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New nails + hair, Rebel deco car

Carry Winter nails

My butterfly nails were my favorite, but sadly too long to write papers with at the end of this term, so I went to Ikebukuro Carry for some nail love. My nailist and I lamented over the length. Long nails, when done amazing just look so fabulous and extreme and wonderfully gal. …but sigh papers to write (which I am procrasting over >_<)

My nailist working on my nails.
Her fabulously long winter nails. Check out that giant snowflake!
My kirakira snow nails posing on an Osaka train platform
Simple lame, stones, snowflake stickers, and bows and snowflakes
Close-up of the other hand with gold snowflake and bow
I like these, but they are not feeling amazing. I can’t wait til two more weeks and then no papers and more fabulous nails!
Temp Heart hair
After coming home from Osaka, but extensions were just shot. My number one rule about extensions is to know when to say when and give them up. But I had 2 weeks until I was going for another set, so I decided to do a temporary set with my hair as well.
I went to Column in Harajuku (blog). It’s incredibly close to the station. Their website has tons of great pics of cornrows. It was 4000 yen (around $43) to get them done and it took around 30 minutes. They supposedly last 2-3 weeks.
Back in Kira Kira Hair magazine I was in love with the heart cornrow look. Cornrows are just considered a technique and have no connection to racial or socioeconomic labels as they do in America. However it used to be just for b-boy gyaru (B-kei) who imitated their hiphop icons. Now fake and actual cornrows are showing up with Rock and Agejo gals who want and edge to their look and an accent to the side volume styles that are popular lately.
I was thinking of just getting the cornrows and not bothering with extensions, but well. I need long hair. I want glamour! So I spur of the moment headed to Yu House for a small set. We ended up doing 40 extensions with some dark brown and blonde mix into the extensions (messhu is what they call mix).
Mid-styling in a hurry >_<

Bad angle, but cornrows + exte.
Short exte this time with a simple cut.

Exte + cornrows was around 15000 yen ($170 ish). It feels a bit expensive for two weeks, but I’m happy to try out a new style. It is a small world in Shibuya and at YuHouse I met two big Ace fans, and we promised to meet up for his next event. Too bad I’m leaving soon :/

The Rebel Hummer – deco
While I was walking to YuHouse I noticed a giant Hummer parked next to 109. It took me a while to recognize it was the Rebel Hummer. Jesus this car is so tricked out. I thought my bike was hella awesome, but damn…a Hummer decoed!
Rims for days
Close-up of the DECO (!!!) all over it.
A blue DECOed front grill. Oh lawdy!
The newest edition of SOUL Japan is the car special featuring the Rebel Hummer, but damn the mag pics don’t show the DECO!
Owner of the Rebel Hummer on the left: Cool-J. He owns (expectedly) two Rebel-related tanning salons called Black Zero with stores in Kawasaki and Shinjuku. 
At the tanning salons they offer Rebel clothing. Man, they sell a lifestyle.
Next a post answering all the questions asked earlier. Keep them coming and I’ll try to keep my answers as thorough as possible!

Hair Change and Halloween <3

Image Change!

My hair change officially took 11 hours in total. I think pulling out my hair would have been quicker >_

I was tired of my hair, I loved the look and the color stayed well, but it felt really limiting style-wise sometimes. I enjoyed it while it lasted though 🙂 I went back to Dude, but he told me I shouldn’t bleach my hair so they instead did dark blonde with red highlights. But it looked simply black with a red sheen. I was looking gothy and I’m much too pale to pull of such a dark color and not look creepy.

Doing asianposes shoot in the face!
Goth-chan >_<
So I remembered a thread on ricoche recommending yuhouse and they have a good special right now on exte+color so I figured I might as well be happy with my color so I went there. Yuhouse is a nice salon and the team who did my hair took 6 hours in total to do it. They felt meticulous and one top of the long process it was to bleach, dye and blowdry and exte my hair.
I was able to catch up on magazines and they had a good selection of egg, Ageha, Blenda, Jelly, and even OL mags. A lolita wanting hairset for a live came in as well as a trio of kogals.
The exte were done by one person slowly braiding all 60 in and going back to color match. The guy seemed a bit of a perfectionist so it was slow but well done. The hair quality feels good, and they glue lock extensions so all you have to do is twist the glue to remove the exte. Fabulous for girls with long mori nails (me) whose man isn’t always around to act like a monkey and cut them out. Yuhouse comes tentatively recommended but I want to see how their dye lasts and exte hold up before I give a proper thumbs up.
Dye + bleach + 60 exte was $211 approx and post exte trim, glue lock and blowout were free. Pretty awesome price for Tokyo ^_^v
The new brown red me, hurrah!
Lip Service white leopard scarf


