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Egg October – Kaoru had a BABY

Egg October issue is a bit of bore, and dissappointing Street Snap, but the big shocker is 2 pages in and you see Kaoru and her baby (!!!).

Kaoru and her bebe~
Michiru looks like her long time boyfriend more than Kaoru IMO.
For those hoping to see Kaoru modeling again, she’s got a bit more post-partum weight to lose it seems. They barely show anything below her shoulders <_<;;

Update: Kaoru mentions her husband, but no pictures of him in this and no mention of the wedding. 
About the Kaoru and weight issue, she’s wonderful at her weight. The weight issue is more about her being thought of by the Egg Magazine editors as Egg material.Not a question of if she is less attractive at her current weight (NO she looks glowing).

In the magazine she discusses how she is now at 53kg and was sad about losing her boobs when her post-partum weight was coming off. I agree, keep the boobs Kaoru!

Cute bow trends
Red/Black strong coordinates
Great coordinates. 
Love Non-chan’s look in this (Lip Service and belt by Love Boat)
I love Non-chan’s hair this month and her accessories are so cute!
She’s my current Egg favorite.
Kanako’s hot red streaks (LOL dokiri I had Kaoru on the brain ^_^;;;)
Romihi looking very natural
5 page spread all on her.
Fresh meat, she’s 15!