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Galtubbing – a special edition – Gaijin Gals

I apologize if I sounded ranty in my last post. It’s more an upset feeling over how they went about the magazine, not that there’s an english mag about Shibuya 109. 109 is smart to reach out to foriegners, while the recession is weighing on Japan it’s an intelligent business decision to invite people with purchasing power into your store. I just want them to go about it the right way. ❤

Personally I am hoping this brings stores to offer more overseas shipping and consider foriegners a market. The same thing happened in lolita when there was a loss of a Japanese market.

What I find even more exciting is this TV special about Gaijin Gals

Kirakira (the first girl interviewed) advertised for this on ricoche, but since Japanese TV has a history of making fun of foriegners or distorting the truth for ratings (see Japan Probe) I was really wary about this and decided not to go. However, my fears were wrong. Excellent piece and presentation from the gaijin gals who did this! I’m ignoring the British yamababa because it is best ignored ^_^;;

Fabulous job you guys! Hopefully this leads to more positive roles about foreigners in general and more good information to gals overseas!

MomoEri on MomoEry and Sakurina

Momoeri on Youtube

While I don’t feel a big connection with Momoka Eri (Momoeri) because she is a single mother or runs a successful business, I do admire her toughness and beauty. I think she’s a role model for everyone, not just those who have been through her life circumstances, but she’s someone who perseveres and everyone needs to hear more positive stories like hers.

Below is her introducing her deco line of goods. Love the heart motif~

TV talk on Ageha and MomoEri (a bit older of a program, I wonder if the issues are still selling at that rate). Her eyelash exte rock it makes me want longer ones ^__^;; All is good until the dick announcer says she looks like a “newhalf” (aka tranny).

Superstar Momoeri is the main feature in a story about people who have triumphed over stressful situations in SCawaii’s October Issue. Momoeri looking fabulous as always discusses her marriage, divorce, single motherhood and life as a kyabakura girl (hostess).

Momoeri’s Life

MomoEri’s Life Chart

16 yrs old – She was a middle school student and worked at a conbini part-time.
18 yrs old – With her friends she got into a kyabura club job.
21 yrs old – She went to work at a nail salon (it doesnt say if she was a nailist)
22 yrs old – Marriage, childbirth
23 yrs old – Divorce and single motherhood begins
23 yrs old – Went back to work in kyabakura
24 yrs old – She debuted in Koakuma Ageha as a model
25 yrs old – She started the Moery company
26 yrs old – With her child going into school she “graduated” from kyabakura
27 yrs old – She “graduated” from modeling and went to work in her company

In a nice interview with her she discusses how after marriage (which can be inferred as a kekkon dekichatta or shot-gun marriage) she says the relationship as husband and wife changed with the birth of her son. The seperation became so great she asked for a divorce. After her divorce she deeply considered going back into hostessing because while on the positive she has her own pride and child to support, but negatively being a hostess is a tough job. She says once in her job she continued to put her energy into it for the sake of her son. While working as a hostess she was scouted by Ageha. As she became famous in Ageha, she decided to quit her life as a hostess. Especially since her son was becoming of school age.

Since middle school Momoeri has always thought of being a President and Designer. She desired to wear a dress she designed and put out. Even though there were stressful times, she kept the dream in her head and worked on pursuing it. She says being a single mother only added to her ability to do her job. She says mother to her is an important word that she uses to inspire herself.

Finally she says believing in herself and having faith that she could do it and never say quit was what got her through it all.

Kudos to Momo Eri. I enjoy reading her blog and the items she produces are usually adorable. Now if only she came back to Ageha to make a powerhouse duo with Sakurina.

Sakurina News

The beauty and current face of Ageha, changed her hair.

 Outfit from Glad News. Love the boots.
Her current hair is red and black. I love the combo, and I somewhat wish I did this look. She’s in non-exte but she usually quickly goes back to it.
For those in Tokyo she will be doing an instore appearance at Buffalo Bobs in 109-2 on 10/10 with Men’s Knuckle king, Ryoma. Ryoma will also be there 10/11 with Men’s Knuckle new sensation, Kentarou. Me and my gyaruo-friend will be there 10/10 and possibly 10/11. I am kind of excited to meet Sakurina since she’s an Osaka gal and usually doesn’t get to Tokyo often.
Now if only she’d be bring the rest of the Ageha models for the instore as well 😀

Gal Tubing

Shake n Bake, Baby

A recent WHO report called tanning beds the equivalent to rise in skin cancer found with smokers and people who are around asbestos. Yeah, some bad news, but as usual gals and gyaruo are reacting with their normal, stay pretty now mentality.

Will you stop tanning? (I haven’t ^_^;;;…but maybe after I get back to Japan since it’s $$$) 

Hime Obsessed

While in some ways I hate sharing this one because the reporter calls it a new trend and rehashes things that have been around for a while (thanks Western Media) and comments that it’s hime girls who get dressed to go shopping when it’s the whole Japanese way to do so, it’s still pretty. Why oh why is Jesus Diamante so expensive?

In other news a 6.8 earthquake hit Kanto region yesterday (Tokyo, Chiba, Yokohama), a friend of mine had some plates break but nothing major. Earthquakes you may stop now…