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bras, new hair + nails

Bra Hunt

malignita posted that Peach John carried F sizes and so I decided to head out and see if D = F in Japan. I went to Peach John in 109 which is on the 3rd floor. Their store looked a little underwhelming which merchandise packed in and not many pretty displays or ornaments. When walking into a lingere store I want to feel like I’m in the inside of a jewelry box finding new treasures. Also, it was not very well lit. However, they had used their heater privledges and turned up the heat a few notches which I am sure everyone using a dressing room appreciated.

I asked the staff and together we found 3 bras available in F.
I ended up with this one for 2700 yen (really cheap) consider my normal bra choice from Victorias Secret is around 5000 yen. 
Judging by the two other bras, this F was a fluke. The other two were definitely too small cup-size. I can say 34D is more a 34G in Japanese Peach John. This bra I do like and think it does the same lift and support as my old ones, but I feel it concentrates too much weight bearing on the body hooks and not enough on the straps. I also think the lace trim at the bottom was a bad idea since movement can make it feel scratchy. However, for 2700 yen it wasn’t so bad.
Their holiday bag is cute. Also, their care instructions and fresh-smelling free sachet was a nice touch.
edit: For those with D to DD American bra sizes tutuanna offers G and H cup sizes in really cute bras (located both on Shibuya Centaagai and Harajuku Takeshita dori). The straps look too small on this one, but it’s adorable.  More cute styles hopefully they work on the straps ^_^v
New hair
I went to yuhouse to get a dye + cut and as usual they did a great job. I do question their extension quality, but their dying is some of the best in Tokyo from personal experience.  Then I headed to Rhythm which I mentioned earlier was running a sale for 9800 for 50. It’s the same price at yuhouse, but Rhythm’s amount of hair they put in each extension is a bit more. I went for 60 which ended up being $110.
The store just was an apartment with 2 women working, but they were nice and had tons of mags to look through while I was getting my hair done. Their hair quality seems good, but I will reserve my judgement fully on them for another 3 weeks when extensions start to die.
You can see where my real hair ends here.
My real hair was round brushed at Yuhouse and that doesn’t hide the exte as well.
Better cleaning up the next day. Also I have a blonde chunk on the left side.
Happy me!
My last Carry appointment. sigh >_< I love their skill!
The obligatory nailists own nails shot. Very simple and sparkly.
My fun snow leopard nails done in monotone french tip.
More detail on french + bow + snowleopard
Their bag was cute with a nice holiday touch
The snowleopards do look a bit silly with noses, but I wanted them to meld together with the pink + white + black theme. The snowleopards were done painting colored acrylic directly onto my nails this time. Hopefully the acrylic to acrylic bond this time makes them stay longer.
2 more full days in Japan >_< But man is here and we’re heading to Tokyo Disney soon to enjoy the Christmas love ❤

New nails + hair, Rebel deco car

Carry Winter nails

My butterfly nails were my favorite, but sadly too long to write papers with at the end of this term, so I went to Ikebukuro Carry for some nail love. My nailist and I lamented over the length. Long nails, when done amazing just look so fabulous and extreme and wonderfully gal. …but sigh papers to write (which I am procrasting over >_<)

