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Delyle – 109 to Overseas

After hitting up Forever 21’s website I started to see a lot of pieces that would transfer well to Delyle’s style, so with further ado…

another brand to abroad post~!

Previous brands:
Glad News

The breakdown of Delyle’s sense of style

These items are key to understanding and imitating the brand’s style.
Delyle started in 2004 (same time as Lip Service) and has etched out a niche with gals who want classic Audrey Hepburn in Paris looks, but want sexy gal styling as well. Just like Liz Lisa or Gilfy, Delyle has a very strong fashion sense and even if studs were BOOMing this season, they were hard to be found in Delyle’s looks. Instead Delyle stuck to being a structured feminine.
This is a really good look to parody into working hours. Lady Gaga said the key to becoming iconic is taking a theme and repeating it several times. Delyle does the same thing (although not with bodysuits and tiny gloves and kermit the frogs). Instead Delyle loves doing cosmetic prints and keeping their font and look as classically Chanel as possible.
Looks by Delyle
Delyle’s popular summer shirt paired with their classic skirt
Cosmetic print
Classic girly stripe dress
Delyle has done really well with their character goods line. First with their 3 releases of Hello Kitty last Spring and onto this Fall.
Now they are marketing Snoopy.
Both HK and Snoopy looks are directed at getting young teens to buy their pieces.
Delyle mainly does two types of outer-wear. Traditional jackets like shown here.
Or cute stadium jackets
Maiko Takahashi doing cute girly outer look
Combining Delyle with jeans still works as being girly-kaji.

Overseas tips for working a Delyle look
  • Stick with monotone and baby pink.
  • Keep a french look in mind when dressing.
  • Buy anything that copies Chanel. Black tipped boots, lots of bracelets.
  • Get a chain bag. One that copies Chanel’s classic 2.55 or retro pieces.
  • Keep it sweet adult: add a pearl necklace or bow accessories
  • Use white and light pink as your accessory pieces.
  • Keep your hair fluffy and in curls, rely on romatic styles that involve volume and loose curls
  • Break out your hime or monotone nails
  • If you enjoy high-brands buy a Chanel brooch. Brooches are often the cheapest of resold brand items. You can often get a good deal on eBay for under $200.00. Then place on your clothing, or use a ribbon to knot around your bag and keep the brooch secured on the ribbon on your chain.
  • Splurge on using a shopping service to buy their jacket or iconic skirt. One gal brand piece can make a whole outfit.

Forever 21’s Tres Tres line is great place to pick from and make a Delyle look.

Not from the tres tres line, but it’s a copy of an exact Delyle skirt
Chanel-esque bottoms
The top print is not very Delyle, but the bottom frill is. Cover with a black or white cardigan  or trad jacket and you’re more in Delyle mode.
Delyle had this cut, and also loves French words. This high cut isn’t very Delyle though.
Adorable tap pants and a Cardi from Urban Outiftters. Garnish with a chain bag and light pink accessories and you’ve hit Delyle style.


Finger Lickin’ Santa

Are you enjoying your Christmas? Did you get your Christmas KFC?

Crispy for Christmas
Families order weeks in advance to share KFC in Japan. Yes I’m weirded out by it, too. KFC and Japan Christmas info here and here.

New Years Fukubukuro

EDIT: Since it’s going to be 1/1 soon in Japan,  both girlswalker and love-ex have new bags up. Love-Ex has me-jane and Golds Infinity. Girlswalker has those plus Mar*s, Duras, Lip Service and more.

The tradition of New Years is so huge in Japan and other than Hatsumode (first visit of the temple) and eating soba (most soba shops are packed), the concept of fukubukuro is everywhere. Fukubukuro are lucky bags and although 109 stores have them, so does most every apparel business in Japan. Most make-up counters do it as well, and you can often get some serious deals at make-up counters.

Each bag usually cost 10,000yen or around $100.00. Some stores offer bags of $200, $100, and $50.00. Others do multiple different lucky bags of $100.00. It’s a mess, but a happy shopping mess. ✌⋰˚◡˚⋱✌

My lovely friend Sebastian is nabbing me Lip Service, w<3c, and Glad News bags. I admit I’m tempted by both the Liz Lisa and Valentine’s High fuku bags because they’re so cute. ༶❤_❤༶

109 shops have been setting up reservations for their bags, but some just release the day of. Fashionwalker still has some of their bags available, while 109 shops one their website have also been releasing them.

