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New nails + hair, Rebel deco car

Carry Winter nails

My butterfly nails were my favorite, but sadly too long to write papers with at the end of this term, so I went to Ikebukuro Carry for some nail love. My nailist and I lamented over the length. Long nails, when done amazing just look so fabulous and extreme and wonderfully gal. …but sigh papers to write (which I am procrasting over >_<)

My nailist working on my nails.
Her fabulously long winter nails. Check out that giant snowflake!
My kirakira snow nails posing on an Osaka train platform
Simple lame, stones, snowflake stickers, and bows and snowflakes
Close-up of the other hand with gold snowflake and bow
I like these, but they are not feeling amazing. I can’t wait til two more weeks and then no papers and more fabulous nails!
Temp Heart hair
After coming home from Osaka, but extensions were just shot. My number one rule about extensions is to know when to say when and give them up. But I had 2 weeks until I was going for another set, so I decided to do a temporary set with my hair as well.
I went to Column in Harajuku (blog). It’s incredibly close to the station. Their website has tons of great pics of cornrows. It was 4000 yen (around $43) to get them done and it took around 30 minutes. They supposedly last 2-3 weeks.
Back in Kira Kira Hair magazine I was in love with the heart cornrow look. Cornrows are just considered a technique and have no connection to racial or socioeconomic labels as they do in America. However it used to be just for b-boy gyaru (B-kei) who imitated their hiphop icons. Now fake and actual cornrows are showing up with Rock and Agejo gals who want and edge to their look and an accent to the side volume styles that are popular lately.
I was thinking of just getting the cornrows and not bothering with extensions, but well. I need long hair. I want glamour! So I spur of the moment headed to Yu House for a small set. We ended up doing 40 extensions with some dark brown and blonde mix into the extensions (messhu is what they call mix).
Mid-styling in a hurry >_<

Bad angle, but cornrows + exte.
Short exte this time with a simple cut.

Exte + cornrows was around 15000 yen ($170 ish). It feels a bit expensive for two weeks, but I’m happy to try out a new style. It is a small world in Shibuya and at YuHouse I met two big Ace fans, and we promised to meet up for his next event. Too bad I’m leaving soon :/

The Rebel Hummer – deco
While I was walking to YuHouse I noticed a giant Hummer parked next to 109. It took me a while to recognize it was the Rebel Hummer. Jesus this car is so tricked out. I thought my bike was hella awesome, but damn…a Hummer decoed!
Rims for days
Close-up of the DECO (!!!) all over it.
A blue DECOed front grill. Oh lawdy!
The newest edition of SOUL Japan is the car special featuring the Rebel Hummer, but damn the mag pics don’t show the DECO!
Owner of the Rebel Hummer on the left: Cool-J. He owns (expectedly) two Rebel-related tanning salons called Black Zero with stores in Kawasaki and Shinjuku. 
At the tanning salons they offer Rebel clothing. Man, they sell a lifestyle.
Next a post answering all the questions asked earlier. Keep them coming and I’ll try to keep my answers as thorough as possible!

Eyelashes mix up your look

I can without a doubt say that the biggest gal make boom is bottom lashes. Most makers now have models hawking their looks. Kanako and Romihi have contracts.

So this week I’ve concentrated on trying to mix up  my lash choices and see what makes a strong look. It’s always great to try new things, especially fun make-up booms 🙂

The bottom lash selection
The top lash selection (Choice of a few Egg girls)
All were under $10.00 and found at Don Quiote, where many gals shop for their lashes.
Look 1
I using bottom lash 3s cut into 2 sections and a half cut of the top lash
In a One*Spo parka and LDS winter cap from 07
Look 2
Using bottom lash 1, and top lash using two sections overlaid.
NYX eyeglitter. Sakurina has been using bottom eyeglitter and I love the highlight.
Slightly elongating your liner and placing lashed farther than the natural crease opens up your eye.
But too far and you look like a sad panda, watch out!
eLady Anna Ito is my example of too low and sad panda. It creeps me out.
When the eye is closed it should  be hard to tell whether the lashes are me or fake.
I look pale here, oh wells
Look 3
Two pieces of top lash overlaid on both and bottom lashes are 2 pieces of lash 2 and 1 piece of lash 3.
In a Gilfy hat and strong brown rock eyeshadow

