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Fukuoka! ^_^;;

The bridge to Nakasu

While it might sound odd, I’ve been interested in Fukuoka when I heard it was closer to Shanghai than to Tokyo. Fukuoka has turned out to be the other. Not Kansai or Kantou in its ways, but very much Kyuushu. However, I cannot help but feel a little downhearted by the small glance of gal culture I saw in Fukuoka.

The Cecil McBee window displays and gals outside Core


The main Fukuoka mall of gal culture. However 6(ish) floors are dedicated to gal style, while 2 are for men’s looks. Many not exactly gyaruo. Fukuoka’s concept of 109 the corner for men been done in a stylish way that definitely helps Fukuoka boys become sexy gyaruo. But, I just can’t feel the same for girls. While the girls floors are packed with great 109 brands: Cecil McBee, Lip Service, One*Spo, Glad News, and Cocolulu to name a few. For the most part, the gals I saw inside the stores didn’t reflect the pure style of the brand.

Cocolulu staff girls were on point, but many shopping had bad flat hair and no extensions. The dying seemed lacking as well as tight outfit style I see from the several of the clientele and staff of 109. I even couldn’t call it relaxed like the Osaka gals, instead it just seemed lacking.

Their deco store on B-1 did seem top notch, tough. Love the handle.

To further bastardize Fukuoka gal style, JRock brand Algonquins as well as Lolita powerhouse Angelic Pretty had stores next to gal brands. Out and about in Fukuoka I saw more people in JRock style than gal style. The gal magazines were out and displayed in tons of Fukuoka bookstores, but the lessons on style weren’t reaching the Fukuoka girls.

The 109 Mens floor was a new and welcome addition, featuring men’s brands such as Vanquish, Buffalo Bobs, Glad News, Semantic Design and more..


This is not to say all Fukuoka gals were lacking, I saw a few with cute ideas and even some Agejo style and some with good strong gal looks and one girl with the best short hair I had see Agejo in a long time.

Hostesses and Nakasu

The rows of foodstalls and the crowds around Nakasu

Fukuoka has a tiny island of entertainment district called Nakasu in which tons of hostess clubs were located. It seemed hostess clubs wholly overpowered the host clubs. I didn’t see that many hostesses out and about shopping in Core. At Shinjuku Alta, Agejo wannabe mix with the hostess girls while shopping. This was’t the case for Fukuoka Agejo, which I imagine have strong numbers judging by the amount of kyabakura inside the island.

A giant building housing tons of hostess clubs, possiblty 7 per floor.
A row listing all the clubs inside
They’re calling this a girl’s bar although all the pictures make it look more like an information stop.
Girls bars are more like traditional hostesses, who simply serve drinks and listen on a bar stool next to you.
For some reason every entertainment district has tons of pet shops.
My bet is its a place for hosts to take their customers
It was hard to get a good shot of this place and I cared not to get closer since there seemed to be visible yakuza patrolling the place. It was an entire giant apartment block set-up to be a soapland or “massage” and prostitution building. 8 floors in total, which means a lot of hookin’

Sky Dream Fukuoka

You can take a bus from Tenjin (one of Fukuoka’s main hubs) and head to Evergreen Marinoa outlets. I do not recommend training it since the setting itself is a 20+ minute winding walk from the closest train station. Evergreen Marinoa has Sky Dream Fukuoka. Purportedly the fourth tallest Ferris Wheel, Sky Dream takes 20 minutes to rotate and is a great date spot.

Making the loop better is the large selection of outlets to shop at around it. Everything from ABC Mart shoe store, to gal stores such as Egoist and male-fronted Tornado Mart. All the outlet items were last year’s pieces, but my all time favorite Egoist dress was in there for $40.00, not a bad way to stock up on sexy dresses. However since Lip Service is doing sexy current basics at $40.00 I wasn’t swayed to purchase anything. For those interested in OL there was a Pinky & Diane and also a nice large Coach outlet. Prices appeared to be only 15-25% off at the Coach Outlet, but maybe I was missing some great bargains.

Me and the man taking Ferris Wheel puri
I can’t say I recommend traveling to Fukuoka. Especially since the sheer price to do so: around $800.00 round trip on the Shinkansen. For a small port city, Kobe is much better.

FINISH!! Recent buys, dollywink and more…

Thanks for the tons of questions for the Ask Anything post. I’ll be trying to do one every 2 months as long as the questions/suggestions keep coming in ^_^v

 School’s Over!!!!