LoveEx which has its own worldwide shipping service also has a few lucky bags up. Maybe more will release on 1/1.

EDIT If you don’t like knowing or are only used to buying through shipping services that use Y! auctions, after 1/2 many should be up and opened showing all items. Or if you’re especially looking for your favorite store like One*Spo or DIA who don’t offer on-line sales of fuku.

Also, for those of you IN Tokyo, while 109 is closed on 1/1, Lumine EST and ALTA are both open so you can try your luck at both of those which have Gilfy, Mars, Swordfish, Valentines High, Cecil McBee, Lip Service and more.

Jagura‘s 109 bag is Kitson-like and does a cute plushy tiger in honor of 2010 as the year of the tiger.

Adorable! It almost convinces me to get the bag.

Spiral Girl has an awesome bag out, but it’s both sold out on fw and their website ㌔_☖#

MeJane is looking a lot like their sister brand Mar*s in their bag’s print

They’re also teasing with a watch similar to the one I bought for $90.00

Valentine’s High‘s bag is simple adorable! I’m not 100% about their clothes, but I’m admittedly tempted by this bag.
EDIT They promise 5 items not available in stores including an outer and a long-tee shirt.

Cecil McBee shows all of what will be in its fuku and I am not as keen to get it now.

Liz Lisa (and Liz Lisa Doll) offers a luggage-piece as its fuku bag. I admit it’s girlish splendor. Both Liz Lisa and Tralala’s bags available at r-shop
EDIT: Liz Lisa promises a coat, a one-piece, a knit top, either shorts or a skirt, a muffler or a hat, and new year item
Liz Lisa Doll  promises an outer, a top, an inner, a bottom, a onepiece, and a fashion piece
The 5200 yen bags offer a one-piece and one more item.

Gilfy‘s newsprint bags are really cute! I’m tempted just by the bag.
EDIT: According to Rakuten’s English website they have pictures of the lucky bag Gilfy items

Now my problem with this is I see a couple of items that ARE Gilfy and some that definitely are not <_<
Another problem is Gilfy is showing these boots here. Which did not sell well in Japan because of the lace-up plus overbuckle skin which is just a pain in the booty when you’re in Japan and often having to take off your shoes. So they’re not selling items created for the fuku, just unloading stuff that didn’t sell well (-_~-)
I’m now hesitant about the Gilfy bag. (↓;д;↓)

JSG‘s cute sling bag fuku is one sale through CREDGE

Ji.maxx also has its fuku up on Credge


Cocolulu has both 1man and 2man bags. The 2man is a roller.
1man bag offers: original outer, long tee, a parka, something small, and the bag
There are some of the options. Both 1man and 2man bags are up on their website

Egoist‘s bag although plain offers 3-6 items costing between $300-500 approx. They’re really keeping it a lucky bag. Goes on sale today at 12:00.

Glad News bag really isn’t my look, but I am really tempted by what’s inside.
You get a blouson outer, leggings, leopard fur beret, cut onepiece, food print long-tee, something random, and the bag. As a present for those who order on-line, you also get a cute skull-mickey notebook here.
Borderless Rakuten offers the GN fuku here, too! No shipping service needed ❤

Delyle is having a slow release of their fuku. Next time is 12/28 midnight.

Since they enjoying copying Chanel, it’s only appropriate their bag looks like the Spring leather shopping bag Chanel put out.

LB-03, LDS and Love Boat have their fuku all up for sale and most still look available. The LB-03 bag (above) looks really cute.

For the himegals, Jesus Diamante has four types of fuku available through the Parco City website. $200, $300, $500, $1,000 and a $1,500. Oh my so pricey The $200 bag offers a knit item, the bag and a small item. The $1,500 bag offers pieces that are worth>_< more than $4,500, but still ^_^;; I’d have to disavow all shopping to ever transform to himeism.

