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Eyelash Exte and Requested Makey

(Currently experiencing the joy of  blogging in class ^_^v)

WooT! No more Hoshiaya in NUTS!

My boundless happiness cannot be contained now that Hoshiaya quit Nuts!! YAY! It’s not that I don’t think she’s an occassionally good model, or that she isn’t beautiful in her own way. It’s more like I was sick of flipping through Nuts and seeing only her. Her in ads, her in main articles, her her her and even if you love icecream when you eat too much of it and get sick.

The recent issue is very diverse model wise and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an issue as much lately. Pick it up, download it and enjoy! Even if the magazine seems to be follow the trends instead of creating them, they do have some good looks in it.

Hoshiaya will be okay, she’s modeling the current catalog of Mar*s, Spiral Girl, Swordfish, and Lip Service and her apartment is fly, girl will be good.

As requested, my make-up

Well I’m not a big fan of showing myself on this blog, since I don’t consider this blog for my camgirl enjoyment and I always hope to turn this blog to face more about gal fashion than my personal life. But, ladies you asked so I’m doing this and then my next post will go back to shopping and shop news. ^_^;; So apologies in advance for the non-deco non-shopness of this post. (sorry ^___^;;;)

Eyelash love

New eyelash exte from Eyecandy. My last ones lasted over a month with 40% intact, which is pretty damn awesome. Compared to Luxurious where all of mine fell out except for 4 lashes in a month.

I decided to go for their hodai (as much as you want) menu and stick with the J-shape. Eye make-up other than base cannot be worn when going to the eyelash extension appointment, so what you see are my lashes and Geo Nudy Blue contacts.

No mascara, and my lashes are blonde so the black you see is exte.
130 lashes in total on both eyes. 
She made them go from small to large nose-> outside of face.
I paid more for the hodai, but it was worth it and although you’re non-moving for an hour and a half, their chairs are so comfortable and my exte girl’s technique was so good and light touching I fell asleep. ^__^zzZzz  Eyecandy seems to be getting more popular, but they are worth the wait.

My recommendations for make-up:

Keep learning. Head to the skilled women at MAC or other professional make-up counters. You will probably find their tips change your look for the better. I’ve learned better ways to apply base with a wet brush, undereye liner tips, color matching and more.

Primer. You will be amazed how much better your skin can look and your make-up last with using primer. I used to stick with Sephora’s Smoothing Primer, but the bottle is much too small. So I’ve moved over to Make-up Forever’s HD Primer in Blue. Recommended.

Accept your skin, color and flaws After battling with acne, I’ve gone through several peels, scrubs and medical grade solutions. Fighting your skin issues is a must, but you must also learn how to cover them. Also learn what colors highlight your features. Everyone can be gorgeous, we just need to find the right palette.

Highlight one feature Your face is beautiful, just bring it out. It’s why so many gals have turned to a nude lip, it’s to showcase their amazing eye-make. You are not a clown, so keep your palette simple.

Now onto my make-up. Done for heading out to drink with my friends in Shinjuku.

This was my make-up for last Saturday night, as requested for make-up. I think tons of girls are amazing at make-up and I don’t put myself in that circle.. For make-up I’ve found a few things that work for me and I keep it simple.

Contacts: Geo Nudy Blue
Eyeliner: MAC
Eyeshadow: Chanel “Palladium”
Mascara: Shu Uemura Ultimate Expression Mascara
(before new eyelash exte)
Primer: Make-up Forever HD Primer in Blue
Base: MAC Studio SFX Fluid in NC25
Mineral Powder: MAC in Medium
Blush: MAC in “Margin”
Highlighter: Chanel Lumination Powder
Lip Liner: MAC in “Beurre”
Lip Gloss: Chanel in “Scintillates”
Wow I looked so unsmiling in the last pic (but it best showed makey) so here’s happy me with my new nails.

phew… that was weird, now I’m asking you ladies to share your make-up tips in comments. I’ll add them to another blog post and hopefully learn from them, too! ^__^v