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KiraKira Hair Magazine – Part 1

My local conbini had KiraKira Hair (キラキラHair) ( link) displayed proudly and it looked slightly like Ageha so I nabbed it.

Yes, “Get into fall style! Kind of bitchy, little devil hair”

(Fake y/y? Either way nice job)

I’m absolutely in love with the heart cornrow, last night in Shibuya before I picked up this mag a friend pointed to these two girls with heart cornrows done right side up. They are awesome!! I want some next exte cycle!!!
Dears Princess – hotpepper link

Then they go on to speak about dressing in High and Low brands, and look who’s in the low brands. NoriTae from Egg Magazine! I wonder if they have left?
 High brand hotness
Then they go to talk about how make-up makes not-so-pretty girls pretty.
They really picked some for this section
 She was most pretty naturally IMO
 Quite a difference!

One of the best sections in the magazine and it’s only one page >___
Gorgeous eyemake and wonderful circle lens info!

…to be continued, wow I took a lot of magazine bits ^_^;;