A belated Happy Halloween. Between hair, school, and trying to plan for spending time with two of my friends on their birthdays it’s been busy. I also went to a host club, Joker, not recommended. I was already drunk so that’s why it was alrightish. ^_^; My choice of the night isn’t pictured. He was a sweet Chiba boy named Shuu who wants to go to UCLA Berkeley next fall and his English was brokenly cute.

I took Rina‘s advice and went to Sixi (I so need to write you a card for a free hair make since you referred me :)). Kabukicho places tend to be dark and old and cramped, but Sixi was the exact opposite. Even though it’s in the basement it was well lit with nice spacing between stations.

During the process, and yes I was boobs out.
I was an army bitch in a sparkly camo OP for my costume.
I gave the stylist two pictures from the recent Ageha I took with my cellphone as inspiration, but she yells out for the recent ageha and POOF Ageha appeared! We were able to work out a style from it, and having the mag there made it much easier.
The final product! Hair explosion!

The party was fun, but next night was Tokyo Disney Sea. Tokyo Disney Sea (TDS) was recommended by Egg readers as the best date spot to go in Tokyo. Instead of the screaming kids or pack of families that you might imagine when you think of Disney, there’s tons of couples. Couples get pair t-shirts, pair phone charms, pair passcases, pair towels, pair every-goddamn-thing. It’s a merchandising boom!

TDS is also the park in Tokyo doing a Halloween theme so there’s all these cute Halloween related things. It’s cute on top of cute! I went last month with my man after Fukuoka and did the couple-thing, but this time was for my friend’s 20th bday. We went late and just had a fun time walking around.

The moutain that you shoot out of in Journey to the Center of the Earth ride.
My boys ❤
TDS at night. So pretty!
Me n Sebastian luvin the Tower of Terror
OMG I wanted to take this home! But it was 6900 yen >_<;;

Okay that’s enough @ me, next up surging winter trends!

The Hair Issue, and Hair/Make salons

My week has been a bit topsy-turvy so I was often distracted from the Doll (sorry!). I dropped my phone in the sink and since Thursday I’ve had a replacement phone with all my data and #s gone. Not hot~! >__<

The hair week

I’ve been all about hair this week. I feel it’s common to get into a rut style-wise in anything, so I’m always wanting to try new styles. Especially my hair this week. My motto is always “life is dress-up” so your clothing should be fun. I know a lot of girls get into gal with ways that just get their feet wet, but you’ve got to jump in!

I’m obsessed with Ageha model Rin‘s hair and doll looks. This my working on her pigtail style.
Jacket: Interview trad jacket from Banana Republikc
Shirt: One*Spo
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Tights: Tutuha

Hair poof + hoodie/shortpant set: One*Spo
Tights: Tutuha
Watch: Cecil McBee

Straigt hair for a change.
Hoodie onsie: Lip Service
Heart hosiery: Me Jane

Hostess Hair/Make Salons

I also decided to try out the hair/make salons directed at Kyabajo girls. June Ageha had a great special on the best hair/make salons and their top requested hair. Many were in Osaka or Roppongi, but I picked a Shinjuku place named Cintia.

