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bras, new hair + nails

Bra Hunt

malignita posted that Peach John carried F sizes and so I decided to head out and see if D = F in Japan. I went to Peach John in 109 which is on the 3rd floor. Their store looked a little underwhelming which merchandise packed in and not many pretty displays or ornaments. When walking into a lingere store I want to feel like I’m in the inside of a jewelry box finding new treasures. Also, it was not very well lit. However, they had used their heater privledges and turned up the heat a few notches which I am sure everyone using a dressing room appreciated.

I asked the staff and together we found 3 bras available in F.
I ended up with this one for 2700 yen (really cheap) consider my normal bra choice from Victorias Secret is around 5000 yen. 
Judging by the two other bras, this F was a fluke. The other two were definitely too small cup-size. I can say 34D is more a 34G in Japanese Peach John. This bra I do like and think it does the same lift and support as my old ones, but I feel it concentrates too much weight bearing on the body hooks and not enough on the straps. I also think the lace trim at the bottom was a bad idea since movement can make it feel scratchy. However, for 2700 yen it wasn’t so bad.
Their holiday bag is cute. Also, their care instructions and fresh-smelling free sachet was a nice touch.
edit: For those with D to DD American bra sizes tutuanna offers G and H cup sizes in really cute bras (located both on Shibuya Centaagai and Harajuku Takeshita dori). The straps look too small on this one, but it’s adorable.  More cute styles hopefully they work on the straps ^_^v
New hair
I went to yuhouse to get a dye + cut and as usual they did a great job. I do question their extension quality, but their dying is some of the best in Tokyo from personal experience.  Then I headed to Rhythm which I mentioned earlier was running a sale for 9800 for 50. It’s the same price at yuhouse, but Rhythm’s amount of hair they put in each extension is a bit more. I went for 60 which ended up being $110.
The store just was an apartment with 2 women working, but they were nice and had tons of mags to look through while I was getting my hair done. Their hair quality seems good, but I will reserve my judgement fully on them for another 3 weeks when extensions start to die.
You can see where my real hair ends here.
My real hair was round brushed at Yuhouse and that doesn’t hide the exte as well.
Better cleaning up the next day. Also I have a blonde chunk on the left side.
Happy me!
My last Carry appointment. sigh >_< I love their skill!
The obligatory nailists own nails shot. Very simple and sparkly.
My fun snow leopard nails done in monotone french tip.
More detail on french + bow + snowleopard
Their bag was cute with a nice holiday touch
The snowleopards do look a bit silly with noses, but I wanted them to meld together with the pink + white + black theme. The snowleopards were done painting colored acrylic directly onto my nails this time. Hopefully the acrylic to acrylic bond this time makes them stay longer.
2 more full days in Japan >_< But man is here and we’re heading to Tokyo Disney soon to enjoy the Christmas love ❤

Nails = Happiness

For me there is no greater happiness ATM than looking at my nails. I know it sounds silly, but I’m so happy with them!

Love my nailist ❤

I made an appointment at Carry for 4:00 on Saturday and it ended up lasting til 8:30. My nailist was a total trooper. We’re both suffering through allergy attacks, although mine improved hers was sniffly. The girl was running on little sleep, but she still was ultra-genki. A lot of the customer gals sit quietly, or chat for a few seconds before looking at their phone in sort of an im-too-cool-to-talk mode.

But my nailist is a chatterbox and I love chatting, too so it was perfect. We were chatting from everything from Mexican paramilitary which led to Noripi, and then to boys, Exile and future dreams.

My  genki nailist, in Glad News ❤
 She had 2toned Egg Model Kanako’s type hair
One of the nailboard selections in the way background.

For her, like many women in Japan her future dream is to become a wife. As a woman with future long-term career goals, and much too American-ized in my thinking, it’s just not my endgame. I have a long term man and I’m very happy, but endgame? >_<

I kept taking pics for my blog and we kept having this running conversation about it:

Her: so what does your blog talk about?
Me: Uhhh enjoying gyaruness in Japan
Her: Oooo

Her (10 mins later): I wanna see your blog
Me: but but it’s in English
Her: but but I can learn

hehehe she is ❤

The pieces

The rock print inspiration

I came in with this Chanel-inspired design and then poof all these sets of nails were laying around so of course I changed my mind. Carry is evil for this, I rarely leave with what I came in wanting. However, it’s not a bad thing, just too much sensory overload of catalogs and pre-done sets on boards to look at to not have a stirring of change. ^_^;;

I saw the butterflies done in purple on another nail set. It was very “wa” and possibly meant for yukata wearing matsuri times. However it felt so Ageha, that I had to have it done and we found the good rock print matching.

The final product: Rock Ageha nails

Butterflies! They’re actually each four separate pieces each made by acrylic and painted on the spot to order.
Yes the stones are giant. I can barely put my ring on (lol)

The crazy horrorshow of post airbrushing black

I had such a good time at Carry and I can’t recommend them enough. They’re all so cheerful and really warm when you get to know them. I always enjoy myself there.

