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New Deco and new Chanel and Point Cards

Ohhh just typing that title made me happy!

I went to Takashimaya’s Chanel make-up counter and intending on just replacing my Chanel compact, I ended up with a few more items. Isn’t that always the case at make-up stores?

Clockwise: Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Platine, Silver Illuminating Powder (for cheekbones), and Lip Gloss in Venus

Favorite buy was the Illuminating powder, it’s great for highlighting and gave off a nice sheen without being too glittery and tacky.

I lost my precious butterfly deco Chanel compact on the Yamanote (sob), so I had to replace it. The make-up counter girl suggested their mineral powder instead and I was sold.

Then I headed to Shinjuku Alta’s Glam Baby and asked them to make it pretty.

I had 3 designs doodled out and we toyed with doing different choices, but we decided one had the most impact.

The rough sketches

The final product!

I’m really pleased with the outcome and my Glam Baby girl said it was a favorite among the staff and asked if I was in design school ^_^;;; I am still toying with getting the cc done, but I love the adult look of it.

Point Cards!

Shopping at Chanel reminded me to bring up an important item about shopping in Japan. Point cards! They’re everywhere! They’re not just limted to clothes, but even my local conbini and drugstore have them.

Left column: OneSpo, Mars/MeJane, CecilMcBee, Lip Service, Esperanza/Bonita
Middle column: Takashimaya Shinjuku, Earth Hair, Line Extensions, Blacky Tanning, Rounge/Luxurous nails and eyelash exte
Right column: Mac, Chanel, Shu Uemura, Body Shop, Tsutaya

I actually have a pretty small amount compared to most. ^_^;; Sometimes it’s spend 20000 yen and get 1000 off, or fill up the card and get half off. It all depends, some even make you buy into them like the Mar*s card, but it’s worthwhile if you’re a fan. So if you’re planning to stay in Japan for more than a month, nab yourself some point cards.