My nailist working on my nails.
Her fabulously long winter nails. Check out that giant snowflake!
My kirakira snow nails posing on an Osaka train platform
Simple lame, stones, snowflake stickers, and bows and snowflakes
Close-up of the other hand with gold snowflake and bow
I like these, but they are not feeling amazing. I can’t wait til two more weeks and then no papers and more fabulous nails!
Temp Heart hair
After coming home from Osaka, but extensions were just shot. My number one rule about extensions is to know when to say when and give them up. But I had 2 weeks until I was going for another set, so I decided to do a temporary set with my hair as well.
I went to Column in Harajuku (blog). It’s incredibly close to the station. Their website has tons of great pics of cornrows. It was 4000 yen (around $43) to get them done and it took around 30 minutes. They supposedly last 2-3 weeks.
Back in Kira Kira Hair magazine I was in love with the heart cornrow look. Cornrows are just considered a technique and have no connection to racial or socioeconomic labels as they do in America. However it used to be just for b-boy gyaru (B-kei) who imitated their hiphop icons. Now fake and actual cornrows are showing up with Rock and Agejo gals who want and edge to their look and an accent to the side volume styles that are popular lately.
I was thinking of just getting the cornrows and not bothering with extensions, but well. I need long hair. I want glamour! So I spur of the moment headed to Yu House for a small set. We ended up doing 40 extensions with some dark brown and blonde mix into the extensions (messhu is what they call mix).
Mid-styling in a hurry >_<

Bad angle, but cornrows + exte.
Short exte this time with a simple cut.

Exte + cornrows was around 15000 yen ($170 ish). It feels a bit expensive for two weeks, but I’m happy to try out a new style. It is a small world in Shibuya and at YuHouse I met two big Ace fans, and we promised to meet up for his next event. Too bad I’m leaving soon :/

The Rebel Hummer – deco
While I was walking to YuHouse I noticed a giant Hummer parked next to 109. It took me a while to recognize it was the Rebel Hummer. Jesus this car is so tricked out. I thought my bike was hella awesome, but damn…a Hummer decoed!
Rims for days
Close-up of the DECO (!!!) all over it.
A blue DECOed front grill. Oh lawdy!
The newest edition of SOUL Japan is the car special featuring the Rebel Hummer, but damn the mag pics don’t show the DECO!
Owner of the Rebel Hummer on the left: Cool-J. He owns (expectedly) two Rebel-related tanning salons called Black Zero with stores in Kawasaki and Shinjuku. 
At the tanning salons they offer Rebel clothing. Man, they sell a lifestyle.
Next a post answering all the questions asked earlier. Keep them coming and I’ll try to keep my answers as thorough as possible!

Nails = Happiness

For me there is no greater happiness ATM than looking at my nails. I know it sounds silly, but I’m so happy with them!

Love my nailist ❤

I made an appointment at Carry for 4:00 on Saturday and it ended up lasting til 8:30. My nailist was a total trooper. We’re both suffering through allergy attacks, although mine improved hers was sniffly. The girl was running on little sleep, but she still was ultra-genki. A lot of the customer gals sit quietly, or chat for a few seconds before looking at their phone in sort of an im-too-cool-to-talk mode.

But my nailist is a chatterbox and I love chatting, too so it was perfect. We were chatting from everything from Mexican paramilitary which led to Noripi, and then to boys, Exile and future dreams.

My  genki nailist, in Glad News ❤
 She had 2toned Egg Model Kanako’s type hair
One of the nailboard selections in the way background.

For her, like many women in Japan her future dream is to become a wife. As a woman with future long-term career goals, and much too American-ized in my thinking, it’s just not my endgame. I have a long term man and I’m very happy, but endgame? >_<

I kept taking pics for my blog and we kept having this running conversation about it:

Her: so what does your blog talk about?
Me: Uhhh enjoying gyaruness in Japan
Her: Oooo

Her (10 mins later): I wanna see your blog
Me: but but it’s in English
Her: but but I can learn

hehehe she is ❤

The pieces

The rock print inspiration

I came in with this Chanel-inspired design and then poof all these sets of nails were laying around so of course I changed my mind. Carry is evil for this, I rarely leave with what I came in wanting. However, it’s not a bad thing, just too much sensory overload of catalogs and pre-done sets on boards to look at to not have a stirring of change. ^_^;;

I saw the butterflies done in purple on another nail set. It was very “wa” and possibly meant for yukata wearing matsuri times. However it felt so Ageha, that I had to have it done and we found the good rock print matching.