After having a few days of being a shut-in and grinding out papers while I had 3 hrs of sleep at a time, I’m done!!! Damn I was exhausted. I celebrated by singing 4 hrs of karaoke that day, margaritas and mexican food.
Got an e-mail from my prof teaching my classes this year, A’s in every class! Woot!!
Heading out for 1000yen 2hr nomihodai with the boys.

Pre-sales have already started at some stores, Glad News, Gilfy, and Mar*s already have sale items. More to come soon!

Fukubukuro’s available:
Liz Lisa‘s 10,000yen for 50,000 of merchandise and a rolling suitcase and 5,000yen for a 10,000yen of merchadise and a bag.
Glad News also has theirs on their rakuten website 10,500 yen for 503,000 yen of mercandise and a bag.
Delyle has a 10000 yen bag and a 5000 yen bag on their website

It’s a hunt to find more, but hopefully those who are looking can grab them. I’m waiting for Lip Service and One*Spo, but I’m still on the fence @ buying the Glad News one.

Recent Buys


My first DIA purchase! My staff-chan was amazingly nice. I love their rough/oraora/haadi/rock style, but I just never nabbed a piece from them. I bought a tee that’s back-front reversable. ^_^

Glad News

I can’t stop buying from this store. They’re prints are too fun. I really appreciate them as a rock-style store that doesn’t take itself seriously.

Their sweater material is so comfy!
Slowly they’ve started to have some great items, and now their presale is making them all around $50USD.
Pre-sale nab, so comfy and warm
I also nabbed the Tsubasa x Backs Ugg boots in black ^_^v
Their popular fake shirt skirt
Worn together
Layers + zips + crazynon English = Gilfy
I haven’t bought much from them this season, but I really love their balloon + stud detailing in this.
Lately these are my everyday boots. A nice & comfy 5cm hidden heel + thigh high length.
Dolly Wink!
I finally found Tsubasa’s new Dolly Wink in Shinagawa station’s Atre. A month in and this is the only place I’ve seen it in Tokyo. In Osaka I saw them everywhere, but Tokyo seems to either be sold out or not distributing it.
Nabbed the case and the bottom Doll lashes for 1760 yen.
I don’t know how I feel about how thick the clear strip is.
On, I have no clue why I look saddish in this. Sorry for the bad lighting >_<;;
They’re good, but I’m not sold on the price vs. bulk lashes. The eyelash case though is fabulous and very travel friendly.
Missing peeps
I’m in my last week of Tokyo and people are leaving for winter break before me and making me all sad.
Me and my boys.
What can I say, I treasure every moment with them and dare people to find funner, nicer, more bitch-karma loving friends. Being without them is making me sad.
Me and Yujin and her man after all-you-can-eat sukiyaki.
She’s probably going to study in the states when I head back to Japan. I’m gonna miss this girl. We’ve been friends since I moved to Japan.

This week in random: Sakurina, Lip Service catalog, Puri, 109 openings, etc…

I will currently be a little slow updating since a friend’s vigorous hug has left me with a bruised rib and detached cartillage…ouch! Slowly more….^__^;;;


This week started off with what forecasters were calling a massive typhoon, but typhoon Melor only came with some rain and a little wind. Mainly pissing off everyone in Japan (including me) who was rearranging their schedules because of the incoming weather. -____-;;

On my daily commute I was heading past Hachiko crossing and saw a Men’s Egg photoshoot. Honestly I was unsure if it was Umeshan or one of the newer models since they have all been fed a steady diet of Umeshan to the point of being clones.

Sakurina + Buffalo Bob’s Renewal
Saturday afternoon was Sakurina’s appearance at 109-2 Buffalo Bob’s renewal. She is part of the fall ad campaign for them, so that’s why she made a meet and greet. However it was wildly flawed. 10 staff for such a small store had them all spilling out and their hiring practices left much to be desired since Buffalo Bob’s only sells suits and host suit accessories, however the staff-tachi were all looking a little more Men’s Non-no than Host Knuckle. It was sadness 😦

The current campaign

The new Buffalo Bob’s store complete with scrolling LED sign

All around the event was poorly planned and executed. Sakurina was sitting by the side and only did meet and greet for those who bought the set (which was 2 people while we were there, yeah awesome idea BB).

The set. Are those droopy drawers, BB?

The rest of the people watching were corralled by a grumpy security guard who used all his authority to police the crowd of 15 mostly made up of schoolgirls. Honestly at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday most hosts, hostesses and party people are waking up from the night before not dressed to shop.

And this was the good secret pic I got to get off

I did however go in and was helped by the one staff who looked slightly host-kei and bought my man a tie. Buffalo Bobs isn’t really my style, but they did have some sexy accessories.

