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The Doll goes retro!

Did you know there was a Universal Doll before this blog? It simply started as me posting my direct info from Tokyo on kogal_panel, and then it made itself into a blog. However, the Doll is actually a year and a month old in posting.

If you’d like to look at the old posts for a peek at last fall’s trends, my dorky blogging style, clothes I bought last fall… then head onto the oldpost tag or view them independently.

Fall Fashion Predictions – August 12, 2008
Fall Fashion Info Part II – August 19, 2008
Fall Fashion – The Reality Part I – September 17, 2008
Fall Fashion – The Reality Part II – September 25, 2008
Winter Fashion Update – November 25, 2008


Winter Fashion Update (originally from kogal_panel)

I will give a little talk about the trends and then post pics at the end. I’ve also decided to do coordinates to show what can work this year.

So early in fall it was a large boom for rock and punk style. Plaid busted in and the buffalo plaid was a big style. Gilfy also had back to back releases of lots of great rock style pieces, Glad News and the ORA ORA brands also released a lot early in the season. This fueled the big rock kei boom, but their production stopped and so it was left to ADULT to pick up the slack.
ADULT is a strong boom and I expect it to last til the end of winter. Gilfy last year sold a ton of the N3B bomber coats with great high collars. Their answer this year was more styles of the N3B and not any new innovation. This year it’s all about the heavyweight adult coats in swing, trench or peacoat.
Coats are such a popular item right now, some stores are making tank dresses that are plain with a frilly bottom skirt just to show out from the coats. Most girls keep their coats buttoned when inside shopping.
Rock kei still has a base and Gilfy’s new monotone store BACKS that opened on the 7th floor in 109 is very popular. I almost want to say it’s got more popular than Gilfy lately just because BACKS has put out more items recently and monotone has taken over.
Fur is so big this year, it’s impossible to not see it. The fur can be pretty reasonably priced to the upscale costs. MeJane has a hot pink and light pink long emu stole for 400.00, but a simple fox fur from One*Spo is around 50.00.
Stoles are the most common item followed by hats (the Russian ones in style last year), earmuffs, and coats. Spiral Girl has a great rabbit stole that is very versatile with giant diamond fastenings. It’s fabulous!
Fake fur also is a styling aspect in clothes, also angora for berets is really popular.


I think I talked about this earlier, but black and white is very popular now. Hounds tooth, plaid, dots, star print… it’s everywhere! Truly you’ll see awesome combinations of black and white in most stores.

As stated about the fall, bling is a big aspect and its continued onto winter. Spangle (what the Japanese call sequins) is very popular. Earlier this fall Glad News did an all spangle skirt and Love Boat now has one in along with many other stores. Lip Serivce has a whole dress of sparkle! Sparkle aspects are appearing on lots of items.
By adult, I mean stores like Egoist, Lip Service and Cecil and Me Jane are winning the fashion war and appealing to girls who want sexy, grown-up clothes. Low cut, miniskirts, flashy prints. This is also manifesting in Parisian style.
PARIS, Oui Oui!
Under the adult style is a great fun trend of Parisian chic. Chanel suits are very in fashion with cute miniskirts or hotpants in tweed or thick sweater knit combined with a smart button up jacket. This is a great trend and everyone looks stylish in the combination.
Parisian chic is also manifested with berets. The waist line is moving up to high waisted skirts that are belted in with cute elastic belts and smart tshirts. This is a very very big trend rising now! Love Boat is doing some amazing dresses with this style. Stripes are also in with this trend along with sweetheart necklines.
Fringe boots, all on sale now
Possibly dalmation since it is in every store.

What to wear from last year?

Any sweatshirt or sweater dresses are still on point. Be sure to add a scarf and beret to keep it current. Sweater jumpers (suspender plus mini skirt) from Love Boat are exactly the same this year. Fur accessories (earrings and boa edging on coats was popular last year). Some people are still wearing the knit caps with balls, but they’re not so popular this winter.