The final product: Rock Ageha nails

Butterflies! They’re actually each four separate pieces each made by acrylic and painted on the spot to order.
Yes the stones are giant. I can barely put my ring on (lol)

The crazy horrorshow of post airbrushing black

I had such a good time at Carry and I can’t recommend them enough. They’re all so cheerful and really warm when you get to know them. I always enjoy myself there.

Bonus shot: Another nailist’s Brit Rock nails
I would’ve shown my nailist’s wintery plaid nails, but her hands were messy post nail time. The nailists all have gone longer and gorgeous with their own nails at the Shibuya Carry.

Powah Kitti, Psychelic Trance, Nails, and Men’s

Powah Kitti!

Getting my digital camera done was the biggest deco item I had planned to get professionally done here. I went with friends to Glam Baby at Shinjuku’s Alta to decide on a piece. I had some rough sketches but all were running into roadblocks of not enough impact or harder to concieve. Since I leveled up to the iphone 3g in the states, I wasn’t able to use my kitty case anymore so I knew I wanted to do something about my kitten Luna.

We played around with several realistic designs and then my friend took pen to paper and drew this cat. I added the background and well… I’m 100% in love! The deco process itself took 3 days for my deco artist to create, and it’s absolutely true to the drawing. The design known to me and my lovely deco artist as POWAA KITTI! Nyan to the rescue! It makes me smile when I look at it and cameras should have that effect on people 😀

She’s gunna get you~!
Sparkle sparkle~!

I also had some leftover Siam Swarovski to which I did my new MAC eyeshadow brush with. Simple, but effective.

My special Gold Chanel lipgloss also got the kirakira treatment 🙂


I went to Carry Shibuya on Saturday and I was admittedly a bit hungover. I was also unsure about design but I knew I wanted to do black on black for some. Since nails take an hour to come off I had some time to decide the rest. My nailist nails were fabulous so I decided to do a take on hers.

Her starting to paint on acrylic and mold it. No tips in Japanese nails.
The acrylic all on.
Final product! Leopard print, giant acrylic made heart + ribbons on the thumbs
Mega big stones = love
The undersides with the acrylic heart
My nailist’s gorgeous nails.
I am betting the Ayu symbol is for Ayumi Hamasaki’s concert series Wed-Fri here in Tokyo.

We were talking and it turns out she also loves psychedelic trance (saike). Carry in its locations has flat tv screens showing movies or music videos. At the time they were showing hiphop and my nailist admitted she wasn’t such a big fan, so she leaves for a sec and when she comes back a DVD of a large Tokyo saike rave was playing. It was amazing both Skazi and Astrix were there along others. I even spotted Atom fave DJ Ozawa in the crowd of the event due to his unique hair. 😀

The rave itself was put on by Vision Quest. They have an event coming up November 29th that I definitely want to attend. Astrix will be there again 😀

While I was getting my nails done a Haadi gal came in and sat next to me and we started talking about saike. The conversation moves on and apparently she saw the Gaijin Gal episode and thought it was fabulous. woot! Nice to hear some support 😀

Carry Shibuya with their giant deco Hello Kitty
Pink girl in hat was the Haadi girl
BONUS! The haadi girl’s 3-d Hello Kitty cellphone
It was suprisingly light.

Saike from Friday

Friends and I went to the Buffalo Bob and Rebel event at Atom. DJ Ace is one of my favorite djs to hear play and is also the founder and owner of Rebel Clothing. My first post on universaldoll was actually about OraOraKei (悪羅系), the style Ace personifies and helps create. That was back in 2008, but this year they now have their own magazine called Soul Japan now on its 3rd issue. The style is rising with guys who reject the host-o and ame-kaji styles that are dominating the male market.

Oraora guys follow DJ Ace wherever he is playing, and man loves to travel with posse. However it’s easy to spot him since he’s well over 6 feet and hot ^_~ He’s playing this weekend at Shinjuku M’s on the 23rd for the Psychadelic Rave #5 release party. If you’re free this weekend and in Tokyo I suggest DJ Ace and crew to the rescue. My booty will be in Osaka so sadly no Ace for me.

