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Christmas at 109

It’s not Christmass or even X-mas, it’s X-Madonna at 109!

Christmas-time is a big shopping celebration at 109, but of course Christmas is a date night here. The #1 date night. That means party and date dresses pop up in 109 stores. I know people think it might be for New Years, but New Years is actually more of the family event in Japan with soba and Hatsumode. Stores usually also have freebies this time of year to get people into the buying mood more.

I am currently hunting for a party dress to take back to the States for NYE, there are a lot of options now at 109 ^_^v

Lip Service in Christmas

Lip Service has put out another catalog and it’s filled with all the dreamy goodness a girl could want for Japanese Christmas.

Fabulous looks by the Jelly girls. It really plays into the single girl or girl getting ready for a date. I love the couple underwear on the last page. Too cute!

Lip Service also has a relationship with Nuts (as seen previously) and they toted Lip’s new line in their January issue (yes both Jelly and Nuts are already out with their January issues ^_^;;). I love their riders coat and the Betty Boop dress looks cute paired with their bowtie.
I think that ribbon corset velveteen dress is cute, and possibly for New Years. What do you think? Yay or nay on that dress?
Their first roomwear collectionr releases this Friday (11/27). Their eyemasks look luxurious, so I am tempted to buy them.
Of course since the glasses freebie set and eyeset came out last Friday you know I had to get my purchasing on. *sigh* I know 3 of the staff-chans there. We chat when they’re free.
New shoes from Lip Service!
My first Lippy pair! Love the stud detailing on the ankle strap.
On the Betty Boop catalog page the model is wearing the red version of these.
I also nabbed the Christmas gift set.
Eyelashes + eyelash glue + body lotion. A clever gal set.
The were three eyelash choices, I chose the Cool set, which (hopefully) you can see purple on the outer corners of the lashes. It looked striking without being drag queen on my staff-chan.
Lip Service’s freebie is the his and hers glass set with tealight candle and holder. I really like this freebie ❤
Lip Service also had a great set price on 1 cropped cardigan (your choice of color) + 1 shirt (3 designs in different colors) + velteen pumpkin shorts (choice of colors).
I think this was a cool idea to have options within a set and “financial condition” (lol)
One*Spo has had some adorable stuff in, but recently it’s outfit sets that are made with jackets to short for the talls.
I couldn’t resist their loose top combining lace and Union Jack trends. I also like how the skirt is really just attached on and only gives the illusion of a 2 piece.

Heaven and Earth
I usually always browse this store, but never buy anything. The look they do tends to be outweighed by the bolder and in-your-face Glad News. However, since last year Heaven and Earth has been concentrating more on an OraOra look. IMO Barak, TutuHA and Heaven and Earth are the best makers of this look. It’s very monotone with a skull and animal print theme and it’s often categorized by a worn look with damage, slashes, and cutaways. Grey, black, white and khaki seem to be the mesh of colors.
Slashes with a thin skull extra lining in the front. More slashes on the upper back.

Soft nubbly hoodie with faint skull print.
One thing I can’t get over is how comfortable their pieces are. Their fit, loose cuts and long lengths work awesome with tall people. I’ll definitely be shopping here again.

Of course it’s hard to shop and ignore make-up shopping. I pass the MAC counter at Tokyu Hands in Shibuya Station most everyday and it just calls me to come in >_<; Their new seasonal collection called Magic, Mirth and Mischief has tons of cute shades. I recommend checking out their pretty holiday looks.

MAC Lightful. A great moisterizer before make-up and recommended for dry winters.
Mineralize eyshadow duo in Mayhem (MM&M collection)
Dazzle Glass in Jingle Jangle (MM&M collection)
I’m looking forward to Christmas!

New Nails, Lip Service x Nuts at Club Atom

I went to Carry in Ikebukuro to get a new nail set.
My nailist wonderfully dealt with my lateness and my sleep-deprived Japanese. ^_^;;  She loves Romihi from Egg but her favorite is Kaoru and wishes she would come back after her pregnancy. She went with her boyfriend to an onsen in Gunma for Silver Week and joked how gaijin cannot take the heat. I admit I felt farely wussy during my onsen stay. I need some cold water sippy sippy to keep boiling ^_^;; She was quite fun and told me she quit school 2 years into highschool and then later became a nailist. Quitting high school is not as rare in Japan, or maybe I think less of a stigma is attached since the boys and girls probably not in salaryman/office lady goals before they decided to quit.
Back to nails… I wanted some bold colors and I have been trying to be anti-pink lately with nails.
The glitter for the purple and blue was done by laminating actual glitter with clear coat over 5 times for each nail. She dipped a clear coat nail polish brush into glitter and then repeatedly swept it over.
large “rivoli” Swarovski crystals (like in my HK tux nails) were mounted next to each other and she also used black chessboard, crystal and black swarovski stones to create the effect.
I’m thinking of these as my planetary nails. ^_^v
Lip Service x Nuts night at Club Atom
I took a few friends to Club Atom and we arrived just before midnight (the usual 1,000 yen + 2 drinks for girls applies til 12:00) to find it packed with a line outside. I forgot that Nuts was invading Shibuya for the day. I was busy in hair and nail appts so I couldn’t see them at 109. The models from Nuts then headed to Atom to show new items from Lip Service (as I tweeted about)!
I got in just to see the fashion show start (some of the looks from this catalog). Hiromi looked stunning! If I had her bone structure I’d rock short hair, too. Girls and boys alike kept saying to each other “minna kawaii” and it’s true all the girls looked great. Saki looked a bit like a gaijin but she was gorgeous in the Leopard coat. Hoshiaya was the star of the event, and while the girl can’t walk a catwalk she did rouse up the audience. I’ve mentioned that she’s not my favorite in the past, but she has great worked out arms. It’s hard ever to see women in Japan who choose to workout seriously, but it’s obvious she has. Nice job.
First few ladies got little Lip Service free scrunchies which were adorable.  Sorry no pictures from me, CLUB Atom is notorious for its bouncers getting grumpy about any shots being taken. Sometimes at Men’s Egg Nights and such they can’t stop the barrage of cell phone shots, but last night was different.
It was much too hot of a night and too packed with people for me to feel the night, but I will vouch the girls looked quite amazing. Go Nuts!
I can’t wait for that sweater dress on the right to come out!

images from DJ Ozawa and Akane Suda‘s blogs respectively.
Tonight in honor of Tokyo Rave’s 8th anniversary, Maison Gilfy is doing a show. But sadly… I’m a tired girly^_^;;