Look 4
No top lashes, 3 sections of lash 3
More Gilfyness and a dorky look on my face.
Recommendations for fake lashes:
  • BUY CHEAP! You’ll get as much glue on your expensive lashes and they will last just as long.
Not to say I don’t own them. Diamond top lashes and individual bottom lashes by Shu Uemura
  • Cut your lashes I learned this from Gal Mori and I find it’s much easier to create a look with small sections of lashes. This way you do not have to deal with bending your lash to your eye crease.
3 sections make the bend easier

  • Use very small amounts of glue and let it get tacky dry before you put it on. Blow on your lashes four times and then put them on.
  • Half lashes on top are easier to manage. A whole top lash can look tacky, but half lashes with a little more J curve than C curve often look more sweet-eyed and natural. If you cut a pair of lashes in half, you can often use 1 lash as two pieces. Meaning you’ll get double the wear for the price ❤

In crazyass deco news

While reminding myself that Anna Ito‘s eyemake bothers me (no hate on the rest of her, rock your body girl).  Her blog showed her newest deco.

The lady went and deco-ed her vibrator “massager”
Oh lawdy.
That will never be something I deco ^_^;;;

Powah Kitti, Psychelic Trance, Nails, and Men’s

Powah Kitti!

Getting my digital camera done was the biggest deco item I had planned to get professionally done here. I went with friends to Glam Baby at Shinjuku’s Alta to decide on a piece. I had some rough sketches but all were running into roadblocks of not enough impact or harder to concieve. Since I leveled up to the iphone 3g in the states, I wasn’t able to use my kitty case anymore so I knew I wanted to do something about my kitten Luna.

We played around with several realistic designs and then my friend took pen to paper and drew this cat. I added the background and well… I’m 100% in love! The deco process itself took 3 days for my deco artist to create, and it’s absolutely true to the drawing. The design known to me and my lovely deco artist as POWAA KITTI! Nyan to the rescue! It makes me smile when I look at it and cameras should have that effect on people 😀

She’s gunna get you~!
Sparkle sparkle~!

I also had some leftover Siam Swarovski to which I did my new MAC eyeshadow brush with. Simple, but effective.

My special Gold Chanel lipgloss also got the kirakira treatment 🙂


I went to Carry Shibuya on Saturday and I was admittedly a bit hungover. I was also unsure about design but I knew I wanted to do black on black for some. Since nails take an hour to come off I had some time to decide the rest. My nailist nails were fabulous so I decided to do a take on hers.

Her starting to paint on acrylic and mold it. No tips in Japanese nails.
The acrylic all on.
Final product! Leopard print, giant acrylic made heart + ribbons on the thumbs
Mega big stones = love
The undersides with the acrylic heart
My nailist’s gorgeous nails.
I am betting the Ayu symbol is for Ayumi Hamasaki’s concert series Wed-Fri here in Tokyo.

We were talking and it turns out she also loves psychedelic trance (saike). Carry in its locations has flat tv screens showing movies or music videos. At the time they were showing hiphop and my nailist admitted she wasn’t such a big fan, so she leaves for a sec and when she comes back a DVD of a large Tokyo saike rave was playing. It was amazing both Skazi and Astrix were there along others. I even spotted Atom fave DJ Ozawa in the crowd of the event due to his unique hair. 😀

The rave itself was put on by Vision Quest. They have an event coming up November 29th that I definitely want to attend. Astrix will be there again 😀

While I was getting my nails done a Haadi gal came in and sat next to me and we started talking about saike. The conversation moves on and apparently she saw the Gaijin Gal episode and thought it was fabulous. woot! Nice to hear some support 😀

Carry Shibuya with their giant deco Hello Kitty
Pink girl in hat was the Haadi girl
BONUS! The haadi girl’s 3-d Hello Kitty cellphone
It was suprisingly light.

Saike from Friday

Friends and I went to the Buffalo Bob and Rebel event at Atom. DJ Ace is one of my favorite djs to hear play and is also the founder and owner of Rebel Clothing. My first post on universaldoll was actually about OraOraKei īŧˆæ‚Ēįž…įŗģ), the style Ace personifies and helps create. That was back in 2008, but this year they now have their own magazine called Soul Japan now on its 3rd issue. The style is rising with guys who reject the host-o and ame-kaji styles that are dominating the male market.

Oraora guys follow DJ Ace wherever he is playing, and man loves to travel with posse. However it’s easy to spot him since he’s well over 6 feet and hot ^_~ He’s playing this weekend at Shinjuku M’s on the 23rd for the Psychadelic Rave #5 release party. If you’re free this weekend and in Tokyo I suggest DJ Ace and crew to the rescue. My booty will be in Osaka so sadly no Ace for me.