Atom Last Friday, from Ace’s blog
Ace in the cave from my viewpoint

Buffalo Bobs was out to support and handing small towels to a couple lucky enough to get them. Buffalo Bobs doesn’t impress me much as a clothing store, but I was beyond happy that most of the main Men’s Knuckle models showed up to the event. Even my personal fave, Naotaka. Hosts from Club Fantasy were also there (a really fun host club to go to!).

Knuckle model Naotaka with Dj Ozawa the morning after.
Ozawa says 1,200 people were there that night :o!
Men’s 109-2 is enlarging with many new stores. The Barbie store on the first floor is now replaced by Backs-looking Vagrancy Freedom. It’s nice to see some more looks for the guys, but I do wonder if it’s too much too soon.
Also there is a giant Men’s Egg ad outside of 109-2
Daichi, Yukihide and the rest are GIANTS 😀

New Nails, Lip Service x Nuts at Club Atom

I went to Carry in Ikebukuro to get a new nail set.
My nailist wonderfully dealt with my lateness and my sleep-deprived Japanese. ^_^;;  She loves Romihi from Egg but her favorite is Kaoru and wishes she would come back after her pregnancy. She went with her boyfriend to an onsen in Gunma for Silver Week and joked how gaijin cannot take the heat. I admit I felt farely wussy during my onsen stay. I need some cold water sippy sippy to keep boiling ^_^;; She was quite fun and told me she quit school 2 years into highschool and then later became a nailist. Quitting high school is not as rare in Japan, or maybe I think less of a stigma is attached since the boys and girls probably not in salaryman/office lady goals before they decided to quit.
Back to nails… I wanted some bold colors and I have been trying to be anti-pink lately with nails.
The glitter for the purple and blue was done by laminating actual glitter with clear coat over 5 times for each nail. She dipped a clear coat nail polish brush into glitter and then repeatedly swept it over.
large “rivoli” Swarovski crystals (like in my HK tux nails) were mounted next to each other and she also used black chessboard, crystal and black swarovski stones to create the effect.
I’m thinking of these as my planetary nails. ^_^v
Lip Service x Nuts night at Club Atom
I took a few friends to Club Atom and we arrived just before midnight (the usual 1,000 yen + 2 drinks for girls applies til 12:00) to find it packed with a line outside. I forgot that Nuts was invading Shibuya for the day. I was busy in hair and nail appts so I couldn’t see them at 109. The models from Nuts then headed to Atom to show new items from Lip Service (as I tweeted about)!
I got in just to see the fashion show start (some of the looks from this catalog). Hiromi looked stunning! If I had her bone structure I’d rock short hair, too. Girls and boys alike kept saying to each other “minna kawaii” and it’s true all the girls looked great. Saki looked a bit like a gaijin but she was gorgeous in the Leopard coat. Hoshiaya was the star of the event, and while the girl can’t walk a catwalk she did rouse up the audience. I’ve mentioned that she’s not my favorite in the past, but she has great worked out arms. It’s hard ever to see women in Japan who choose to workout seriously, but it’s obvious she has. Nice job.
First few ladies got little Lip Service free scrunchies which were adorable.  Sorry no pictures from me, CLUB Atom is notorious for its bouncers getting grumpy about any shots being taken. Sometimes at Men’s Egg Nights and such they can’t stop the barrage of cell phone shots, but last night was different.
It was much too hot of a night and too packed with people for me to feel the night, but I will vouch the girls looked quite amazing. Go Nuts!
I can’t wait for that sweater dress on the right to come out!

images from DJ Ozawa and Akane Suda‘s blogs respectively.
Tonight in honor of Tokyo Rave’s 8th anniversary, Maison Gilfy is doing a show. But sadly… I’m a tired girly^_^;;

Carry Shibuya – I love GOOOOLD


I feel a little like the Austin Power’s title villian GOLDMEMBER when I look at my nails.
“I love gooooooold~!” Or maybe it’s more fitting to be the James Bond movie title of Goldfinger~!