Hats are becoming huge this winter.

The one the left is from One*Spo and the one on the right is an eiffel tower with Cameos and sparkle bought a Matsuya in Ginza, both are Angora.

This is a small rimmed fedora from One*Spo. Lately all hats are smaller rimmed and most have accents, like this cute preppy emblem.

The BOWLER is becoming super popular just in the last 2 weeks! One Way sold out of all of theirs and I got the last one from One*Spo

Although you can get hats from many places, I love stores that have the added bling to a hat to make it special. One*Spo’s great sparkle and chain pin is so cute!


Why oh why did this pic come out bad? Well this heart shaped neckline with attached long sleeve shirt is soooo popular right now. It’s meant to go with a cute belt and the high waist on this one from Love Boat just flares out so perfectly. It’s so adorable!

This tunic dress from Cecil McBee has the super popular houndstooth print along with great Chanel style classic pockets and black trim. The pockets, buttons and trim are found out so many suits from classy to slutty.

This is One*Spo’s super girly take on the Chanel style jacket and skirt combination. The jacket is slightly cropped and the sleeve trim is longer than usual seasons. One*Spo did it so cutely with the dot print and HEART buttons.


Here are some Rock style pieces just to show what’s happening.

This is my Gilfy dress I’ve shown previously. It’s become very popular and is in a bunch of magazines from Deco to the regular Gal mags. To turn it winter I’ve paired it with a fur stole from One*Spo and a grey Gilfy fedora. Usually I wear a comfortable thermal under it, but leather jackets with it are very popular. Rock style, especially girly rock is all about the leather jacket with a sweet dress.

This crazy Rock print is from GLAD NEWS (of course) and shows a bit of ORA style with the loose tunic look and glitter.

This is my newest buy from One*Spo. It has great giant stud details and a very sexy shape!

When I wear my new black stud dress, I’ll probably pair it with this great sparkle stripe Gilfy cardigan. It’s a Japanese Men’s style cardigan with a fake button up under it so you can wear it partially open to show the button up or zip it up like a real cardigan. Notice the longer sleeve length trim, this is becoming popular. Stripes keep being very popular, on dresses (like the Love Boat one) and everything!


This One*Spo dress is just so much love. The fake fur trim is popular along with this faint black on black dot pattern. Cecil McBee, One Way, Shake Shake and more have all done this black on black dot pattern for a dress. A girly lingere-style lining is also popular with dresses.

Here’s a simple coordinate, but its very popular right now. The top is from One*Spo and shows off the sparkle love and bow style top that’s popular with the Adult style people lately. The bottoms although hard to photograph are made from a thick weave sweat material. They’re Egoist and part of a Chanel-style jacket and hot pant set.

Additional suggestions: turtleneck, printed tights in argyle or rose, tights with a sparkle detail, fur cuffs or small stole

This is another simple coordinate. The earmuffs came as a set with the top from Cecil McBee. The skirt is from last year and is a simple 3-tiered flare chiffon skirt from Honey’s (a cheap gal store) that was only 12.00 USD. However, I keep seeing this style of skirt in every store now. It’s a good classic to keep around!

Other suggestions: A sparkley skirt, pink or white heels, a beret, fur cuffs

This is a great adult style coordinate. The dress is pleated on the sleeves and black part, this was from Layla Rose, but I’ve seen a very similar style of pleats at Cecil, too! Pleating is definite trend this season. This coordinate is paired with my Eiffel Tower Angora beret, One*Spo fake glasses, and a simple pin. It’s always good to add a pin to a simple dress.

Other suggestions: legwarmers you’ll see later, fur stole

Close-up of the coordinate pieces.

This is the style that has gone crazy. The tight flared high skirt belted and paired with a top! This is super on point right now.
Top with a spangle tie is from Spiral Girl. The belt and skirt are from Love Boat. The bowler and glasses are from One*Spo.

