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Eyelashes mix up your look

I can without a doubt say that the biggest gal make boom is bottom lashes. Most makers now have models hawking their looks. Kanako and Romihi have contracts.

So this week I’ve concentrated on trying to mix up  my lash choices and see what makes a strong look. It’s always great to try new things, especially fun make-up booms 🙂

The bottom lash selection
The top lash selection (Choice of a few Egg girls)
All were under $10.00 and found at Don Quiote, where many gals shop for their lashes.
Look 1
I using bottom lash 3s cut into 2 sections and a half cut of the top lash
In a One*Spo parka and LDS winter cap from 07
Look 2
Using bottom lash 1, and top lash using two sections overlaid.
NYX eyeglitter. Sakurina has been using bottom eyeglitter and I love the highlight.
Slightly elongating your liner and placing lashed farther than the natural crease opens up your eye.
But too far and you look like a sad panda, watch out!
eLady Anna Ito is my example of too low and sad panda. It creeps me out.
When the eye is closed it should  be hard to tell whether the lashes are me or fake.
I look pale here, oh wells
Look 3
Two pieces of top lash overlaid on both and bottom lashes are 2 pieces of lash 2 and 1 piece of lash 3.
In a Gilfy hat and strong brown rock eyeshadow

Look 4
No top lashes, 3 sections of lash 3
More Gilfyness and a dorky look on my face.
Recommendations for fake lashes:
  • BUY CHEAP! You’ll get as much glue on your expensive lashes and they will last just as long.
Not to say I don’t own them. Diamond top lashes and individual bottom lashes by Shu Uemura
  • Cut your lashes I learned this from Gal Mori and I find it’s much easier to create a look with small sections of lashes. This way you do not have to deal with bending your lash to your eye crease.
3 sections make the bend easier

  • Use very small amounts of glue and let it get tacky dry before you put it on. Blow on your lashes four times and then put them on.
  • Half lashes on top are easier to manage. A whole top lash can look tacky, but half lashes with a little more J curve than C curve often look more sweet-eyed and natural. If you cut a pair of lashes in half, you can often use 1 lash as two pieces. Meaning you’ll get double the wear for the price ❤

In crazyass deco news

While reminding myself that Anna Ito‘s eyemake bothers me (no hate on the rest of her, rock your body girl).  Her blog showed her newest deco.

The lady went and deco-ed her vibrator “massager”
Oh lawdy.
That will never be something I deco ^_^;;;

Galmori – New Make-up Magazine

As you can see by the cover, Gal Mori has a strong Ageha emphasis. I picked it up at the newsstand and thought of it being an Ageha-lite. Kind of like how Kansai-based Hime Style is. However, I thought it was packed with great make-up tips and really discussed the new gal.

When reading some English gal info, I feel sometimes it gets so trapped in a 2005-2007 mentality. As we know, since Gal is a fashion first and foremost, it’s always evolving. So ladies, let’s evolve with it 😀

Also for your pleasure all 20 pages from the magazine in a handy zip form at mediafire because I loves. ❤

The main statement of the magazine. Evolve your make-up!
Right is old gal, left is new gal
Next: The step-by-style of genre looks
Up first is the cute retro gal
Next: 80s themed Rock Gal
Then: Cute Gal
Finally all the looks:
I love the extreme step-by-step in this magazine and also the arrows and great brush angles. There’s even an excellent section on eyebrows complete with cut-out eyebrow guides. I can’t stop calling it what it is: THE Fall make-up Bible.
Get yours, too!

Exte, Make, Puri, Gilfy, and Shopping

Dye and New Exte

I went to Argent Sue again to get exte. They stuck by their ability to be cheap yet the atmosphere not as fun as my old place, Line. However, they are cheap and unlike every other exte/este place I visit, I can make an appointment that day or even walk in since they are not so busy. Carry  usually takes a week to get in, so by constrast Argent Sue is stress-free.

I got my hair dyed and cut first at Dude Salon. Owned by a Japanese man who studied hair in England. He imports his dyes, which is a lifesaver for us with non-Asian hair, since white hair dyes differently and so dyes developed for white hair are obviously better for the result and the health of your hair. The upstairs is all for English speakers and the lighting is quite lovely (no worries about staring at yourself in harsh lights while you look like a tin foil origami project) and the chill music and staff made you feel at ease. Dude is totally recommended, and he did a great job on my bangs, which I can be quite picky about.