Atom Last Friday, from Ace’s blog
Ace in the cave from my viewpoint

Buffalo Bobs was out to support and handing small towels to a couple lucky enough to get them. Buffalo Bobs doesn’t impress me much as a clothing store, but I was beyond happy that most of the main Men’s Knuckle models showed up to the event. Even my personal fave, Naotaka. Hosts from Club Fantasy were also there (a really fun host club to go to!).

Knuckle model Naotaka with Dj Ozawa the morning after.
Ozawa says 1,200 people were there that night :o!
Men’s 109-2 is enlarging with many new stores. The Barbie store on the first floor is now replaced by Backs-looking Vagrancy Freedom. It’s nice to see some more looks for the guys, but I do wonder if it’s too much too soon.
Also there is a giant Men’s Egg ad outside of 109-2
Daichi, Yukihide and the rest are GIANTS 😀

Senorita Shops-a-lot and more Delco-icious

I was at 109 with a friend to help her pick out a bday gift for her sister. While I was there at L..Chance I couldn’t resist the cute bow trend that is popping up in accessories.

I picked up 2 of these for pigtails

Sweet necklace that reminds me of Hello Kitty’s bow ❤

Sigh… two days later I ended up at 109 again…! Actually I was there because I was originally at 109-2 at Bling Me letting them do some deco work for me, and while I was waiting I headed to 109 ^_^;;

Hair done

Did my hair all poofy, so here’s pics and clearer photos of the color. I’m not in any make-up, and I do indeed have troublesome skin. Hurrah! I am not a photoshopping genius, so it be me it be simple. I do my make-up and such after hair. I tend to do my hair first and then dress, make-up, final hair touches.



Profile (had to fix my back more)
Black metallic scrunchie by American Apparrel
Close-up of my streaks

Onto shopping~

I am seeing a great hot pink trend around, and I love it as a bold winter color. Moussy, Duras, Delyle, and of course Mar*s are all sporting hot pink pieces in their Autumn/Winter looks. Duras and Moussy both have hot pink shoes to match!

I usually don’t shop at Duras, because they’re expensive and their items often seem a little too basic. However, I really like their colorful mod style lately, so I shelled out the extra dough. I spoke on my twitter about Glad News and Duras doing leopard and lip print and said I loved the Glad News print more. The print itself I do, but Glad News did red lips (I never wear red) and the hoodie wasn’t as much my style.

I first tried on their onepiece, but I wasn’t rocking it.

So I fell in love with the cardigan instead. Which can be worn as a onepiece. 🙂

Mar*s has their trenches in! I love the gold buttons, but I passed up because I won’t buy a Winter coat unless it’s perfect. Since you wear them 100000x and it exemplifies your signature style for the season, you should adore your coat and it should say this is me and I am sexy/badass/awesome/fearless/cute/adult.

Mar*s however has awesome fur stoles and I couldn’t resist their hot pink one. Please let the comment section not turn into a fur vs. no fur debate. Japan loves fur and it is always in their fashions, whether you like it or not you have to accept it as part of the style. End of discussion. Especially since your Mitsu is feeling a bit under the weather, let’s stick to sunny topics!


Shopping bags are important. Many girls carry them when they need extra room, and high school girls often use them as ways to change out of their uniform to go out. Mar*s is especially shopping bag centric. They have a selection of 3 bags and you get to choose your bag. This is their newest one.
The print matches the inside of my stole 🙂

I got a Scientific Calculator for Math, which I am elementally retarded at. So I had to pretty up my calculator in order to at least look at the silly contraption. Also, my professor who knows me way too well, put up a powerpoint slide of a Hello Kitty simple calculator and told me specifically I could not have it. So of course, I had to take up the dare and make my calculator HK lovely. ^__^v

The front: done in Rose and Light Rose AB

The back: Which I plan to deco a bit more myself.


Bling Me also fixed my phone’s missing crystals for 20.00. Sadly most people think of deco-den when they think of deco, but phones are one of the most mishandled objects. We drop them when we’re drunk, we set them on horrible surfaces, we’re always touching them. It’s one of the worst things TO deco. I actually recommend not decoing your phone if you’re going to be heartbroken about missing crystals, because it will happen and you will be sad.