Shops have also shown tucking in a cardigan into the belt/skirt combination so here’s my cardigan from Bumble Bee with sparkle on the stars paired with this look. I also added the fedora instead of the bowler for this one.

Warning, I love bling!!! This is all from One*Spo. There is a cute zip-up parka that is paired usually with the skirt that is also full of bling, but I decided to go with the sparkle turtleneck. Yes I am a discoball in this. It looks much more toned down with my parka.

A close-up of the mega-bling skirt

This is cute coordinate all from One*Spo, except the scarf is from Cecil McBee. The collegiate print on the top is popular, and I like the girly treatment it gets.

Up close detail of the preppy touch to the legwarmers. Preppy is in this season, especially in the details.

The skirt and top shown simply.

Here’s a cute furry dalmation print onepiece from Dazzlin’ combined with One*Spo legwarmers, One*Spo fur stole, and the Paris beret.

This is a more adult style coordinate. The dress is from Egoist and so is the popular cross necklace. The sparkle heart hair barrette and Cecil watch combine to make a simple adult look.

Fall Fashion – The Reality Part II (originally from kogal_panel)

Fall Fashion part two  

Wow this was a lot to assemble so it might be a while between the next one ^_^;;;;

This part includes: Moko-moko, more shoe info, deco, gilfy catalog, redark, cecil mcbee catalog, Ranzuki’s trends

A SHOE addition
I looked around in 109, Alta and other small gal stores to see what was up with pumps, since I am sure some of you might not enjoy boots all the time. Lately the pump style is shown or hidden platform and PLAID. Plaid pumps and furry pumps with fur puffs on the toe , or sweater like ones. EEK all of this fabric and the dirty streets of Tokyo~!

Pink Gilfy Sexy shoes

ReDark’s great representation of a chic plaid pump


Meaning fluffy and furry. It’s like the legions of 109 gals are stealing the fur off of teddy bears and wearing it around. Personally I love it. This is becoming  a big trend and I see the style done all the way (like as you see on my vest) or with trim on sweatshirts, boots, shortpants and dresses.

This teddybear vest is from Love Boat


Nails are becoming medium deco, with some raised details. Not the nails that look like anything is impossible anymore (giant bows and impossibly long). However there’s a huge boom in decoing everything else.
          Cigarette cases
          Phones (of course)
          Deco phone charms Pingmag did a really great article recently on decoing, check out the amazing pictures.
The two most common gal deco stores are Glam Baby and Bling Me. Glam Baby does amazing work and they’re known for their custom and 3-d work. I highly recommend the shop in Harajuku, they work within a price range and their custom work is awesome. A stop by their Harajuku store is a must just to look at their talents, they’re even better than on their website!
Bling Me has a new store on the floor of 109-2 that does Hello Kitty work. It’s a sparkly wonderful land, however their showcase store is inside of Shinjuku Station East Exit across from the Betsey Johnson store.
Bling Me works only with Swarovski crystals and their prices can be much higher than Glam Baby’s for it. However they do great small pieces.

I picked up this baby bling at Glam Baby, the arms and heart body are movable.


This is my Hello Kitty pill case I had custom done for me at Bling Me.
My Hello Kitty phone bling from Bling Me.

This is my custom Chanel Compact done by Glam Baby, I’m so in love with the 3-d crown, Chanel is Queen!


Deco is rising and there are d-i-y deco kits in every accessories store, however if you want yours done right I suggest going to the professionals.
There’s a new store in 109 on the 4th floor called Bumblebee. Cute name~! They also have cute clothes, with a girly rock electro feel to them. It’s a great small shop and the staff were super friendly.
My star cropped cardigan with sparkle.
…which brings me to another trend
It’s my prediction that Cardigans will become very big soon. Bumblebee with their star one, Spiral Girl has an awesome guitar one with music note buttons.
MUSIC – the new sweets
Rock-kei is where it’s at this winter, and it’s all about rocking out. Music note earrings are huge everywhere. Music notes are the new sweets for accessories. They’[l surely spill into clothes more as well.