Their top requested hair styles.
Their map as many are in Japan was quite off, but a quick call to the place I was able to find it. Cintia is on the 9th floor of a host/hostess hive place in Kabukicho. On the 9th floor alone there were two host clubs located next to the hair/make place.
Most hair/make places charge between 20.00 to 30.00 USD to set hair. This is made primarily for hostesses before they go to work. Hair/make salons also cater to wa-hair or styles meant to go with kimono and yukata for special occasions. I had called the day before and made my appointment, but the place was overpacked. No one was getting their make done, I think that’s more for a special event since make-up charges were 40.00 to 70.00 USD. ^__^;;
At Cintia the place is just one giant room with mirrors covering 1 1/2 of the walls and around 15 or so stations that are just curling irons, straightens, hairspray and old issues of Ageha and some of Men’s Spider and nail magazines. These were rarely utilizted by the 20 hostesses there when I was. They were either distracted by their phone or doing their own make-up while people flittered around them doing their hair. Many hostesses had short hair, and one said she was working in Koenji not Kabukicho (Koenji is has a small runoff of host and hostess clubs since it’s near Kabukicho, but their status is not as high).
You pay in advance (uncommon for japan) and everyone pays the same price reguardless of hair length or difficulty. You give some advice or a picture how you’d like your hair and they go after it. Since I went on a Friday at 8:00 (possibly their busiest time) it took an hour process, but mainly it was a lot of waiting since the place was packed. The hostesses themselves looked tired and their skin was worn out, but after hair and their own make they looked lovely. I saw too many sickly skinny girls there though. EAT people!
 Me and peace signs got to stop. It’s like a jerk reaction.
This is the day after and how my hair still looks after dancing and sleeping in it.
Not bad, huh? It was higher the day before, but I had to rush to dress and leave for the night. ^_^;;
I can’t wait to go back this week, and hopefully next time to take pictures of the place.

KiraKira Hair Magazine – Part 1

My local conbini had KiraKira Hair (キラキラHair) ( link) displayed proudly and it looked slightly like Ageha so I nabbed it.

Yes, “Get into fall style! Kind of bitchy, little devil hair”

(Fake y/y? Either way nice job)

I’m absolutely in love with the heart cornrow, last night in Shibuya before I picked up this mag a friend pointed to these two girls with heart cornrows done right side up. They are awesome!! I want some next exte cycle!!!
Dears Princess – hotpepper link

Then they go on to speak about dressing in High and Low brands, and look who’s in the low brands. NoriTae from Egg Magazine! I wonder if they have left?
 High brand hotness
Then they go to talk about how make-up makes not-so-pretty girls pretty.
They really picked some for this section
 She was most pretty naturally IMO
 Quite a difference!

One of the best sections in the magazine and it’s only one page >___
Gorgeous eyemake and wonderful circle lens info!

…to be continued, wow I took a lot of magazine bits ^_^;;

Review: Hot Sticks

Last year Ageha was obsessed with hyping hot rollers. I really wanted a set, but it’s a bit bulkier to pack than a curling iron so I stayed away. Rummaging around in my Houston place today I realized I had some old hot sticks that are possibly back from the 90s.

Babyliss hot sticks look like a very 80s invention, but apparrently are still made. More reputable Conair makes a set, too.

After the heating them up, I started working on them with my hair and quickly noticed two big problems.

1. with nails it’s rather hard to get them to actually lock
2. extension hair has two levels: the end and the end of the natural hair, so it’s hard to tuck both in

Looking a bit messy

I let them stay in while I was making and eating lunch and took them out. Not all of them rolled right and some ends just didn’t curl at all going from spiral to straight, not sexy. However with a few curling iron touch-ups (I could’ve just curled my hair in the first place -____-), it didn’t turn out that bad.

A lot of volume and some messyness, looks mightly better with a ballcap
But…at the end of the day, the waves stayed pretty well


  • long lasting
  • different look, a bit more casual
  • lots of volume
  • could be hands free while they cooled


  • downright annoying with nails
  • time consuming, about 30 minutes+ to roll in
  • possibly worse on hair than short bursts with a curling iron
  • needed a curling iron touch-up
  • hard to tuck in ends

Will I use them again? Probably not, ceramic irons are much easier, quicker and better on nails

Get them braids on, guuuurrrl

Wow this hair trend has blown up. I was in 109 today and 25% of the girls at least when in some type of braid.

I am going to show you two easy ways to add this to your hair.

Momoeri cross-over

Skill level: Easy
Time: 10 minutes
Hair length: Semi-long to long

Now here’s how Momoeri does it (pics from her amoeba blog):

Take two pieces and braid them

Flip to the other side, pin and cover with volume hair

Now my way is a bit different, but gives a bit more balance.

I braided one from one side and one from the other, crossed them and then pinned each end.
Allowing for a more headband look.