Image from the current issue of Jelly I got obsessed over.
Short hair me result, which doesn’t last long
Argent Sue to the rescue!
Other side with less red
MAC is love
Afterward I went to MAC and shopped my happy heart out. I had a painful eye issue that made me throw out all my eyemake, but thanks to the geniuses at MAC I am happily stocked up.
Gel Fluid liner in Black and brush
Eyeshadow in Paradisco and Cranberry
Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC20
Jelly x NYX Make-up
Speaking of Jelly… Jelly x NYX Make have started a new campaign.
Their cream glitter shadows as seen from the current Jelly issue look great.
At $14.00 it’s not a bad price to try new make-up out 🙂
One*Spo love ❤
Then I headed to 109. I met my girl Mai in Lip Service and the dress from Atom night was in store, yay! I got it in pink 🙂 Also some more goodies. I got some bits from One*Spo as well, and my favorite staff-chan was there. I love her to pieces and when I asked to take a pic of her for my blog, she made me step into as well.
I was terribly unphotogenic in this pic, so it’s censored ^_^;;
I also look like a giant next to her, lol being 5’7″-5’8″ (171cm) with a large frame in a country of short tiny people does that ^_^;
I do love this pic because Kie-chan is styled in perfect One-Spo look.
She’s wearing tough looking clothes while looking super cute.
Puri Obsession~
Later that day I met up with a friend for dinner and puri. I’m absolutely addicted to purikura and obsessed with the machines where you can get all 6 on your phone.
Me: Lip Service hoodie onsie + Lip Service necklace
Him: Wild Party and Diablo belt
He’s censored since I didn’t ask if I could use his pic for this blog ^_^;
Gilfy News
In Osaka at Anti-Sanal Gilfy I was handed a flyer, thought I’d share the new and coming Gilfy pieces with y’all too 🙂
Tsubasa collab city! Personally I’m wishing for the Gilfy mirror ^_^v

Eyelash Exte and Requested Makey

(Currently experiencing the joy of  blogging in class ^_^v)

WooT! No more Hoshiaya in NUTS!

My boundless happiness cannot be contained now that Hoshiaya quit Nuts!! YAY! It’s not that I don’t think she’s an occassionally good model, or that she isn’t beautiful in her own way. It’s more like I was sick of flipping through Nuts and seeing only her. Her in ads, her in main articles, her her her and even if you love icecream when you eat too much of it and get sick.

The recent issue is very diverse model wise and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an issue as much lately. Pick it up, download it and enjoy! Even if the magazine seems to be follow the trends instead of creating them, they do have some good looks in it.

Hoshiaya will be okay, she’s modeling the current catalog of Mar*s, Spiral Girl, Swordfish, and Lip Service and her apartment is fly, girl will be good.

As requested, my make-up

Well I’m not a big fan of showing myself on this blog, since I don’t consider this blog for my camgirl enjoyment and I always hope to turn this blog to face more about gal fashion than my personal life. But, ladies you asked so I’m doing this and then my next post will go back to shopping and shop news. ^_^;; So apologies in advance for the non-deco non-shopness of this post. (sorry ^___^;;;)

Eyelash love

New eyelash exte from Eyecandy. My last ones lasted over a month with 40% intact, which is pretty damn awesome. Compared to Luxurious where all of mine fell out except for 4 lashes in a month.

I decided to go for their hodai (as much as you want) menu and stick with the J-shape. Eye make-up other than base cannot be worn when going to the eyelash extension appointment, so what you see are my lashes and Geo Nudy Blue contacts.

No mascara, and my lashes are blonde so the black you see is exte.
130 lashes in total on both eyes. 
She made them go from small to large nose-> outside of face.
I paid more for the hodai, but it was worth it and although you’re non-moving for an hour and a half, their chairs are so comfortable and my exte girl’s technique was so good and light touching I fell asleep. ^__^zzZzz  Eyecandy seems to be getting more popular, but they are worth the wait.

My recommendations for make-up:

Keep learning. Head to the skilled women at MAC or other professional make-up counters. You will probably find their tips change your look for the better. I’ve learned better ways to apply base with a wet brush, undereye liner tips, color matching and more.

Primer. You will be amazed how much better your skin can look and your make-up last with using primer. I used to stick with Sephora’s Smoothing Primer, but the bottle is much too small. So I’ve moved over to Make-up Forever’s HD Primer in Blue. Recommended.

Accept your skin, color and flaws After battling with acne, I’ve gone through several peels, scrubs and medical grade solutions. Fighting your skin issues is a must, but you must also learn how to cover them. Also learn what colors highlight your features. Everyone can be gorgeous, we just need to find the right palette.