GILFY Catalog
Gify’s catalog is a decently sized magazine that came with a free shirt for 1200yen in total.
Mainly it’s photoshoots, some more high fashion others more about mixing old and new. Gilfy is all about making a style yours including adding your own style touches. They show this with combining vintage clothes with Gilfy’s own current line.
Almost to the end is their current clothing catalog. Mostly its sturdy hoodies and jackets with silver button detailing and ties. There’s either torn details with the denim or its grommeted (sometimes unflattering IMO ^_^;;). Plaid and classic winter knit details go throughout the catalog along with leatherette accessories.
Gilfy is considered to be very ROCK style, and as always its good to stick with darker colors, add punky accessories and keep it clean. Invest in a great pair of black leather boots.

Just look at this shop staff spread, doing it right.

The legwarmer ones I brought up in the legwarmer post


There can be some easy styling confusion for those who are also j-rock fans.  The lines should be clean and less of a punk influence. Also shortpants are an easy way to bring a style to GAL ROCK-kei.
Since RE-DARK is part of the GILFY umbrella, I’ll bring it up since it was in the catalog.
IMO REDARK is the store that does the closest AME-KAJI that is actually American Casual as us yanks see it. Since the trend this season in Ame-KAJI is HIKING (will talk more about this later); lumberjack plaids and roughneck jackets compete with charming corduroy jumpers and frilly knit shirts with bears and adorable sayings. Their key to boots this season is suede-like with overlap.

I want this dress, cute colors!

Notice her great preppy colors and plaid pumps

Cecil is the other 109 shop that I saw a catalog magazine for. Theirs came with a cute cookie mirror combo that was available in 3 adorable colors.
Cecil relies on a lot of animal prints. Leopard leggings, Dalmatian print dresses and scarves, zebra sweater dresses. As I think I’ve explained before CECIL often carries two dueling styles in their stores, one a very ADULT almost OL-kei (Office-lady kei) and another is this cute slightly edgy younger girl. I will assign ADULT or YOUNG to their 14 style keywords they bring up in the magazine.
1.       Knit Material – Adult with enlarged hounds tooth and Chanel Like cardigans, Young with oversized knits drapped over tshirts and plaid skirts.
2.       Plaid – Young, although adult in coat this is more with their rock influences this season.
3.       Winter Coat – Adult with structured and sweet larger collars, young with a hiking rough style
4.       Nordic Pattern – Adult girly
5.       Knit Parka – young with brown accents
6.       Knit One-Piece –Adult with faux-suit touches
7.       Fur Vest – watched your tiny ones, rabbit is in this year, Adult
8.       Shirt Collar Knit – fake shirt collars with light sweaters, Adult
9.       Parka Jacket – A combination button up jacket with hoodie, Young
10.   Dots Pattern – Adult and frilly
11.   Mokomoko Parka – Young and sweet style
12.   Ensemble Knit – British influenced with a plaid skirt and hounds tooth scarf, Adult
13.   Poncho – a rollover from last year, Young
14.   Dalmatian print- adorable and Adult
Really I think Cecil hit the fall trends spot on and it’s a great place to look if you’re coming this fall for any style you enjoy, although many of their trends are not easily translate-able when shopping abroad.


I just bought Ranzuki’s November issue and since they have made themselves the go to for Ame-Kaji, they’re the best ones to look for to see trends coming out of that style.
Their points getting casual are:
1.       An old-style t-shirt, their example is the Smurfs.
2.       A plaid boys style shirt
3.       Boys denim
4.       Jumpers (scallopette)
5.       Cut-off denim
6.       T-shirt onepieces
A few more points are striped athletic kneehigh socks, sneakers, rock t-shirts are a big time, anything mokomoko is great, engineer boots (their example is white), spangle trucker cap, rucksack, snow boots, grey and khaki, lumberjack plaid, sunglasses


Outside of AME-KAJI they mention a point that is great for all GALS. The point of this season is STRONG. Like all the plaids are not small elegant plaids but big lumberjack ones. Black is in, but with a good strong color like purple, green or pink next to it. Or bold prints that take up an entire shirt. Contrasts are very popular this season.

