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Silver Week sales and Mar*s blogs

Silver Week

September 19 to the 23rd is known as Silver Week in Japan. We get a ton of time off all at once, so travel inside and out of Japan is more expensive ^_^;;; It’s Autumn’s answer to Golden Week. Just like Golden Week, Silver Week offers a great time to shop in Japan since retailers put out sales or special sets to get during this time.

Mar*s sent me a postcard in the mail to let me know they have two cute special sets for the week. 

Nice note on the back
Also, don’t forget the sexy two sets being offered by Lip Service during this time.
Sadly, or rather not so sadly, my man is coming to visit that week so I will possibly miss out on these items (but hopefully there’s a few left over or I rush to get them Friday morning before he arrives… heehee). 
In other sexy Mar*s news, they have awesomely decided to put up blogs on the megapopular ameblo blog site of each of there store’s new items and life. I think it’s a fabulous way to see how new items are worn and to get the scoop on the new items coming into the store. These blogs were launched last month, so I don’t know how long stores will continue to keep up their posting rate but it’s wonderful while it lasts.
stores of note
honten blog 
109 blog 
realmars blog

These are definitely going on my blogroll