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Jesus is here!


A big thank you to for their kind words and referral of this blog.  I love their variation and wonderful knowledge on each topic. Their well-designed site is a definite must visit if you’re interested in multiple topics about Japanese life.

Also a great big hug to Julietta who awarded the Doll with the Kreativ Blogger award. Yay our first award 😀

Lastly but absolutely not least, wow we’re almost reaching 100 subscribers. I’m positively giddy! Since gal is a specialized item and I tend to concentrate on shopping, I’m thrilled people are reading since I’d rather blog for others 😀

Jesus is sparkled and black

Bestill my beating heart, because I went to Jesus Diamante and yes I bought bits!

Happy bag is happy.

Diamante is written up in a wonderful article here.

Although this quote from the article is happily wrong:

While it may be in style among fashionable women in New York and London, black isn’t an option for hime girls, who prefer pink and florals.

Thankfully Jesus Diamante has found a way to meld black the hime look together or I will still not have my first purchase from them. I do however now have two!

My pearl pumps ❤
Shopstaff from Jesus Diamanate blog wearing them ❤
Their mules are SO comfortable. With a padded insole and rough bottom sole they seem to be both nice on the feet and tough on roads ❤ I definitely want another pair alreeady!
I thought I was done and then I ran into this adorably soft and thick jacket
On the staff-chan. Love the way it folds
and… if you spent over 400 (yes Jesus Diamante’s prices are obscene) you got a free stole
Like the one in this picture, but I chose black.
My staff-chan Aneda-san handing me my goodies
Jesus Diamante does such gorgeous pieces and when I was looking around I thought those who have corporate jobs might want to consider the ability to mix in a few of these items in while remaining corporate therefore justifying their prices (somewhat). Jesus is so expensive though, I would like a dress anyways. Maybe for Christmas ❤

As a note: Possibly because of the price the clientele I’ve seen in Jesus Diamante on three separate visits is remarkably older than the 109 clientele. I would estimate early to late 30s for most of them. Also one of the staff-chan is out of the normal 109 hiring range of 18-25. To call hime a young girl’s movement ignores the sheer cost of maintaining hime looks. 

Was in  my One*Spo fur sleeve dress and Liz Lisa back rose cami for the shopping trip.
A chubby cheeked Mitsu is a happy Mitsu.<3

Gal Tubing

Shake n Bake, Baby

A recent WHO report called tanning beds the equivalent to rise in skin cancer found with smokers and people who are around asbestos. Yeah, some bad news, but as usual gals and gyaruo are reacting with their normal, stay pretty now mentality.

Will you stop tanning? (I haven’t ^_^;;;…but maybe after I get back to Japan since it’s $$$) 

Hime Obsessed

While in some ways I hate sharing this one because the reporter calls it a new trend and rehashes things that have been around for a while (thanks Western Media) and comments that it’s hime girls who get dressed to go shopping when it’s the whole Japanese way to do so, it’s still pretty. Why oh why is Jesus Diamante so expensive?

In other news a 6.8 earthquake hit Kanto region yesterday (Tokyo, Chiba, Yokohama), a friend of mine had some plates break but nothing major. Earthquakes you may stop now…