STRONG looks


…wow that’s a lot.

Fall Fashion – The Reality Part I (originally kogal_panel)

Hey ladies~! I just wanted to update on what’s been happening on those FALL predicted trends and give you some more.


Shoes have totally boomed. All the hit styles are selling out so quickly (as in less than a week for some).
BOOTS~! That is the final word, I see nothing but boots boots boots lately. The most popular styles are suede with fringe or knee-high slouchy. Most all boots this fall have a loose look to them. Also, fur trim and knit-style uggs are popular for casual. Of course engineer boots are back, but they’re not as everyone-has-them popular as last FALL/Winter.

Three words to describe the most popular pairs: fringe, loose, tall

My newest from Flag-J in 109. Can be worn at the knee or above as shown. Grommets are very popular on boots lately.

fringe short wedge boots from Flag-J in 109. These sold out in black within a week.

I am not seeing many pumps around, it seems even the cute styles are going with a stilleto style classic GAL boot.


Meaning LOOSE and CASUAL. This is the key to most all dressing. Everyone has made their shirts looser with balloon effects. There’s this kind of line between loose shirt and dress. Each store is interpreting this differently.

A loose dress from Gilfy with a sweet Peter Pan collar and tie-up

Shown from Gilfy’s catalog.

Gilfy’s Yuru and Ame-kaji (loose and American casual) dress. So fluttery~!

As seen in Gilfy’s catalog.

A ballooned knit dress from Gilfy. This loose style is everywhere. Swordfish especially had many, but they were a little too loose everywhere and more sack-like ^_^;;;


THIS IS THE TREND OF THE SEASON. (omg hay caps) It needs caps because they’re in every store in great bold prints. Zebra, plaid, newspaper, girls, anything goes…~!

  The biggest trend for outfits is loose shirt mixed with leggings, high boots, and a thin scarf. Some stores are even selling this as a set (minus the boots). Shirt, leggings, scarf set is sold at Cecil and Swordfish.

These are two I got from American Apparrel, they seem to have the best leggings from the price. I am seeing Zebra leggings everywhere~


So yes we know that plaid is super big this season, but lumberjack plaid is the main boom. It’s everywhere. Leggings, skirts, dresses. So much you can’t stop but see some in 109.

this print is everywhere, on skirts, shorts, dresses in green, purple, pink and grey. Every store seems to have this print. This cute skirt is from Love Boat.


Everything winter is out. It’s still hot and gross outside, but hats are flying off the shelves.

HATS really any style is popular right now, especially berets and the golf style hats. It’s a good way not to have to do the top of your hair hehehe ^_^v

a blue beret from Urban Outfitters with my newest grey one from Gilfy, complete with pins.

golf hat in plaid is very popular, this one I got from Delias in the states

Gilfy felt fedora, sexay sexay

PINS, instead of the button craze last year pins are in everywhere. Most all berets have pins on them.

PRINT scarves. I am seeing skull scarves everywhere in 109. These are super popular, also leopard plaid and the rest…

a blue leopard one from Gilfy

KEY and HEART accessories are popular, with diamante keys dangling from pants and key and heart earrings.


Many seem to be doing the same thing from last year. Cecil has girly ones with dalmation print and Gilfy has its buckled and high collar jackets, these are all the same from last year.

These are by far the most popular ones lately:

this is my Gilfy jacket from last Winter, but this exact style in knit has appeared again at Gilfy in stripes and also at Glad News with a leopard and skull print.


A special mention goes to Liz Lisa, sadly. Usually they do cute and up-to-date fashions but they totally dropped the ball this season. It’s all recycled hippy wear. Nothing striking and I don’t see it in any of the magazines lately. Liz Lisa is redoing its Shinjuku Alta shop, maybe it’ll come back lovely and wonderful ^_^;;;;

Fall Fashion Info Part II (originally kogal_panel)

Make-up with A G E H A

Ageha speaks in their amazing make-up section about rising trends for 2008 with of course an emphasis on eyes. It’s all about a bronzed face, a nude lip and smoky large eyes.

