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Hair Change and Halloween <3

Image Change!

My hair change officially took 11 hours in total. I think pulling out my hair would have been quicker >_

I was tired of my hair, I loved the look and the color stayed well, but it felt really limiting style-wise sometimes. I enjoyed it while it lasted though 🙂 I went back to Dude, but he told me I shouldn’t bleach my hair so they instead did dark blonde with red highlights. But it looked simply black with a red sheen. I was looking gothy and I’m much too pale to pull of such a dark color and not look creepy.

Doing asianposes shoot in the face!
Goth-chan >_<
So I remembered a thread on ricoche recommending yuhouse and they have a good special right now on exte+color so I figured I might as well be happy with my color so I went there. Yuhouse is a nice salon and the team who did my hair took 6 hours in total to do it. They felt meticulous and one top of the long process it was to bleach, dye and blowdry and exte my hair.
I was able to catch up on magazines and they had a good selection of egg, Ageha, Blenda, Jelly, and even OL mags. A lolita wanting hairset for a live came in as well as a trio of kogals.
The exte were done by one person slowly braiding all 60 in and going back to color match. The guy seemed a bit of a perfectionist so it was slow but well done. The hair quality feels good, and they glue lock extensions so all you have to do is twist the glue to remove the exte. Fabulous for girls with long mori nails (me) whose man isn’t always around to act like a monkey and cut them out. Yuhouse comes tentatively recommended but I want to see how their dye lasts and exte hold up before I give a proper thumbs up.
Dye + bleach + 60 exte was $211 approx and post exte trim, glue lock and blowout were free. Pretty awesome price for Tokyo ^_^v
The new brown red me, hurrah!
Lip Service white leopard scarf


A belated Happy Halloween. Between hair, school, and trying to plan for spending time with two of my friends on their birthdays it’s been busy. I also went to a host club, Joker, not recommended. I was already drunk so that’s why it was alrightish. ^_^; My choice of the night isn’t pictured. He was a sweet Chiba boy named Shuu who wants to go to UCLA Berkeley next fall and his English was brokenly cute.

I took Rina‘s advice and went to Sixi (I so need to write you a card for a free hair make since you referred me :)). Kabukicho places tend to be dark and old and cramped, but Sixi was the exact opposite. Even though it’s in the basement it was well lit with nice spacing between stations.

During the process, and yes I was boobs out.
I was an army bitch in a sparkly camo OP for my costume.
I gave the stylist two pictures from the recent Ageha I took with my cellphone as inspiration, but she yells out for the recent ageha and POOF Ageha appeared! We were able to work out a style from it, and having the mag there made it much easier.
The final product! Hair explosion!

The party was fun, but next night was Tokyo Disney Sea. Tokyo Disney Sea (TDS) was recommended by Egg readers as the best date spot to go in Tokyo. Instead of the screaming kids or pack of families that you might imagine when you think of Disney, there’s tons of couples. Couples get pair t-shirts, pair phone charms, pair passcases, pair towels, pair every-goddamn-thing. It’s a merchandising boom!

TDS is also the park in Tokyo doing a Halloween theme so there’s all these cute Halloween related things. It’s cute on top of cute! I went last month with my man after Fukuoka and did the couple-thing, but this time was for my friend’s 20th bday. We went late and just had a fun time walking around.

The moutain that you shoot out of in Journey to the Center of the Earth ride.
My boys ❤
TDS at night. So pretty!
Me n Sebastian luvin the Tower of Terror
OMG I wanted to take this home! But it was 6900 yen >_<;;

Okay that’s enough @ me, next up surging winter trends!