I also went to Chiara and nabbed a pencil with predone pearl deco. I usually don’t like premade deco with stones, but the pearl seemed more otona-ppoi ❤

Loves it.
Now I promise not to shop for like… a while to save up for the Lip Service event >__<;;

Packing M, new DECO, new camera :D

My whitening highlighter compact from Chanel got the DECO treatment. However since the compact isn’t interchangeable like my pressed powder one, I had to be cheap on materials. 100 crystals and some pearls later along with a Swarovski flower I got on sale my deco total was $12.00 only.

It’s simple, but I’m pleased with the flower impact.

Next deco project is my new digicam 😀 I’m unsure if I’m doing it or giving it to Glam Baby for the luxurious treatment.

The Sony T90 Cybershot in Pink!

My man also bought me an 8″ Sony Digital Photo Frame, too. So I could see pics of my man and my animals easily 🙂 I’m looking forward to using it!

A day before my flight and I have to be a packing bee. So I thought I’d show you some of last season’s looks that are coming back with me.

Cecil McBee

One*Spo bow sweater tee




and a lot of other bits from my One*Spo post.

Sadly I don’t get to bring seal-kun đŸ˜Ļ

Seal-kun, a present from my man from Sea World with my kippen.
Both won’t go in my bag đŸ˜Ļ

Mitsu’s DECO catalog

A pictoral catalog of pretty much all the deco I’ve done except the bike. If you’re on the deco-den lj, you’ve probably seen a lot of this except for the two new ones. Catalog going from oldest to newest.

Mostly it’s work on my beauty project. My goal of making all my beauty needs shiny and pretty. Since I believe if you have beautiful tools, you’ll make beautiful things ^__^v

My first deco project, done with a seal + pearls and stones.

Another seal + stones project

Argyle stones + pearls and stone strand

First time using big stones and trying mori. Luvs it.

Done in a Pucci jewel style. Love how this turned out.


Even my eyelash curler and tweasers got the treatment.

The super crystaled fade. I love using this everyday.

Mori and fading all in one on my cheek brush

This one took monster time and crystals. My ipod nano case in true Pucci style.

My Japanese phone done in Light Rose. Charms by Glam Baby and Cecil McBee.

DECO: The Bike Project Part 2

I started out with an estimate of 900 crystals, but then I decided to keep it safe and order 400 more. So 1,300 crystals later…

It’s hard to describe how shiny it turned out, but this picture is a pretty good representation of it.

Close-up of the lines. I am really happy how crisp the edges turned out. You can also see the spacing I used between the crystals. I was able to do this because of the silver background.

Super sparkle!

I plan on doing a bit more work, but I am going to wait until I get back in the States in January. Possibly 500 more crystals to do more looping around the frame. So far this project has been over $100.00 in materials and 1,300 crystals. I am extremely satisfied with the results thus far.

Sorry these pics were taken with the iphone only, I plan to take more with a new digicam I plan to buy (which is coincidentally my next big deco project). But, phew… it feels nice to be done. So many hours it took… ^___^;;;

One more deco project to do before I head back to Japan next week, but it’s really small compared to this one ^_^v

DECO: The Bike Project Part 1

All my supplies have arrived (yay!) so I plan on taking you step-by-step on working with this project so you might see on a big scale how deco projects can get done.

First I have my main tools: black container, Swarovski brand epoxy glue and 900 crystals (ss20 – 600, ss16 – 300). 900 crystals doesn’t look like a lot ^_^;;;;

Since I’m using CRYSTAL color and my bike is pink, I need to change the background or it will never look clean.

I’m using a silver paint pen to cover the surface I’m going to deco.

Pros either use a glitter seal or they pre-paint. Since a seal wouldn’t work on the round frame, pre-paint is how you get a good clean look. You can also space out your crystals more.

Grey like my kitten

Then taping off using 3M painters tape and some newspaper so just in case glue and crystals fall

Paint pen covering my work

Releasing the epoxy and using the orange stick to smooth it down

Over 100 crystals later…

As you can see there’s a gap below where the crystals slid because of the epoxy’s slow drying time. I will just go back and take care of the gaps with a second glue pass.

Right now it reminds me of Michael Jackson’s glove, so shiny. So far so good. Now 800+ crystals to go (LOL ^__^;;)

DECO Part Three: Simple how-tos

Part One: Intro
Part Two: Visiting a Pro Shop
Part Three: Simple How-to (including recommend supplies and shops)
Part Four: Advanced Techniques
Part Five: Great Deco vs. oh… that’s uhhh nice

I am sure looking at some of the pics from the DECO image drop post can be intimidating, but decoing is actually pretty easy and is always beautiful if you have the right tools and set-up.

