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Resolutions! Gal-ing up your life.

New Years Resolutions

Everyone has them, and mine seem to be bigger and more concrete than usual.

Coming home this time has made my disconnect even clearer. Although I grew up in Houston, I only moved back 2 years ago. Actually my man moved us while I was in Japan in 2007. I really haven’t lived in my American place an entire year combined since I’m always heading back to Japan. So I have decided for 2010 I have a few goals to stop the disconnect and shape up!


I came back from Japan and gained 8 lbs! 3.6 kilos! (*。′口`。*) I was working on losing 5 at the time. So I’m back to 13 lbs to lose. Not awesome. But, even on Christmas I worked out and I’m going to shape up my body, cut the alcohol (after NYE) and be fabulous!


So even though we’ve moved here 2 yrs ago, there’s still unpacked boxes, a lack of closet space, and clothes spilling out everywhere. Now adding up a shopaholic’s booty from Japan for 2 years plus previous grabs equals enough clothes to make Mt. Fuji out of. “<(××)>” I do love having a lot of clothes and allowing myself to dress in several looks depending on my mood. I’m a rock-kei girl who loves girly things, I’m a monotone girl who screams for color, I’m a bold pink when I want baby pink. However, I’d really like to edit my closet.

A logjam >_<

Wake-up my Make-up

I admit to while not feeling confident about my make-up skills and always experimenting, I have collected a ton of make-up and now my bathroom is just midget-sized for my giant problem. So I need use my vanity, and gal it up. Maybe a little more space and organization will make me feel more confident.

Since my make-up counter is too shameful to show, let’s enjoy the Don Quiote wall of eyelashes.

Gal up my American Life

Living in Japan, feeling like you’re in gal style and doing gal things is easy. I lived a 10 minute walk from 109, I passed the D.I.A. workroom on my way to school everyday. Carry was down the street. I was surrounded by great gal places and fun things to do. Now when I come back to the States my life is ungal. I just feel bad keeping my man waiting for the 2+ hrs of hair + make-up (not to say I don’t sometimes (。・・。)). I also feel my day to day doesn’t embody the live-it-up mentality. So I’ll be working on how to best style-up my American world.

Ladies, what are your New Years Resolutions and what are you planning to do about them? Let’s work on it before New Years even comes around <3川 ̄ー ̄川

Also some random pics from the holiday break
Our tiny Rosemary tree with bird ornaments

Some Christmas roses
Shirt: Zara
Necklace: Lip Service
Underdress: Spiral Girl
Liz Lisa for out with the girls
Franklin in angel wings from the man’s parents.