I went to Shibuya Carry on Friday night to get my nails done and 2 hours later I came out with these:

Done with clear sparkle and golden airbrushed tips. Finished off with Swarovski Crystal AB and Black Diamond.

 I wanted the crystals to create a C-shape so when you put my thumbs together they make a circle ❤

Close-up of the gorgeous gold strand.

I was striving for a more adult look with these and wanted to stay away from pink since I had done 4 consecutive pink ones in a row. I wish I added more Black Diamond, but overall I’m happy.

Carry is a love and as usual their staff was friendly and my nailist was sooooo talkative, which is always great to have more real world Japanese practice. She was stuck doing airbrushing tonight at Club Axis for her job, I always feel bad for the nailists at clubs here in Japan who have to work with such low light and loud distractions. She wasn’t a fan of it either. I don’t really understand the mentality of getting your hair or nails done AT the club.

A Typhoon, Exte and More Lip Service

Currently Tokyo is being hit by Typhoon Krovanh, which mostly means its been raining nonstop for 24hrs and harder than usual. In my brainiac ways I decided that meant it was a good time to get exte and shop. Obviously a typhoon cannot keep me away from 109!

Since my Hello Kitty tuxedo nails are gone, I have been using Eriko Nails short nail sticky ons.

They actually are stick on, with sticky tape on the back of them. Sadly it only lasts for 3 uses, but not a bad alternative to nail glue.

Onto the exte…

Finding any place in Tokyo via a map is a pain in the ass. But, Argent Sue is especially hard. It’s on Dougenzaka past 109 to the left (if you are walking from Shibuya St.), look for the K&K building across the street from the 7-11 and Royal Host.

Me without exte, but in my new color.
Who’s the girl dumb enough to curl her hair in a typhoon?
It’s me. It’s me! (Jacket from Mars… you cannot see the cute heart button detail ): )
Luckily Argent Sue is close enough to 109 that my curl held til then.

130.00 for this length. Added 6 extra peach exte, they blend in enough to not look too shocking.

I had to go back to Lip Service because too many of the pieces in their catalog were too sexy to pass up. My salesgirl from yesterday was there and she was so sweet. We had a fun time chatting as much as we did talking about clothes. Shibuya 109 has two colorways that are 109 only (gentei). I think having colors available at only certain shops is a cool idea and more stores should take notice.

Lip Service is also one of the only stores that has a shop in Shinjuku and Shibuya and the Shibuya staff is nicer (the same cannot be said for Egoist, Gilfy or Mar*s). Shinjuku Alta Lip Service are always standoffish or a little too pushy.

Now… onto the loot!

Their new bag, which is sexy sexy

Love the handkerchief hem and belled sleeves. Oh hell just love this in general.

Close-up of the bust detail. Luvs it.

Since I am afflicted with bustiness, I got this lace camisole to do some more boob hiding in the dress.

This was great on. The pink of this was 109 only, but I picked the black since my hair has enough color to go around lately.

The leopard print is 109 only. Love this top! Can’t wait to pair it with my frilly black hotpants.

It seems the curling iron is a point card thing where you spend enough over the course of their Fall extravaganza and you get it for free. If spending a ton = free. But Mai, my shopgirl, gave me a point card for that so hopefully I get their VS curling iron next month~!

p.s. jet lag is evil, it’s 7:00 and I am dying to go to bed D:

Acrylic Nails… aka Mitsu’s last bit of patience

I’m usually not a frequent poster on ricoche, but sometimes it does have cool stuff. Like being able to catalog your nails/hair etc… If you’d like to friend me on there, I’m chou-chou and I posted an old selection of my nails there.