This is really easy to do and my favorite shopstaff girl had her braids more on the crown of her head further back, and it was successful as well. Remember to volumize your hair around the braids.

The braided bangs

Skill level: Medium
Time: 5 minutes
Hair length: your bangs should be eyebrow atleast

Wow, roots! And messyness! That’s okay this style is aimed at a natural summer look.

I tucked the end in with a natural small clip and poof! Easy sweat-proof style.

Bonus, dorky me in Puri and my bang braid.

Other options!

– Braiding your hair french braid like a headband (difficulty level: hard!)
– Braid two braids on each side and then put your hair in a ponytail (difficulty level: easy!)
– Take all your hair to one side mermaid-style, highlight the empty part by 3 french braids (difficulty level: medium)

Now let me seem some cute braids, girlies!

…on a random note I ran into/saw EggMag star Kanako eating shabushabu at Mopara in Centaagai today. Mopara is always popular, 1500 all you can eat meat for 2 hours is hella fun. Although the girl was eating in a cap and sunglasses <_<;; uhhh yeah. The other girl with her could've been Romihi, but I'm not 100% sure. The staff however, told "ka-chan" to come back again. ^_^

Human Hair Extensions 101

Human Hair Extensions Treatment 101

American salons are terribly expensive with Hair Extensions and can be known to charge 500+ per session. Japanese salons however often offer specials offering $130 USD for a set. If you’re planning a vacation soon to Japan or live there already, extensions are best gotten there. Don’t worry about your light colored hair, Japanese salons keep light colors on hand.

Getting extensions done in Japan:

I don’t know any/ know very little Japanese!

Visit a JR train station and pick up an issue of HOT PEPPER BEAUTY. This is a beauty circular that lists deals, store openings on nails, extensions, skincare etc… Hot Pepper is divided up into regions and cities so pick up the closest one to you. Look for an extension place with 放題 after the price. This means all you can get.

Ask your homestay or hotel concierge to book you an appointment at one you see. Have an idea already where it’s located and also how many extensions you want. When you arrive if you don’t have a Japanese speaker with you or use hand gestures, they can get you amazingly far.


Argent Sue (see previous post)


My normal place is the ladies of Line in Takananobaba, Tokyo off the Yamanote Line.

They are at 2-8-5 Shinjuku-ku Takananobaba
Telephone is 03-3204-2727

Line only does extensions and their prices are pretty great.
They range at 140 for 40 pieces non-mix to 245 for 60 pieces mix hair (if your hair is natural color then you’re probably mix). The extensions are good for about 8 weeks and their staff rocks.

How long?

Extensions generally last from 1 month to 2 1/2 months, depending on time of care spent on them. Any longer and they get too frizzy. While natural hair extensions ARE natural hair they do not have a root to live off of so they must always be kept moisturized (more in the care section).

How many?

Using poupee I chose 4 different hair lengths and showed how many hair extensions might look for you.

Choice A: Going under 60 is a very bad idea. Your extensions could look scraggily or you’ll feel the need to always wear them in a ponytail.

Choice B: This was my hair length for many extension rounds and I preferred 60 for a full enough look.

Choice C: With long enough hair, it’s okay to scale back some, but any less than 45 and you’re in trouble. 50-55 is best here.

Choice D: You already have long hair! Actually many women with long hair choose extensions to give their hair a fuller look. Sometimes 20 is enough, but don’t get over 40. You’re over paying.

Other factors to consider: If you hair has been Japanese straightened you will want more. If your has more than a natural wave and you prefer it that way you might look messy in extensions (which are mildly wavy at best). Straightening, then curling is the best idea.

Choice of hair-cut before extensions?

Any layered look helps blend them more. When extensions are done well people will never think of your hair as fake. If you dye your hair, you must must must have your hair newly dyed before extensions. Using a color booster shampoo on your natural hair is a good idea.

General tips:

– Resist blow drying your hair. You’re taking out moisture of already dead hair. Bad idea!

– Keep a comb handy. Extensions tangle often so on a windy day if your hair is loose you’ll have to keep brushing them.

– Do not wash your hair everyday. This only dries out the hair more. If you must wash your hair multiple days in a row, consider washing only your real hair. Pile your exntensions up in a bun, loosen all the natural hair you can. Wash around the extensions. (See poupee pic)

– Always use leave in conditioner before you style and loosening knots.