DECO: Where to buy?

All the tools you see were either bought from a beauty supply store, a hardware store (glue), or a container store.

I am 100% Swarovski deco freak, once you go Swarovski you won’t go back. Swarovski flatbacks no-hotfix are the types the pros use. They’re not too expensive if you pick bigger stones for your deco and the quality is amazing. with free shipping within the US is my preferred place to buy Swarovski. While they’re getting some bigger stones, the official Swarovski site has the best selection of large stones.

If you’re in need of a quick fix, Jolee brand found out craft stores carries Swarovski (although quite overpriced).

Swarovski has now put out a glue that promises better sealing and impact resistence (aka they won’t fall off). I’ve ordered some and I’ll do a review once it arrives.

DECO tools: the basics

This is my regular set-up. The containers are from the Container store and help me stay organized.

Clear container holding individual sizes of Swarovski

The set-up

1. Stick n’ Seal – currently my favorite glue
2. The ipod Nano case to be decoed
3. Sharpies
4. Small scissors for bead length cutting
5. Pencil for preliminary sketch
6. Nail file to file off glue from orange stick
7. Orange stick
8. Curved tweasers (a must!)
9. Bead lines to do crystal separation

My black foam trays, excellent for working with individual stones

As you can see there’s a lot of black, which helps the crystals show up easier and provides a nice eye contrast to what you’re decoing.

This is my Japan set-up when I’m deco-ing. A little more basic, but the necessities are: glue, curved tweasers, orange stick, nail file, and crystals.

Prep and first work

Okay, so you have the tools, but now you need to do your first piece.

You have to options: individually laying down stones or buying a seal. Seals are perfect for flat surfaces with perfect corners, if not you’ll be stuck with individually laying down stones. Seals also are less adhesive so more stones will fall off with seals.

Seals can be bought at: Strapya here

  • Pick something small and that you won’t always use for your first project, that way if you hate it or it’s messy you won’t be reminded of it.
  • Stones can be either set up in 3 ways: [straight] [argyle] [mix]
    Decide which way you will deco before you start. Examples from cocohoney

    Below is a small mock-up of different ways to lay crystals depending on size.

  • Buy stones of small sizes in the color you’re working on, so you can use these to fill in blanks
  • Tape away areas you do not want messed with

Let’s DECO in THREE easy steps

Step One – keep your project clean

To do my MAC liquid base make-up brush, I first scotch-taped a place where glue might get on it. It’s tons harder to remove glue than to prevent it, so tape your work!

Step Two – Glue quickly and work in small amounts

Orange stick is loaded with glue and I’ll smear a tiny section.
Work in small sections and as quickly as possible.

Glue dries on your orange stick, so take a break and file down your orange stick with the nail file in between every few gluing passes.

Cheat: I’ve chosen the Amethyst and Jet combination on one of the arglyes because it will not show up errors against the black brush handle as easily. Picking like color stones to your background color makes works look cleaner!

Step Three – Place crystals evenly and judge with the eye to keep uniform

Curved tweasers easily pic up stones for perfect placement.
Often you will get glue on your tweasers, file them down like your orange stick.

Problems you will run into

It won’t fit!

This diamond band wasn’t large enough for my Nano but with a pretty Crystal AB stone addition it looks lovely.

Keeping it clean!

When working on a line, glue that line and then fill in around it. Edges are very important!

Simplicty is best!

My eyeshadow brush on top and cheek brush on the bottom are done using a fade. I chose 3 colors (rose, light rose and crystal AB for the eyeshadow brush) and used varying sized crystals to slowly fade one color into the next. It’s very easy and one of the simplest beginner choices.

A very elegant fade

Hopefully I’ve given you a deco base, or maybe some more bits to learn from. In my second how-to I’ll do some advanced stuff such as Pucci design and working with large stones.

DECO Image Drop

23 images, over 60 pieces of individual gorgeous DECO work. From simple to expert I took pictures from a few deco magazines of items that caught my eye. Also available for easy downloading in a zipfile at mediafire.

Tons of inspiration in here. I wish I had half the skill of some of these highly creative pros!

Please link back if you put on your own blog/site.

Which one is your favorite and what pic inspires you? I’m too curious =(^._.^)=