The cost of gal was making me do my own acrylic, but the time it took was insane. 3-4 hours for a good set since you’re working on your own hands.

If you’re interesting in doing your own. Sally’s Beauty Supply has all your fake nail needs. While it’s not on the website, if you live near one you’ll find a good set that contains all of these items except a coarse grain file and heavy nail clippers.

You will absolutely need:

  • A very coarse grain nail file
  • A fine grain nail file
  • Cutile file/cream
  • Heavy nail clippers
  • Acrylic gel and powder
  • Acrylic remover
  • A fine brush
  • Nail glue
  • Nail primer

Watching a bunch of tutorials helps

Warning doing extra work (jewels etc…) takes much more time and patience (things I seem to lack now ^__^;;).

These were all done last summer in Japan using the American acrylic style with tips.

So what cost of gal? You can do it too!

Ikebukuro CARRY

Hair and Nail Carry, 2 mins from Ikebukuro St.

Location: 東京都豊島区池袋2-44-2 TISビル3F (map on their website)

After my nails staying on for a month with only one threatening to break off and 0 crystals gone, I was totally sold on CARRY. Because of a scheduling conflict and sheer curiosity I decided to book an appointment at their Ikebukuro store. Ikebukuro is a little slice of gal heaven with a giant Hello Kitty store, their own ALTA and lots of nail/hair/tanning salons. Ikebukuro is actually a popular place for young people to live in Tokyo since the rent is cheap-ish for central Tokyo and their train station has tons of lines.

Ikebukuro CARRY was set up similarly to their Shibuya store, but felt slightly older. It felt like they had more materials, but maybe I was closer to them. Either way its a bit of a pain to get an appointment at either CARRY becaused they are usually booked at least 3 days in advance and booked on weekends, but its worth it.

My Hello Kitty tuxedo nails. The bows were made by painting a small plastic bow and covering it with crystals. They were done on the spot after I chose colors and crystal sizing. The black was airbrushed on and the Swarovski crystals are Rose and Crystal using flatbacks and rivoli large crystals.

Since the sculp was done in iradescent there’s gorgeousness even on the underside!

I’m in love!

Crazy bonus shot: My nailist’s nails. OMG I sat there for the whole 2 hour process wondering how she did ANYTHING!


I needed a new set of nails after almost a month so I scheduled an appointment at Carry prennial favorite of Egg’s Kanako and Popteen’s Kumiko. (Shibuya access map)

At first they acted like most service people do with gaijin, talk slowly or not at you and test the waters of how much you know. But nails are 2 – 3 hour process so eventually most will open up. After a while I was talking to staff and other customers and having a good time. We talked about our favorite models and she brought out great photo albums of models and their nails. The ladies next to me hadn’t seen these albums yet and so we all had fun looking through them. Even some Egg Model Men got manicures at Carry such as Yukihide and Ayumu. (errr…)

Which leads me to one of my tips of talking to Japanese girls, especially gals. If you keep asking people questions and sharing your own answers, you’ll find you’ll have fun with them. I learned my nailist lived in Kansai for 2 years after highschool, went to France and England but is afraid of America because it has guns (hahaha!), has a long term boyfriend from Okinawa, and loves reggae.

Carry is a really intimate salon with only 6 seats and no tvs except for a center one that played Ne-yo videos, Nightmare Before Christmas in Japanese and Spongebob.

Anyways they have a great selection of crazy options to choose from, the 19 yr old next to me was getting black with Jack and Plankton to be like Kanako’s nails.

Pink claws of fury, I love so much!!!

Right pointer finger

Right thumb

They used acrylic as a glue for the stars and also used clear acrylic to go over all the nails and seal the jewels so the stars will probably be on for as long as I have my nails.

Cost: 175
…so painful! But considering you do it once a month… I will probably go back to Carry because their style is creative and gal and they’re so nice.