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Happy 2010!!! Hime Style Magazine October scans

The year of the tiger, let’s keep it grrr-eat ^_~
Hime Style October 2009

A present: Hime Style the Kansai-based Agejo gal magazine focusing on street snaps

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Enjoy and Have a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas + Host/Hostess Magazine Download

Happy purple tree at Osaka OPA

The docomo 3-d tree at Namba, Osaka

Happiness is iPhone Puri

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the giving season and spending it warm and cuddly indoors or outside romping around with fabulous hair.

Are you doing the family way or the Japanese date way for Christmas? I think the man and I will be enjoying football on tv and sipping some pretty pink bubbly. I loveeee champagne

Of course I have a gift for you guys. The start of a bunch of magazine scans from hard-to-find mags. First up is Four Season, a trade magazine all about (mostly) hostesss and some host clubs in Fukuoka.

Four Seasons entire mag scans up at mediafire

Cecil McBee’s Winter Catalog ’09

I picked up Cecil McBee’s Winter Catalog sold at bookstores and conbinis. It’s 920 yen, but you’re gauranteed a scarf (of decent quality) so I took the plunge and got a cute hot pink scarf. The Winter Catalog with its moniker “The Brilliant Lady” is more OL and Oujousama themed than Gal leaning. However the clothes are pretty and the coat selection looks lovely as always. Previous Fall 09 catalog here 

Their catalog even lends itself to more crazy with a 25000 yen Swarovski iphone case in a Cecil McBee logo and car accessories.

50 pages of it for you, so I will not be posting all. You can download all 50 pages in a handy zip at mediafire.

So what do you think about their Winter looks and what would you buy?
And bonus points if you noticed Egg models and twins NoriTae ❤

Shibuya 109 English Guide – The Magazine


Just this bast week Glitter decided to put out Shibuya 109 English Guidebook. The thing is… it’s all in English! To make it worse, it’s distributed everywhere. From bookstores to conbinis. (edited cus I went ranty) But why in the world was it created and distrubuted? It’s not like English speaking loving gals are in the tons in Japan. We’re a tiny group!! I know Japanese love shirts with English sayings on them, but not a whole damned magazine! Its target audience is overseas, yet it’s filling the Tokyo area >_< WTF

The magazine itself is produced by Glitter, and continously gives off the impression of a Japanese magazine trying to look like a Western magazine. White backgrounds? Celeb cover? White models (who often look more frightening than gal)? It constantly misses the mark for me. It’s neither an English style mag nor a good laid out Japanese magazine.

It also has a two page spread on underwear. Western women tend to have larger frames and often grow breasts quicker and uhhh larger than Japanese women. A C cup would be impossible in those stores, which is a common bra size for Western women. Personally at 34D I’m seen as a freak of nature by Japanese standards. Japanese bras are just not a selling point for half or more of Western women >_<

…however it has many good points, beyond the pitfalls it steps into


Two page history of 109 and somewhat of gal
It brushes over some aspects and spikes of yester-gal times, but it does give a sense of history. Personally I didn’t know there was a competition in 2004 to bring new designers to the forefront of 109, and that one of my perennial favorites, Gilfy, won it!

Five pages of mostly shop-staff in currently in-store looks
Maybe I am biased because my two favorite shop staff: One*spo’s Kie-chan and Lip Service’s Mai-chan are in it. Aren’t they cute! Their personalities are just as cute. They are everyday gals dressed in the shop’s most current looks. Egg’s street snaps are often month’s old or showing only 1 or 2 shopstaff.

(see both below)

The rest of the magazine doesn’t really show styling that seems gal, but the shop staff are great models of a store’s stylistic direction. Instead of catalogs featuring Hoshiaya or Tsubasa, these people for regular shoppers are the face of a brand.

Don’t get me wrong, while I think the gal styling is off on this and they went at this magazine the wrong way, there is still a ton of useful information in here for the beginner gal.

I am sure this mag will get scanned, but for now browse below or all 36 images in a handy zip filehere (cus I <3)

Styles of Covergirl Nicole Richie and their interpretations of her looks from gal shops.
I honestly am not a fan of this since it’s Westernizing gal not galifying Western looks, yanno ^_^;;.
her make frightens me (where’s GalMori when you need it?)
Age appropriate? Co&Lu is meant for 15-18 yr olds, she looks more adult than that <_<;;
Marine for Fall/Winter? Very summery >_<
These have been blended with black in stylings though >_< Not together!
The most current gal look in the magazine IMO, love the pop of color
My Kie-chan <333
Mai-chan <3!
Love this denim
Great JSG looks, love the metallic leggings
1/4 of the magazine is blocks like this by floor discussing their own brand.
Talk of all the new 8th floor stores
A nice touch for tourists

Galmori – New Make-up Magazine

As you can see by the cover, Gal Mori has a strong Ageha emphasis. I picked it up at the newsstand and thought of it being an Ageha-lite. Kind of like how Kansai-based Hime Style is. However, I thought it was packed with great make-up tips and really discussed the new gal.

When reading some English gal info, I feel sometimes it gets so trapped in a 2005-2007 mentality. As we know, since Gal is a fashion first and foremost, it’s always evolving. So ladies, let’s evolve with it 😀

Also for your pleasure all 20 pages from the magazine in a handy zip form at mediafire because I loves. ❤

The main statement of the magazine. Evolve your make-up!
Right is old gal, left is new gal
Next: The step-by-style of genre looks
Up first is the cute retro gal
Next: 80s themed Rock Gal
Then: Cute Gal
Finally all the looks:
I love the extreme step-by-step in this magazine and also the arrows and great brush angles. There’s even an excellent section on eyebrows complete with cut-out eyebrow guides. I can’t stop calling it what it is: THE Fall make-up Bible.
Get yours, too!