Swordfish has not one but 3 different $100 and 2 different $50 bags to choose from. All on sale here

 Mar*s and Real Mar*s has their fuku out. According to their news on-line fuku starts 12/26.
The Mar*s one has room wear inside. ^_^  I love the Real Mar*s leopard print bag(・m・)☆

One*Spo: Info via the onespo mixi community says there will be a jacket, a onepiece, a top, a skirt, mokomoko roomwear and an accessory. Items totalling 4-5man.

Lip Service: According to the bubbly rakuten store you get an outer, a onepiece, a tanktop, a camisole, and a long tee. I am not a big fan of the bag, but I still ordered it. (⇔ο⇔)
Duras offers a “total coordinate including an outer” that is worth 5man. Goes on sale 1/1 at FashionWalker

What fuku are you buying or wish you could buy?

Lip Service, Cecil McBee opening and more.

Lip Service

It seems like any more I plug Lip Service I might get paid by them to do so, but you just can’t stop a good love affair. I bought 2 tunics, 1 shirt, a scarf and a necklace. None of them over $40.00! Everything was amazingly reasonably priced and they had lots of sexy basics. I was trusting Egoist last year for their sexy basics, but they feel a little out of trend this season.

Onto the loot…!

Great tunic top with Halloween flair
Cute monotone top
Funky color leopard print giant scarf
I tried to photoshop to color match the purple, but everything fails. 
I want shoes to match this great onepiece/cardi!

I feel like I can enjoy rotating these pieces and they all would look rockin’ with the current vest, jacket, studs love.

Cecil McBee

They just opened at new store at Lumine Est at the bottom floor. Now there are oddly two Cecil McBee stores in Lumine Est, but hopefully it’s just through transition. The new store is wonderfully set-up and well lit. It felt so much easier to shop through and well divided.

My long-time shop staff from 4th floor Cecil was working there. She runs up to meet and speaks 50 miles an hour, but she is fabulous. We looked through their new catalog (pics later) and pointed to different ideas.

My staff girl Arisa on the left with another Cecil staff girl.
I asked to take a pic for my blog…oh how embarrassing, but she’s such a good sport.

I was not a fan of the plaid, but it’s growing on me. I also like the layering sets (which this month’s Nuts talks about).

Casual plaid tunic that stops perfectly mid-arm for relaxing fall style. (bought!)

 It wasn’t fab on me, but it’s a cool print (not bought!)

They had layering style all for one price. Love using all the pieces seperately.

Valentines High

I’m usually not a big shopper of this store. I love pink, but this place always seems to be dripping with too much pink. However, I couldn’t resist the cute set.

Love the ribbon details.


Shinjuku EST display

Has been taking advantage of the set craze and putting out some cute jacket + dress combinations. At the Honten party I preordered one and keep loving the jacket. However lots of cute ones have come along.

I didn’t like the dress on me, but I’m in love with this rider!

The zipper pull alone is fabulous!

Set from the Mar*s store blog. 
Silly stupid jacket, how I want you.
I passed up on this set, but …only time will tell if I continue to do so ^_^;

Other things in Alta and Lumine EST

Reinda had some lovely adult looks going on.

Delyle advertising for its second Shinjuku store opening up in the same month :o!
Their mannequin display outside ALTA

Requested: My coordinates for 7 days

Outifts over 7 days. I am not modeling these because… I’m not a model, TOTM (bloat-chan), and jet lag makes some great skin ^__^;;.

Wow this was quite an undertaking to shoot everything. I don’t know how often I’ll be doing this since it’s time consuming ^__^;;

Monday – School and Argent Sue Extension appt

Jacket: Mar*s
Dress: Risty (? circa 2007)
Shoes: Esperanza (bow heels)

Tuesday – School and Birthday Gift Shopping with friends

Jacket: Forever 21
Top: Cecil McBee
Bottom: One*Spo
Petticoat: One*Spo
Leggings: American Apparrel
Shoes: Esperanza (the sunday pair)

Wednesday – School, Dinner and Shopping with friends, Centaagai Bar action

Dress: Lip Service
Leggings: American Apparrel
Vest: Delyle
Bows: L..Chance
Shoes: Esperanza (the sunday heels)

Top: Lip Service
Bottoms: Cecil McBee
Bag: Mar*s
Shoes: Esperanza (the sunday heels)

Thursday – Shopping and Hangover recovery time

Dress: Delyle
Shoes: somewhere in La Foret (circa 2007)

