

Seal-kun, a present from my man from Sea World with my kippen.
Both won’t go in my bag 😦