Bonus shot: Another nailist’s Brit Rock nails
I would’ve shown my nailist’s wintery plaid nails, but her hands were messy post nail time. The nailists all have gone longer and gorgeous with their own nails at the Shibuya Carry.

Eyelash Exte and Requested Makey

(Currently experiencing the joy of  blogging in class ^_^v)

WooT! No more Hoshiaya in NUTS!

My boundless happiness cannot be contained now that Hoshiaya quit Nuts!! YAY! It’s not that I don’t think she’s an occassionally good model, or that she isn’t beautiful in her own way. It’s more like I was sick of flipping through Nuts and seeing only her. Her in ads, her in main articles, her her her and even if you love icecream when you eat too much of it and get sick.

The recent issue is very diverse model wise and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an issue as much lately. Pick it up, download it and enjoy! Even if the magazine seems to be follow the trends instead of creating them, they do have some good looks in it.

Hoshiaya will be okay, she’s modeling the current catalog of Mar*s, Spiral Girl, Swordfish, and Lip Service and her apartment is fly, girl will be good.

As requested, my make-up

Well I’m not a big fan of showing myself on this blog, since I don’t consider this blog for my camgirl enjoyment and I always hope to turn this blog to face more about gal fashion than my personal life. But, ladies you asked so I’m doing this and then my next post will go back to shopping and shop news. ^_^;; So apologies in advance for the non-deco non-shopness of this post. (sorry ^___^;;;)

Eyelash love

New eyelash exte from Eyecandy. My last ones lasted over a month with 40% intact, which is pretty damn awesome. Compared to Luxurious where all of mine fell out except for 4 lashes in a month.

I decided to go for their hodai (as much as you want) menu and stick with the J-shape. Eye make-up other than base cannot be worn when going to the eyelash extension appointment, so what you see are my lashes and Geo Nudy Blue contacts.

No mascara, and my lashes are blonde so the black you see is exte.
130 lashes in total on both eyes. 
She made them go from small to large nose-> outside of face.
I paid more for the hodai, but it was worth it and although you’re non-moving for an hour and a half, their chairs are so comfortable and my exte girl’s technique was so good and light touching I fell asleep. ^__^zzZzz  Eyecandy seems to be getting more popular, but they are worth the wait.

My recommendations for make-up:

Keep learning. Head to the skilled women at MAC or other professional make-up counters. You will probably find their tips change your look for the better. I’ve learned better ways to apply base with a wet brush, undereye liner tips, color matching and more.

Primer. You will be amazed how much better your skin can look and your make-up last with using primer. I used to stick with Sephora’s Smoothing Primer, but the bottle is much too small. So I’ve moved over to Make-up Forever’s HD Primer in Blue. Recommended.

Accept your skin, color and flaws After battling with acne, I’ve gone through several peels, scrubs and medical grade solutions. Fighting your skin issues is a must, but you must also learn how to cover them. Also learn what colors highlight your features. Everyone can be gorgeous, we just need to find the right palette.

Highlight one feature Your face is beautiful, just bring it out. It’s why so many gals have turned to a nude lip, it’s to showcase their amazing eye-make. You are not a clown, so keep your palette simple.

Now onto my make-up. Done for heading out to drink with my friends in Shinjuku.

This was my make-up for last Saturday night, as requested for make-up. I think tons of girls are amazing at make-up and I don’t put myself in that circle.. For make-up I’ve found a few things that work for me and I keep it simple.

Contacts: Geo Nudy Blue
Eyeliner: MAC
Eyeshadow: Chanel “Palladium”
Mascara: Shu Uemura Ultimate Expression Mascara
(before new eyelash exte)
Primer: Make-up Forever HD Primer in Blue
Base: MAC Studio SFX Fluid in NC25
Mineral Powder: MAC in Medium
Blush: MAC in “Margin”
Highlighter: Chanel Lumination Powder
Lip Liner: MAC in “Beurre”
Lip Gloss: Chanel in “Scintillates”
Wow I looked so unsmiling in the last pic (but it best showed makey) so here’s happy me with my new nails.

phew… that was weird, now I’m asking you ladies to share your make-up tips in comments. I’ll add them to another blog post and hopefully learn from them, too! ^__^v

Eyecandy, a must go!

A friend of mine recommended her friend’s new eyelash extension shop that just opened. I checked out the website and their hot pepper price was perfect, so I scheduled an appointment.

Eyecandy opened its place in Shibuya, but like some other businesses in Tokyo it’s actually in an apartment. A rather ritzy apartment complex though. The staff was friendly, the process was shorter than the previous time, and they had excellent pictures of which type to choose from. They only have 2 seats, so its rather intimate and the chairs are beyond comfortable.

In the end the price was only 40 USD!! Even cheaper than their hot pepper ad!

It may be perhaps because I chose a shorter length, but I am more pleased with how these came out than my last visit and my extensionist’s input on lash choice was perfect. Before we started the actual extension process she also pulled out a single lash and gave me a mirror to decide if I was satisfied.

For them they also had the choice of J-shaped lashes or C-shaped lashes.