Friday – School, Carry Nails appt, Going away party for a friend

Cardigan: Duras
Top: Lip Service
Jean skirt: VS Pink
Shoes: Zara

Dress: One*Spo
Hat: One*Spo
Jacket: Mar*s
Shoes: Zara

Saturday – Drinking with friends


Dress: Lip Service
Camisole: Lip Service
Mise Pants: Me Jane
Garter: Me Jane
Bag: Mar*s
Shoes: Bonita

Sunday – Study, lunch with friend, and Eyecandy eyelash exte appt

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: American Lip Service (dragqueens in dragsters)
Shoes: Esperanza

Packing M, new DECO, new camera :D

My whitening highlighter compact from Chanel got the DECO treatment. However since the compact isn’t interchangeable like my pressed powder one, I had to be cheap on materials. 100 crystals and some pearls later along with a Swarovski flower I got on sale my deco total was $12.00 only.

It’s simple, but I’m pleased with the flower impact.

Next deco project is my new digicam 😀 I’m unsure if I’m doing it or giving it to Glam Baby for the luxurious treatment.

The Sony T90 Cybershot in Pink!

My man also bought me an 8″ Sony Digital Photo Frame, too. So I could see pics of my man and my animals easily 🙂 I’m looking forward to using it!

A day before my flight and I have to be a packing bee. So I thought I’d show you some of last season’s looks that are coming back with me.

Cecil McBee

One*Spo bow sweater tee




and a lot of other bits from my One*Spo post.

Sadly I don’t get to bring seal-kun 😦

Seal-kun, a present from my man from Sea World with my kippen.
Both won’t go in my bag 😦

Delyle 5th anniversary and delicious clothes

Delyle and I have a big love affair. They love Chanel. I love Chanel. They love monotone and pink, so do I. Their collection has been girly and adult at the same time and very easy to wear in the States.

Mar*s and Delyle are quite similar in that they have their own style and stick to it season after season. It’s easier to wear previous seasons of their looks because their style is iconic. Both Mar*s and Delyle offer clothes in Small and Medium making their fits look better tailored than the one size only gang. They are also located right next to each other on the 4th floor of 109 heheee 🙂

However, some of Delyle’s transitional Summer to Fall pieces have been a bit of a snorefest.

Their 5th anniversary is 8/27 (tomorrow) which I won’t be in town for, but it seems their offering a different shopping bag to those who purchase $50 USD or more. Not as sexy as say… a purse mirror or scrunchie (chou) that other stores offer as furuko.

Their Fall collection is shaping up nicely and keeps us girly.

I nabbed this jacket before I left. It’s actually a zipper and knit so it keeps the traditional jacket comfortable and easy.

Casual nylon stadium jacket with cute logo.

Cute trench. Love this in Black on Black, but it’s easier to see the details in white.

Great Chanel-esque cardi

Love this dress. Seems possibly good enough for business casual.

I’m unsure about the colorblocking, but the A-line cut and black side panels make this extremely flattering. Recommended for girls with hips.

However their shirt prints seem seriously hit and miss.

Uhhh my boobs speak fine for themselves.

Xerox style border isn’t working for me. Their new skirt seems cute though.

Xerox, but a bit more interesting.

Adorable print with their super cute shoes.
I love this skirt. I bought it Fall of last year and they’re still keeping it in style.

Tips for this season: Buy their skirts and jackets and wear your style under.

Some new buys (prt 2) aka Mitsu is a shopping whore

Okay it was my b-day and all b-day girls should be allowed to shop til their heart’s content!


Damn I did damage at this store. They have great monotone looks that work well with other stores.

I love this shirt, the bilevel black/white is really flattering. Delyle understands a girl’s body.

I keep wearing this vest. When I paired it with the Cecil McBee pants and other monotone items with fauxhawk curls, I got called “oshare” by shopstaff. Everyone calls gaijin kawaii, but to get stylish, ahhh my heart flutters!

Too bad it was being dried from the laundry so it doesn’t look as fabulous in the picture, but I think it’s an adorable style.

My favorite dress to pair with the jacket!


After ragging on Gilfy I’ve finally seem some cute summer pieces emerge.