– They say liquid liner is now more popular than gel liner.

– Brown is the most popular eyeshadow, they list as summery blue, girly pink, and pastel green as being the next popular eyeshadows.

– The overall eyeshape is changing to ALMOND which has less emphasis on cats-eye liner, less shadow around the corners of eyes. Instead there’s a clean look with more of an emphasis on shapely eyeliner with fake eyelashes.

– Most popular for 2008? Of course fake-eyelashes. They list Beauty Nailer’s Eyelash Value Pack as the best (, but since it’s not found outside Japan Shu Uemura does excellent eyes (

I think one of the most rising trends personally is the emphasis on skin care. Ageha when interviewing hostesses showed many spent more on skin care than make-up. Japanese cosmetics shops often have 60/40 ratio of skincare to make-up.

P O P T E E N Fall Predictions

Popteen did the best in clear-cut Fall trends.

Printed leggings and tights. These are shown under long shirts and one-pieces. Plaid and Stars are especially popular, also leopard print.

The S T O R E S

Cocolulu i raided my boyfriend’s closet

Cocolulu’s President says there’s a parka sports mix, color with a native blend, and blue as a main color coordination. For make-up she says blue and color shadow is the look. Mixing colors is the fall look.

Baggy boyfriend jeans, often with cuffs rolled. They’re doing their own Nike and Addidas styled shoes as well as a gathered snow boot, all flats. Colored denim mini skirts and pop-hoodies add to their overall relaxed and bright look. Trucker hats and madras-print fedoras finish off the look.


Lip Service sexy and cool

Lip Service’s President says there’s a rough style mixed to look sexy, lace, and sexy rock items. For make-up she says gold shadow with a smoky liner is the best. It’s also showing lots of fake eyelashes. A point for fall is to have lace accents.

Short swingy dresses often with matching print scarves is their key look. An emphasis on necklaces and bracelets finish off the adult look. For their casual look they have knit long-sleeve ballooned onepieces and plaid shirts along with enlarged leopard print shirts.


D.I.A. LA hard rock

DIA’s President says it’s a hard biker look with a sexyness, skulls as accents, and show some skin. Eyemake-up is the key as seems the trend for this fall, with bronze all around and a “halfie” eye. A point for fall is to show your bra.

DIA is using some ripped skinny capris and hotpants to show their look. Tight shirts with back-showing accents are nicely mixed with loose green parkas and motorcycle white jackets. Heels and cowboy boots look well with trucket hats and golden studded and skull belts give the look some shine.

The F A L L things you’ll L O V E

1. The scarf. Plaid, leopard print or in a keffiyeh style (

I thought this was a great representation of fall style.

2. Plaid and a Rider’s Jacket Motorcycle jackets (like the ones in Grease) mixed witrh plaid to combine a girly rock style. Plaid frilly skirts trimmed with lace, along with small accessories such as a plaid fedora, heels, or messanger bags.

3. Mens Style Argyle sweater vests, fitted vests, plaid fedoras, tailored jackets, engineer boots, neckties.


4. Moko Moko Fluffy and springy fur and sheepskin. Sheepskin lined suede boots, sweat dresses, fur edge vests and jackets, also fluffy parkas.

5. Prints Hearts, Stars, Pop (lightening bolts, all the JSG stuff), leopard, dalmation.


6. 16 more possible fall hits Moko moko backpacks, emblem jackets (like highschool, I think the men’s side of Urban Outfitters has some), knee-high boots, snowy knits, overalls (scallopette), fringe boots, neon color, big knits (loose cowl neck sweater dresses), ear mufflers, fall onepieces, knit caps with pins on them, corduroy pants, rock long-sleeve t-shirts, boots with studs on them, sequins (spangle), arm warmers (loose style)

Also, they suggest the black, pink, white combination will be strong this fall.



