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DECO: The Bike Project Part 2

I started out with an estimate of 900 crystals, but then I decided to keep it safe and order 400 more. So 1,300 crystals later…

It’s hard to describe how shiny it turned out, but this picture is a pretty good representation of it.

Close-up of the lines. I am really happy how crisp the edges turned out. You can also see the spacing I used between the crystals. I was able to do this because of the silver background.

Super sparkle!

I plan on doing a bit more work, but I am going to wait until I get back in the States in January. Possibly 500 more crystals to do more looping around the frame. So far this project has been over $100.00 in materials and 1,300 crystals. I am extremely satisfied with the results thus far.

Sorry these pics were taken with the iphone only, I plan to take more with a new digicam I plan to buy (which is coincidentally my next big deco project). But, phew… it feels nice to be done. So many hours it took… ^___^;;;

One more deco project to do before I head back to Japan next week, but it’s really small compared to this one ^_^v

DECO: The Bike Project Part 1

All my supplies have arrived (yay!) so I plan on taking you step-by-step on working with this project so you might see on a big scale how deco projects can get done.

First I have my main tools: black container, Swarovski brand epoxy glue and 900 crystals (ss20 – 600, ss16 – 300). 900 crystals doesn’t look like a lot ^_^;;;;

Since I’m using CRYSTAL color and my bike is pink, I need to change the background or it will never look clean.

I’m using a silver paint pen to cover the surface I’m going to deco.

Pros either use a glitter seal or they pre-paint. Since a seal wouldn’t work on the round frame, pre-paint is how you get a good clean look. You can also space out your crystals more.

Grey like my kitten

Then taping off using 3M painters tape and some newspaper so just in case glue and crystals fall

Paint pen covering my work

Releasing the epoxy and using the orange stick to smooth it down

Over 100 crystals later…

As you can see there’s a gap below where the crystals slid because of the epoxy’s slow drying time. I will just go back and take care of the gaps with a second glue pass.

Right now it reminds me of Michael Jackson’s glove, so shiny. So far so good. Now 800+ crystals to go (LOL ^__^;;)

DECO: The BIG Project

I’m reporting from Houston for 3 weeks during my summer break! Yay for escaping August weather in Tokyo, but boo on missing the Yoyogi Fireworks Festival. D:

Anyone who decos has a project in mind. Usually a few small projects in mind and then the grande finale large project.

Well ladies, here’s my large project.

The Townie by Electra in pearlescent pink.

I got her last Christmas and she’s my city bike for Houston. Since I live close to the zoo and Museums, it’s great to bike around the area. I can even bike to my tanning place ^__^v

And while the color and shine is super gorgeous, I really want to pretty it up more.

I chose the top bar of the frame since it gets less impact when biking,
so hopefully the crystals are safer there.

So I’ve bought 900 crystals in Swarovski Crystal (!!!) from in order to style up my bike. While 900 sounds like a lot, in reality it’s a pretty small amount for bike.

I have a few design ideas in my head, but right now I’d adore input.

Pick your favorite design or suggest one for my bike.

With my Wacom tablet and pathetic drawing skills I worked up 3 choices.

Right now I’m leaning towards choice one, since the crystals alone should be lovely enough, but let me know your input! I can’t wait to start my summer project ^___^

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