Love the color and the cut. It’s fully open at the sides and has a great buckle detail at the back. Looks cute with a tank top or without.

Great pairing of blacks and you can zip up the skirt to show a peak of Zebra or keep it closed for all black.

One of my favorite things I’ve bought recently combining frills and vertical stripes. The loose fit and princess cut seaming is just perfect for summer and anyone’s body.

Cecil McBee

Combining the popular fake vest and strap styling with a cute color and motif! I dig this! The suspenders clasp at the back. It’s very loose and summer casual.

I was wearing this while shopping in Delyle and the shopstaff girl had to pull the other girls to look at this tee. It does look very Delyle, but I couldn’t resist the glitter. Apparently the Delyle shopstaff can’t either ^_^

Cecil took harem pants and made this. Every Cecil staff I know bought them and my friend also had to buy a pair. So many pockets make them perfect for clubbing! Best paired with high heels.

It’s like every tee in 109 with a girl in a bold print and glitter. This is everywhere! I had to buy t for the proper English “We make the streets our runway!“. HELL TO THE YES! The Doll might have a new catchphrase ^_^v

Lip Service

I usually don’t buy LipService Japan. Mainly because my boobs + their clothes looks a little too much. However I couldn’t resist the cute cut casual top.

On sale for 3000 yen. Princess seams and a loose cut, and I’m wearing it to Disney Sea!


I am the biggest One*Spo whore, so it was only fitting that I buy my birthday outfit from them. Kie who is the cutest shopstaff in the world was wearing the blue and red of this. I settled on Monotone Marine with cute loose thigh-high leggings. It was sexycute, exactly what I want to be on my birthday ^_^


I finally bought a logo tee, pictured is the back. Why Not? Sexy Glamorous The Egocentric Beauty. I feel BEAUTY. I feel GORGEOUS. I feel LUXURY, butstill never felt so satisfied just I’m in EG.
LOL! Yeah! Exactly ~_^

Glad News

Yet again GN delivers! I got a big bruise on my thigh and needed something sexy to cover it up. So this was bought. My picture doesn’t do it justice. The color, the length, the flow. I want to go to Hawaii just to put it on as a glamorous beach coverup.

The fabulous SakuRina of Ageha fame is wearing the Spiral Girl maxidress similar to the Glad News one, but after trying both on the Glad News one is much more flattering. I love resortgal!

Layla Rose

I am not the biggest Layla Rose shopper, mainly because it’s right when you enter 109 and so if you buy there you might be missing out on other treasures. But for 5000 yen (50.00USD approx) for the jacket and romper was a price I couldn’t pass up. The romper’s buttons are fake so no embarrassing gaping, and the shorts of it are lined so no nude panties needed. Very casual and great for this humid weather ^_^;;;


They are running the shoe game. Flag-J and R&E are slightly boring this summer.

The bows glitter and mules always make your legs look longer, so yes and yes!

That’s it probably until summer sales start end of June. Although the weather sucks then, the sales are amazing. We make the streets our runway, ladies.

Some new buys

Sigh… I shop too much, but let’s look at the pretties and you’ll see a few new trends emerging.

A trend to not so much Marine, but casual summery prints are on the move there. Of course they still enjoy monotone, dots and touches of marine.

Classic vertical stripes in a seersucker style are appearing in many stores. I absolutely love their star belt, it even got a compliment from a boy at my tanning place. hehehe!

This is one*spo’s take on the summer maxi dress. Gingham, check, and dots are showing up in more stores. If only it said Texas. These are so comfortable and great for bloaty days.

A summery straw fedora is perfect for covering up sweaty summer hair. I love the feather details. One*Spo also gave me my perfect clubbing bag, the outside is all sequins and shimmers when I dance. Club bags are so necessary in Japan to carry your cellphone, make-up and blot papers while you’re shaking your booty. Chain bags are so popular now, and accent sparkle is really summer style.

GN has excellent summer style, and I find it hard to hate for casual rock looks. They had a special 2 for 4999 yen (around $50USD), which was too great to pass up. They had prints available in cute sherbert colors like below but also in traditional rock black and grey. Great job this summer, GN!

Delyle other than their Hello Kitty collab has more cute items. I still want to head back and buy a few more shirts since they’re so cute and feel like I could wear them into fall. At 109 where trends can change weekly, Delyle has several lasting looks.

