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Requested: My coordinates for 7 days

Outifts over 7 days. I am not modeling these because… I’m not a model, TOTM (bloat-chan), and jet lag makes some great skin ^__^;;.

Wow this was quite an undertaking to shoot everything. I don’t know how often I’ll be doing this since it’s time consuming ^__^;;

Monday – School and Argent Sue Extension appt

Jacket: Mar*s
Dress: Risty (? circa 2007)
Shoes: Esperanza (bow heels)

Tuesday – School and Birthday Gift Shopping with friends

Jacket: Forever 21
Top: Cecil McBee
Bottom: One*Spo
Petticoat: One*Spo
Leggings: American Apparrel
Shoes: Esperanza (the sunday pair)

Wednesday – School, Dinner and Shopping with friends, Centaagai Bar action

Dress: Lip Service
Leggings: American Apparrel
Vest: Delyle
Bows: L..Chance
Shoes: Esperanza (the sunday heels)

Top: Lip Service
Bottoms: Cecil McBee
Bag: Mar*s
Shoes: Esperanza (the sunday heels)

Thursday – Shopping and Hangover recovery time

Dress: Delyle
Shoes: somewhere in La Foret (circa 2007)

Friday – School, Carry Nails appt, Going away party for a friend

Cardigan: Duras
Top: Lip Service
Jean skirt: VS Pink
Shoes: Zara

Dress: One*Spo
Hat: One*Spo
Jacket: Mar*s
Shoes: Zara

Saturday – Drinking with friends


Dress: Lip Service
Camisole: Lip Service
Mise Pants: Me Jane
Garter: Me Jane
Bag: Mar*s
Shoes: Bonita

Sunday – Study, lunch with friend, and Eyecandy eyelash exte appt

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: American Lip Service (dragqueens in dragsters)
Shoes: Esperanza