Make on, but no masara on the top lashes. Top lashes only done in J-style.
J style seems to create more of a doe-eye and elongates the eye, good for those with narrow noses.

Once I was done they gave me an aftercare sheet, some lotion, some actual candy from Eyecandy, and a tiny aroma votive candle. I’m just shocked at their level of service.

Also, when I washed my face not a single lash came out. Last time I lost four in the first washing.

In 2 weeks, I’ve lost one lash!! …insanity!

Eyecandy is a definite recommendation! If you’re curious about getting some, for 40 USD this is a great place to start. Also the price to fix them all 3 weeks in was only 35 USD, so for exte that usually last a month it knocks 5.00 off the price.

Eyecandy location: 東京都渋谷区円山町5-4-7F
Times: 9-10:ooPM
Directions: Facing 109, go to the left of 109, keep walking until almost the highway/train crossing. You’ll see FeelA Shibuya apartment complex on your right. It’s apartment 716, call when you are there to let them buzz you in or head on up with someone else.

The cost of gal

I know this is possibly a question many are curious about. Just like the song from Cake “How do you afford your Rock and Roll lifestyle?” the same question is asked about gals.

Before I start let me say it’s very possible to carry off the gal look without one or all of these items, but many consider them a necessity.


Cost: Around 6000 yen upwards
Last: 1 month (touch-ups free within a certain time)

Cheap alternative: Self manicure (600 yen-ish) or Press-on nails (3000 yen-ish)

Importance: Middle, most everyone has them so its best to have cute ones.

Hair care:

Dying: Cost 6000 yen to 16000 yen plus
Last: 1 month(ish), roots aren’t sexy ladies

Cheap alternative: Home products and color conditioners

Importance: Extremely, barely anyone stays with their original black

Extensions: 8000 to 30000yen
Last: 1 month

Cheap alternative: finding specials on Hot Pepper Beauty (the 11000 price for 80), clip in extensions (3500 at Paris Kids to ?? for custom), wigs

Importance: Less girls are wearing these, but good extension work can be seen as instant-gal


Contacts: Cost 3500 for a pair lasting a year, cheaper for non prescription

Importance: Very, most girls love these. I’m a total convert.

Eyelash extensions (article)
Cost 7000 to 15000
Last: 1 month

Cheap alternative: Bulk lashes (1500 for 5) or good quality ones by Shu Uemura and MAC (1500 for one pair), Lash extending mascara

Importance: Getting higher with gals everyday. I keep seeing so many gals in eye exte.


Cost: 1500 – 3500 per visit for 20-30 minutes
Last: As long as you keep up with it

Cheap alternative: Paleness if you’re hime or agejo or self tanner (1500 for a bottle)

Importance: With the rise of Agejo it’s becoming less and less, but I loooove my brownness

So how do you do it?

When you consider a clothing budget is needed as well, this all starts adding up. Most girls don’t do one or two of these to save money. Many search through coupon magazine and website hot pepper to get discounts. Many aren’t as dedicated to one salon unless they’re always cheap and good. A few gals I know get their nails done in Yokohama for the cheaper large Swarovski stones. Another girl I know just jumps on anything hot pepper offers.

Others wait longer between hair and nail sessions and wear hats to cover their roots or allow themselves to have a missing nail if its cheaper to wait for the other 9 to be weak.

What are your necessities?


It was my birthday (aka Respect for the Aged Day) and I decided some este was much needed.

Rounge Princess Nails

I went to Rounge in Shibuya to get some Bday nails. As my nailist and I agreed, every0ne needs to feel like a princess on their birthday.

They are sculpt gel and have glitter tips and Swarovski Crystal AB mixed with pearls. The picture doesn’t do them justice. Sparkle sparkle baby!

First time set: 6400 yen
Swarovski and Pearl Extra: 3000 yen

all together – 9400 yen (around 94.00USD)

I have another appointment with them for a fill in 2 weeks, but while my experience was nice it didn’t feel awesome and super friendly like going to some este salons can feel. I will be withholding my recommendation for now. ^_^


I decided to head down a floor below Rounge and make an appointment with their eyelash extension salon. I’ve never done it, so I decided it was worth a try.

The process was LONG!!! Around 2 hours, but you got to pick your eyelashes. I went with the most popular length and the Paris style. My eyelashes are blonde naturally and I have no mascara on so the black you see is all exte.

The store was okay, nothing remarkable. Not wanting to flex your face to talk while the exte girl is working on you, you’re pretty much silent for 2 hours and nonmoving. Afterwards though they led you to a make-up room and brought you a selection of hot or iced tea while you remade yourself.

(Sans make-up. I do need to pluck my pale eyebrows and my eyes are that color, but I am in the Geo Nudy Grey rim lenses)


First time: 6300
Below lashes: +2100

In total: 8400 yen or around 84.00USD

I feel like the bottom lashes are ripoff for so little, but I love the top lashes. Next time, I’ll only do the top lashes, but probably at another store since all este places offer first time (初回 しょかい SHOKAI) discounts.