Cecil started the alphabet print trend last fall, but Delyle has made a really cute print dress of it. It’s a little body-con, but very adorable.

However the staff and mannequin styling showed it more as a loose shirt to wear with their classic frill skirt.

Tralala and RoseFanFan have recently copied this skirt, but IMO both look not as fluffy as Delyle’s classic piece. The original is so fluffy that it covers your hip issues while making legs look tiny, I love this skirt. Not to mention I bought mine last fall (October) and its still classic in Delyle’s store.

Note: While Body-con has been the talk of magazines, I see few women so far wanting to wear a full body-hugging look, instead stick with BQB!

A great onepiece with another flattering frill skirt bottom. This is my favorite piece I’ve bought recently. It’s bodyskimming yet very girly casual in all cotton.

…and that’s all my buys (for now ^_^;;;).

Coming soon on Universal Doll:

– deco (the series)
– 109 shop review part two
– tanning info and reviews from Tokyo
– extension FAQ and care
– Gal traveling

109 shopping trip, store update

Less than 24 hours after I got off a plane from Texas, I headed to 109 and did what I do best: shop.

A warning, for those who are traveling to Japan soon, be sure to add an hour to your Narita to Tokyo trip. My plane was held on the tarmac for an hour while med peeps in blue scrubs thermal scanned us and made us sign waivers that we weren’t full of swine flu. -_-;

Now to happy shop talk:

I am so biased over this store. I love my one*spo staff! There was tons of cute marine and great sweet style dresses. They just got in a Maxi dress that is patchworked and says California on the bust. I was tempted! Maxi dresses for the second summer in a row are coming back, but with a high waist look without the underbust belt that was popular last summer.

The bow is adorable, I nabbed the last one at 109.

Shirt dresses are popular everywhere now and I love the puff sleeve balloon styling of this one.

Taking a page from my own book about setting up outfits. The corset and hat are from One*Spo as well, the shoes are from Bonita.

Glad News has great tees and they have sales going on about buying two for a special price or cute sets for a price. Their prints are so cute, and it seemed one of the busier stores inside 109.

Skull on top of the Ice Cream, indeed! Soft pinks are everywhere in 109.

I didn’t buy anything from last summer’s DC Comics x Glad News collab so I had to snatch a cute oversized Superman shirt. So comfy for summer!

Delyle President said she wants to do more monotone with soft pink to highlight their classic looks, and that’s exactly what I saw in their gorgeous store. It’s no shock that Deylye is so popular. Such cute prints, and their Hello Kitty collab is so adorable I had to hold myself back from buying the whole lot.

Hello Kitty is 35 this year. Girl is lookin’ good for 35. My buys with a cutey pillow bought at the 1o9-2 Hello Kitty store.

Delyle x Hello Kitty sells out the day its online, but there was still much D x HK in the store. I did nab the last pink hoodie though, it has a bow! *love!*

French HK is love.

Other stores:

Egoist –

Grade: C-

I have to mention how disappointed I am in Egoist. Egoist has amazing sexy basics and if you buy a basic from Egoist you’re bound to wear it out. However, instead of basics I saw it filled with the SCawaii x Egoist long Maxi dress that looked so last summer. There was nothing fresh about it. They were also pushing harem pants, but in satin which never looks as good as when you first buy it. Although my grade for them right now is a C-. they did have cute beach items.


Grade: D

The store looked a bit empty and possibly picked through over Golden Week. While they had a dress I was tempted by, their store looked a bit boring and not enough Spring/Summer colors. This is coming from a girl who has so much Gilfy it was hard for me to go through a day without wearing some last summer. Maybe when they get new stock, they will revive.

Cecil McBee –

Grade: B

Although no clarity was seen in their looks, they had all the key trends and they were the store for traditional jackets, (the two button black simple ones) an emerging end of Spring trend.

Flag J –

Grade: B

Already with their summer shoes out. Many comfortable short gladiator wedges are out and I can’t wait to buy when summer warms up. They are copying Poolside with heel details of hearts, but nothing was a standout.

I had more to do that day so I wasn’t able to hit all the shops, later on this week I’ll report on more shops and possibly more buys (if my wallet can take it!).