There’s a definite rise in watches. Cecil McBee and Swordfish has teamed with Quartz to make their own line of watches. Also the Cocolulu and JSG side focuses more on colorful watches with bright colors. Lots of crystal accents.


Mine from Cecil McBee

Sweet necklaces are on the rise with gold pendants of hearts, Chanel or diamonds.


One of the current sweetheart necklaces on sale from Chanel


Rhinestones and animal print are the two big trends. Also there’s been more of a return to solid colors instead of an ombre gel multicolor set of nails.




Daiso and L..Chance (109-2) both have great rhinestones for short or long nails.

some pics from September Popteen

M A I N S T R E A M and GAL

For those of you who like to mix GAL fashion with what’s coming from the runways or just do a more CELEB style I thought I’d mention a few trends HARPER’s BAZAAR sees coming from the main fashion world and how I think they could mix into the GAL styles for fall.

Crystals – in mainstream fashion their on bags, watches and earrings. I can definitely see GAL fashion move this to watches, necklaces and chunky crystal bracelets

Graphic – Mainly a lot of crisp lines to things. I can see the Lip Service dress fitting nicely into this. Also Chanel and Louis Vuitton have done some signature-print tights that would look great with the swingy Lip Service or Cecil McBee style pieces.

Arts and Crafts – This could work well with NUTS folklore prediction. In the mainstream its a lot of native inspired pieces with tapestry and woven works. Love Girls Market (produced by Love Boat in Harajuku and 109) could get great mix with this. This is focusing more on a brown and neutral palette with purple accents.

Color – Hot vibrant colors in deep green to an orangey red are showing up in shoes and bags. I think this will spill definitely into GAL shoes for Fall.

They also are predicting bigger jewelry, larger prints (such as paisley) and pointier shoes. All of which can be worked in to your own GAL style.

Fall Fashion Predictions (originally kogal_panel)

Hey ladies from Tokyo

Since even the most recent magazine scans and such can be a month late here’s my current info on what’s trickling into the stores for Fall.

Since 109 just ended its Summer Sale on 7/31 finally new stuff is coming in. I’ll break it down by stores and then talk about general trends.

Stores (with recent buys)

Jeans are getting more studded and the train conductor stripes are back in stores with more colors (green, blue)
Jackets are in and some are redux of last year with saggy non-buttoning jackets mixed in with puffy windbreaks covered with the grey and black Gilfy print.
The new truckers caps are pinstriped and there’s fedora showing up in stores.

This came new this week. September Egg has it featured in Blue which the shop staff girl said they didn’t have (only now in grey, dark grey and green). Suspenders keep coming up in gilfy’s stuff, but this is a new color for fall. Their slouchy jackets came in this, mustard, grey, blue, and black.

Glad News:
Barely anything for fall has come in, but they’re doing slash hems on knee-length skirts and dresses. There’s a tight to the body silhouette on all clothes for fall thus far.

A slashy skirt that came in this week with a comic print insert that says motorcycle heavens club and god save the queen. The owner of Glad News says she’s obsessed with Hells Angels and Punk.

Cecil McBee:
Has jumped so high on the punk/rock trend its kind of scary considering what they usually do. Lots of black/white/red/purple combinations. They have both leggings and jeans in plaid and dots.
On the more OL side there’s cute matching flowy sleeve and frilly short pants matching sets along with flowy sleeve sheer dresses.

Their more frilly side with dot print and sheer. This came with matching frilly shorts.

Their punk side is all about plaid, wordy t-shirts, and sparkle hints

seems to still be keeping with the 80s vibe
lots of comic prints and bold, black patterns on neon colors

Echoing the plaid leggings along with newsprint shirts and rhinestone shirts.