Exte, Make, Puri, Gilfy, and Shopping

Dye and New Exte

I went to Argent Sue again to get exte. They stuck by their ability to be cheap yet the atmosphere not as fun as my old place, Line. However, they are cheap and unlike every other exte/este place I visit, I can make an appointment that day or even walk in since they are not so busy. Carry  usually takes a week to get in, so by constrast Argent Sue is stress-free.

I got my hair dyed and cut first at Dude Salon. Owned by a Japanese man who studied hair in England. He imports his dyes, which is a lifesaver for us with non-Asian hair, since white hair dyes differently and so dyes developed for white hair are obviously better for the result and the health of your hair. The upstairs is all for English speakers and the lighting is quite lovely (no worries about staring at yourself in harsh lights while you look like a tin foil origami project) and the chill music and staff made you feel at ease. Dude is totally recommended, and he did a great job on my bangs, which I can be quite picky about.

Image from the current issue of Jelly I got obsessed over.
Short hair me result, which doesn’t last long
Argent Sue to the rescue!
Other side with less red
MAC is love
Afterward I went to MAC and shopped my happy heart out. I had a painful eye issue that made me throw out all my eyemake, but thanks to the geniuses at MAC I am happily stocked up.
Gel Fluid liner in Black and brush
Eyeshadow in Paradisco and Cranberry
Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC20
Jelly x NYX Make-up
Speaking of Jelly… Jelly x NYX Make have started a new campaign.
Their cream glitter shadows as seen from the current Jelly issue look great.
At $14.00 it’s not a bad price to try new make-up out 🙂
One*Spo love ❤
Then I headed to 109. I met my girl Mai in Lip Service and the dress from Atom night was in store, yay! I got it in pink 🙂 Also some more goodies. I got some bits from One*Spo as well, and my favorite staff-chan was there. I love her to pieces and when I asked to take a pic of her for my blog, she made me step into as well.
I was terribly unphotogenic in this pic, so it’s censored ^_^;;
I also look like a giant next to her, lol being 5’7″-5’8″ (171cm) with a large frame in a country of short tiny people does that ^_^;
I do love this pic because Kie-chan is styled in perfect One-Spo look.
She’s wearing tough looking clothes while looking super cute.
Puri Obsession~
Later that day I met up with a friend for dinner and puri. I’m absolutely addicted to purikura and obsessed with the machines where you can get all 6 on your phone.
Me: Lip Service hoodie onsie + Lip Service necklace
Him: Wild Party and Diablo belt
He’s censored since I didn’t ask if I could use his pic for this blog ^_^;
Gilfy News
In Osaka at Anti-Sanal Gilfy I was handed a flyer, thought I’d share the new and coming Gilfy pieces with y’all too 🙂
Tsubasa collab city! Personally I’m wishing for the Gilfy mirror ^_^v

Kira Kira Hair Magazine – Part 2

Part Two of the Ageha-esque Kira Kira Hair (part one here). Zip for all 26 pics up on mediafire.

First they decided to outdo Ageha on amount of redonkulousness put in hair.
Onto normal styles…

Mamba! Very cool, and she looks cute…!

KiraKira Hair Magazine – Part 1

My local conbini had KiraKira Hair (キラキラHair) ( link) displayed proudly and it looked slightly like Ageha so I nabbed it.

Yes, “Get into fall style! Kind of bitchy, little devil hair”

(Fake y/y? Either way nice job)

I’m absolutely in love with the heart cornrow, last night in Shibuya before I picked up this mag a friend pointed to these two girls with heart cornrows done right side up. They are awesome!! I want some next exte cycle!!!
Dears Princess – hotpepper link

Then they go on to speak about dressing in High and Low brands, and look who’s in the low brands. NoriTae from Egg Magazine! I wonder if they have left?
 High brand hotness
Then they go to talk about how make-up makes not-so-pretty girls pretty.
They really picked some for this section
 She was most pretty naturally IMO
 Quite a difference!

One of the best sections in the magazine and it’s only one page >___
Gorgeous eyemake and wonderful circle lens info!

…to be continued, wow I took a lot of magazine bits ^_^;;

Egg October – Kaoru had a BABY

Egg October issue is a bit of bore, and dissappointing Street Snap, but the big shocker is 2 pages in and you see Kaoru and her baby (!!!).

Kaoru and her bebe~
Michiru looks like her long time boyfriend more than Kaoru IMO.
For those hoping to see Kaoru modeling again, she’s got a bit more post-partum weight to lose it seems. They barely show anything below her shoulders <_<;;

Update: Kaoru mentions her husband, but no pictures of him in this and no mention of the wedding. 
About the Kaoru and weight issue, she’s wonderful at her weight. The weight issue is more about her being thought of by the Egg Magazine editors as Egg material.Not a question of if she is less attractive at her current weight (NO she looks glowing).

In the magazine she discusses how she is now at 53kg and was sad about losing her boobs when her post-partum weight was coming off. I agree, keep the boobs Kaoru!

Cute bow trends
Red/Black strong coordinates
Great coordinates. 
Love Non-chan’s look in this (Lip Service and belt by Love Boat)
I love Non-chan’s hair this month and her accessories are so cute!
She’s my current Egg favorite.
Kanako’s hot red streaks (LOL dokiri I had Kaoru on the brain ^_^;;;)
Romihi looking very natural
5 page spread all on her.
Fresh meat, she’s 15!