Extension care timetable:

Getting them: Get them LONGER than you want. Always!

Week 1: Your hair is lusterious and shiny. Resist the urge to curl. It’s beautiful so silky and straight!

Week 2: Curl, style and enjoy. Use your first leave in conditioner. Keep it on for about 30 minutes.

Week 3: If your ends are feeling ragged, cut them off. This removes the brittle hair from curling/general use and makes your hair feel fluffy. This is why I said to get them longer. Keep using leave in conditioner.

Week 4: Start using leave in conditioner as your regular conditioner. Keep it on your extensions overnight at least once this week. Consider only curling the tips and using your straight iron less.

Week 5: Cut more of your ends, and braid your hair at night into a loose thick braid. The braiding keeps your extension hair from tangling. Continue with leave in treatments.

Week 6 – 8: Maintenance is key to keeping your extensions lasting. Since older extension hair tangles often it’s best to keep them always curled so you won’t have to brush when you’re out and about. Sleep in leave in conditioner as much as you can. Continue trimming your extensions. The better you treat your extensions, the less times you have to pay for them!

Week 9+: Know when to say when. Tangled and dry hair is not hot at any length. Even if you take the utmost care of them, they will get this way eventually. Accept this and take out your nappy hair girl!

Tools of the trade:

Giant curlers – Use these on the top for your head to after your hair is damp dry. They will provide body without the blowdrying.

Mega clips – Provide more grip to curlers, and keep hair out the way when styling

Exte Conditioner – Most exte salons will sell this

Detangling Spray – Found at your salon or grocery store.

Leave in Conditioner – DO NOT get exte without owning this. It is an absolute must.

Round Brush – Allows for more volume.

Quality hairspray + wax – Japanese brand Keep in their pink bottle does great in this disgusting heat.

The cost of gal

I know this is possibly a question many are curious about. Just like the song from Cake “How do you afford your Rock and Roll lifestyle?” the same question is asked about gals.

Before I start let me say it’s very possible to carry off the gal look without one or all of these items, but many consider them a necessity.


Cost: Around 6000 yen upwards
Last: 1 month (touch-ups free within a certain time)

Cheap alternative: Self manicure (600 yen-ish) or Press-on nails (3000 yen-ish)

Importance: Middle, most everyone has them so its best to have cute ones.

Hair care:

Dying: Cost 6000 yen to 16000 yen plus
Last: 1 month(ish), roots aren’t sexy ladies

Cheap alternative: Home products and color conditioners

Importance: Extremely, barely anyone stays with their original black

Extensions: 8000 to 30000yen
Last: 1 month

Cheap alternative: finding specials on Hot Pepper Beauty (the 11000 price for 80), clip in extensions (3500 at Paris Kids to ?? for custom), wigs

Importance: Less girls are wearing these, but good extension work can be seen as instant-gal


Contacts: Cost 3500 for a pair lasting a year, cheaper for non prescription

Importance: Very, most girls love these. I’m a total convert.

Eyelash extensions (article)
Cost 7000 to 15000
Last: 1 month

Cheap alternative: Bulk lashes (1500 for 5) or good quality ones by Shu Uemura and MAC (1500 for one pair), Lash extending mascara

Importance: Getting higher with gals everyday. I keep seeing so many gals in eye exte.


Cost: 1500 – 3500 per visit for 20-30 minutes
Last: As long as you keep up with it

Cheap alternative: Paleness if you’re hime or agejo or self tanner (1500 for a bottle)

Importance: With the rise of Agejo it’s becoming less and less, but I loooove my brownness

So how do you do it?

When you consider a clothing budget is needed as well, this all starts adding up. Most girls don’t do one or two of these to save money. Many search through coupon magazine and website hot pepper to get discounts. Many aren’t as dedicated to one salon unless they’re always cheap and good. A few gals I know get their nails done in Yokohama for the cheaper large Swarovski stones. Another girl I know just jumps on anything hot pepper offers.

Others wait longer between hair and nail sessions and wear hats to cover their roots or allow themselves to have a missing nail if its cheaper to wait for the other 9 to be weak.

What are your necessities?