Highlight one feature Your face is beautiful, just bring it out. It’s why so many gals have turned to a nude lip, it’s to showcase their amazing eye-make. You are not a clown, so keep your palette simple.

Now onto my make-up. Done for heading out to drink with my friends in Shinjuku.

This was my make-up for last Saturday night, as requested for make-up. I think tons of girls are amazing at make-up and I don’t put myself in that circle.. For make-up I’ve found a few things that work for me and I keep it simple.

Contacts: Geo Nudy Blue
Eyeliner: MAC
Eyeshadow: Chanel “Palladium”
Mascara: Shu Uemura Ultimate Expression Mascara
(before new eyelash exte)
Primer: Make-up Forever HD Primer in Blue
Base: MAC Studio SFX Fluid in NC25
Mineral Powder: MAC in Medium
Blush: MAC in “Margin”
Highlighter: Chanel Lumination Powder
Lip Liner: MAC in “Beurre”
Lip Gloss: Chanel in “Scintillates”
Wow I looked so unsmiling in the last pic (but it best showed makey) so here’s happy me with my new nails.

phew… that was weird, now I’m asking you ladies to share your make-up tips in comments. I’ll add them to another blog post and hopefully learn from them, too! ^__^v

New Deco and new Chanel and Point Cards

Ohhh just typing that title made me happy!

I went to Takashimaya’s Chanel make-up counter and intending on just replacing my Chanel compact, I ended up with a few more items. Isn’t that always the case at make-up stores?

Clockwise: Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Platine, Silver Illuminating Powder (for cheekbones), and Lip Gloss in Venus

Favorite buy was the Illuminating powder, it’s great for highlighting and gave off a nice sheen without being too glittery and tacky.

I lost my precious butterfly deco Chanel compact on the Yamanote (sob), so I had to replace it. The make-up counter girl suggested their mineral powder instead and I was sold.

Then I headed to Shinjuku Alta’s Glam Baby and asked them to make it pretty.

I had 3 designs doodled out and we toyed with doing different choices, but we decided one had the most impact.

The rough sketches

The final product!

I’m really pleased with the outcome and my Glam Baby girl said it was a favorite among the staff and asked if I was in design school ^_^;;; I am still toying with getting the cc done, but I love the adult look of it.

Point Cards!

Shopping at Chanel reminded me to bring up an important item about shopping in Japan. Point cards! They’re everywhere! They’re not just limted to clothes, but even my local conbini and drugstore have them.

Left column: OneSpo, Mars/MeJane, CecilMcBee, Lip Service, Esperanza/Bonita
Middle column: Takashimaya Shinjuku, Earth Hair, Line Extensions, Blacky Tanning, Rounge/Luxurous nails and eyelash exte
Right column: Mac, Chanel, Shu Uemura, Body Shop, Tsutaya

I actually have a pretty small amount compared to most. ^_^;; Sometimes it’s spend 20000 yen and get 1000 off, or fill up the card and get half off. It all depends, some even make you buy into them like the Mar*s card, but it’s worthwhile if you’re a fan. So if you’re planning to stay in Japan for more than a month, nab yourself some point cards.

Fall Fashion Info Part II (originally kogal_panel)

Make-up with A G E H A

Ageha speaks in their amazing make-up section about rising trends for 2008 with of course an emphasis on eyes. It’s all about a bronzed face, a nude lip and smoky large eyes.

– They say liquid liner is now more popular than gel liner.

– Brown is the most popular eyeshadow, they list as summery blue, girly pink, and pastel green as being the next popular eyeshadows.

– The overall eyeshape is changing to ALMOND which has less emphasis on cats-eye liner, less shadow around the corners of eyes. Instead there’s a clean look with more of an emphasis on shapely eyeliner with fake eyelashes.

– Most popular for 2008? Of course fake-eyelashes. They list Beauty Nailer’s Eyelash Value Pack as the best (, but since it’s not found outside Japan Shu Uemura does excellent eyes (

I think one of the most rising trends personally is the emphasis on skin care. Ageha when interviewing hostesses showed many spent more on skin care than make-up. Japanese cosmetics shops often have 60/40 ratio of skincare to make-up.

P O P T E E N Fall Predictions

Popteen did the best in clear-cut Fall trends.

Printed leggings and tights. These are shown under long shirts and one-pieces. Plaid and Stars are especially popular, also leopard print.