General Trends
– sets (short pant and flowy top combinations, vests and tshirts, tshirts and scarves)
– scarves (every store has its own or will)
– preppy (plaid, funky fake nerd glasses, fake school emblems, letterman’s jackets, skinny pants)
– rock (lots of black, studded and monotone, trucker caps, more of a punk style plaid, expect things to say ROCK or PUNK on them)
– purple (it’s big everywhere in fashion this fall, 109 is no exception) along with green and grey
– leggings (in plaid, black shiny, dotted, newsprint, zebra) any print seems to be the vogue
– sparkle (on tshirts, watches, pins, the bling is on)
– girls on shirts (either headshots or full body)

Here are some recent buys to illustrate:

Gilfy chunky plaid scarf

Gilfy preppy pin

Cecil McBee Sparkly Rock Style with a Girl on it

Gilfy Sparkly Accessory

Gilfy Sparkle and Preppy together on their Trucker Hat

Glad News Pop Print with Slash skirt

Nuts is saying these trends:
rock and folklore will be the big trends
inside these will be: vest (tailored for rock, fringe for folklore), print leggings, animal print (meaning leopard), chunky shoes (boots with sheepskin edges, tall knee to over the knee styles), plaid, gladiators with open socks (doubtful), jumpers, backpacks, sheepskin items (boots, shawl, vest), school style

Egg says these six trends are coming:
Adult (lace edgings and neutral), preppie (more of the schoolgirl trend), preppie rock (gilfy and nerd glasses), surf (uhhh i question this), 80s (neon, sneakers, mix and match colors), girlie rock (glad news dress and engineer boots)

Trends that seem to have died

Sugar – everything that said sugar and sweets is dead dead dead
Pastels – especially pastels on denim
Smiley faces – all went on sale
Bohemian Hippy – the skirts have all sold out therefore it’s worthwhile to drop the trend (heh)
…then again expect some of these back next summer

Fall trends coming back from last year

Leopard – Probably not to the insane extent, but it’s showing up on scarves and tops
Engineer boots – A modified form with a heel is showing up on Gilfy’s new shoes
Scarves – They kind of left for summer, but they’re already back in most stores
Print – but mostly in accessories
Knit caps – Gilfy already has theirs in and shop staff are wearing them (it’s 88F and humid btw)
Stars – never left with Gilfy, but other stores seem to be adding them in


This is the least amount of info I have about. Only Gilfy and Cecil seem to be stocking their new shoes. Gilfy’s shoes are a lace-up b-kei style boot with a thick heel (such as their summer gladiator heels) and a short heeled booty with sweater trim and preppy emblems and straps on it both seem to be in grey, black and green. Egg is pushing thick strapped pumps and to the knee boots. Cecil has so far only put out a pump in grey and black, sticking with their adoration of Chanel in their accessories.



Seperated eyelashes, nude or red lips, lots of eye shimmer but not glitter, also hints of green, red, and blue pop-style eyeliner.


Egg this issue talks about the rise in ORA ORA kei (悪羅系) which is originally a guy’s fashion trend. Usually I see it on guys who love Psychedelic Trance. ORAORA guys have short, spiky hair blonde-ish / black with shiny word shirts (REBEL) or psychedelic shirts / super tan skin (it’s a good combo).

ORAORA Gals EGG defines in similar way but girls

Wear: Mostly black, with monotone colors, skinny ripped jeans, Guys big buckle belts with lots of gold or spikes, trucker caps, hints of leopard and gold

Hair: Sleek, pulled back ponytail, fluffy curls with the bangs in a poof pulled back, deep side part and waves, curly ponytail

Make-up: Extremely heavy black smoky eye with lots of mascara combined with a nude matte lip, a brownish blush to echo the tan

Egg talks up the guy side of it, but their ORAORA date style (with sexy Ace) falls apart and just looks gal. However they do list good examples from DIA and Mitsumaru Heaven and Earth (both on 1F of 109) and they also show good examples from the monotone and sparkle GLAD NEWS and using male accessories from Vanquish and giving one girl a make-over with VANS and game’s REBEL shirt.