The S T O R E S

Cocolulu i raided my boyfriend’s closet

Cocolulu’s President says there’s a parka sports mix, color with a native blend, and blue as a main color coordination. For make-up she says blue and color shadow is the look. Mixing colors is the fall look.

Baggy boyfriend jeans, often with cuffs rolled. They’re doing their own Nike and Addidas styled shoes as well as a gathered snow boot, all flats. Colored denim mini skirts and pop-hoodies add to their overall relaxed and bright look. Trucker hats and madras-print fedoras finish off the look.


Lip Service sexy and cool

Lip Service’s President says there’s a rough style mixed to look sexy, lace, and sexy rock items. For make-up she says gold shadow with a smoky liner is the best. It’s also showing lots of fake eyelashes. A point for fall is to have lace accents.

Short swingy dresses often with matching print scarves is their key look. An emphasis on necklaces and bracelets finish off the adult look. For their casual look they have knit long-sleeve ballooned onepieces and plaid shirts along with enlarged leopard print shirts.


D.I.A. LA hard rock

DIA’s President says it’s a hard biker look with a sexyness, skulls as accents, and show some skin. Eyemake-up is the key as seems the trend for this fall, with bronze all around and a “halfie” eye. A point for fall is to show your bra.

DIA is using some ripped skinny capris and hotpants to show their look. Tight shirts with back-showing accents are nicely mixed with loose green parkas and motorcycle white jackets. Heels and cowboy boots look well with trucket hats and golden studded and skull belts give the look some shine.

The F A L L things you’ll L O V E

1. The scarf. Plaid, leopard print or in a keffiyeh style (

I thought this was a great representation of fall style.

2. Plaid and a Rider’s Jacket Motorcycle jackets (like the ones in Grease) mixed witrh plaid to combine a girly rock style. Plaid frilly skirts trimmed with lace, along with small accessories such as a plaid fedora, heels, or messanger bags.

3. Mens Style Argyle sweater vests, fitted vests, plaid fedoras, tailored jackets, engineer boots, neckties.


4. Moko Moko Fluffy and springy fur and sheepskin. Sheepskin lined suede boots, sweat dresses, fur edge vests and jackets, also fluffy parkas.

5. Prints Hearts, Stars, Pop (lightening bolts, all the JSG stuff), leopard, dalmation.


6. 16 more possible fall hits Moko moko backpacks, emblem jackets (like highschool, I think the men’s side of Urban Outfitters has some), knee-high boots, snowy knits, overalls (scallopette), fringe boots, neon color, big knits (loose cowl neck sweater dresses), ear mufflers, fall onepieces, knit caps with pins on them, corduroy pants, rock long-sleeve t-shirts, boots with studs on them, sequins (spangle), arm warmers (loose style)

Also, they suggest the black, pink, white combination will be strong this fall.



There’s a definite rise in watches. Cecil McBee and Swordfish has teamed with Quartz to make their own line of watches. Also the Cocolulu and JSG side focuses more on colorful watches with bright colors. Lots of crystal accents.


Mine from Cecil McBee

Sweet necklaces are on the rise with gold pendants of hearts, Chanel or diamonds.


One of the current sweetheart necklaces on sale from Chanel


Rhinestones and animal print are the two big trends. Also there’s been more of a return to solid colors instead of an ombre gel multicolor set of nails.




Daiso and L..Chance (109-2) both have great rhinestones for short or long nails.

some pics from September Popteen

M A I N S T R E A M and GAL

For those of you who like to mix GAL fashion with what’s coming from the runways or just do a more CELEB style I thought I’d mention a few trends HARPER’s BAZAAR sees coming from the main fashion world and how I think they could mix into the GAL styles for fall.

Crystals – in mainstream fashion their on bags, watches and earrings. I can definitely see GAL fashion move this to watches, necklaces and chunky crystal bracelets

Graphic – Mainly a lot of crisp lines to things. I can see the Lip Service dress fitting nicely into this. Also Chanel and Louis Vuitton have done some signature-print tights that would look great with the swingy Lip Service or Cecil McBee style pieces.

Arts and Crafts – This could work well with NUTS folklore prediction. In the mainstream its a lot of native inspired pieces with tapestry and woven works. Love Girls Market (produced by Love Boat in Harajuku and 109) could get great mix with this. This is focusing more on a brown and neutral palette with purple accents.

Color – Hot vibrant colors in deep green to an orangey red are showing up in shoes and bags. I think this will spill definitely into GAL shoes for Fall.

They also are predicting bigger jewelry, larger prints (such as paisley) and pointier shoes. All of which can be worked in to your own GAL style.