Sakurina herself looked absolutely adorable, and her hair was still short although it looked much more blonde than in pictures. She had a helper fixing her earrings or hair when needed. I must say her nails glittered from across the room. RED! They were fierce! A photographer was buzzing around taking pics of everything so I am sure they will show up on BB’s website and Knuckle soon.

Kentarou showed up and when he waved to a set of high school girls clad in Cocolulu they all squealed. He looked unhealthily skinny while amazingly enough Sakurina looked tiny, but not unhealthy.

My friend and I scoped the rest of 109-2 and he nabbed a vest from xfrm and a gorgeous golden champagne shirt with slight leopard print and diamond fasteninings from Wild Party. Yuiichi his staffkun at Wild Party was calling us “Beautiful Prince and Beautiful Princess” in broken English. He also said “I’m a crazy boy!” lol ohhh Japan ❤

Lady 109 and the new stores

Crazy giant steaming udon bowl in front of 109

I had enough of boys stores (who sadly lack hot men working there most of the time), and we went over to 109 regular to grab some Milk Tea from SBY and scope out the new 8th floor that opened on Friday (as I tweeted about previously). Many of the stores looked very teen-oriented and Ame-kaji hinted. w<3c had one of the best stores with giant stuffed animals that had decoed sparkle eyes. The store was packed with teens.

Acsent Gem had the best new looks IMO. While it reminded me of Glad News and Gilfy, Acsent Gem had a style of its own. Great colors, fun prints, and loved the store front. I nabbed their sequined hotpants, that are reversible. Recession-friendly 2 way clothing is a big trend right now.

1 way
2 way

I also stopped by One*Spo and nabbed some items, along with Lip Service. They have a fabulous just new in dress that I had to nab, since apparently I seem to own every dress from their current season ^___^;; They have a new catalog out and it is not Hoshiaya but other Nuts girls filling in. Love the layout!

Love the slit sleeves
Sorry for these shots, they’re printed on shinier lesser quality paper than the previous catalog
My fave dress and piece of the catalog
New novelties! Even a blanket ❤ I need to remember to shop on those days
Love the cardigan/leggings combination (bottom middle)

My friend and I also took puri afterwards. Urgh hungover hair/face is hungover.

shirt: xfrm
jeans: Wild Party
hat: One*Spo
jacket: h&m (lip service cami under)
skirt: Chille by ANAP

Randomly we saw 5 different gal camera interviews in Shibuya that Saturday

Gal on camera

next up: fall/winter rules, trendspotting, shopping for your shape, host FAQ, men’s mag image drop, hostess image drop, shibuya 109 English guide lulz, and centaa-gai shopping

the week wrap-up: Make, Rocking out, Shoes, Puri, Momoeri

The Make-up obsession

After being obsessed with Gal Mori magazine from my previous post, I had to buy myself some more makey.
The two fake eyelashes are really amazing. Color Change bottom eyelashes are the most flexible and easy to attach bottom eyelashes I’ve ever bought. Having a flexible fake lash is half the battle when using bottom fake eyelashes. These were hella excellent! Although I lost them in the first wear due to hard use (helping a drunk friend comes with makey consequences), I’m absolutely buying them again.
For the top lashes I used Koji’s Takako Style lashes in #12. I prefer half lashes for my top lash since you don’t have to worry about bending or glue melting into your tear duct, but you get the same effect.
Maybelline announced another exte mascara here. I’m not sold on this one. I had the two step process with a lengthener and then a mascara, and this one comes off in clumps. Not recommended. -_-
Visee’s new quad-eye sets are awesome not only for their shades, but their easy to use instructions on the back. $12.00 and the purple reminds me of Urban Decay’s Asphyxia, but for less!
Finally Chanel’s black eyepencil is fabulous. Better than MAC’s because of it’s built in sharpener and smaller line.
V-kei and head corsages
I went with a friend to her beloved band Penicillin‘s live. I’m not really into J-rock, but I don’t shun it either. It also doesn’t hurt that the lead singer, Hakuei, is over 180cm (I think 6’3″) and is covered with tattoos…HOT!! The concert was fun and a recommended experience. I’m seeing them in Yokohama later this year as well~ Good music followed with beef tongue was cool. The concert people made up of mostly older women (since Penicillin the band is older as well), but they were all quite friendly.
Everyone waiting for the live to begin
I decided wear a One*Spo leopard frilly dress, Lip Service cruxifix necklace and One*Spo hairpiece corsage to the event. Censored me because I do not run well on 2 hours of sleep and a hangover -____-;;

I decided to try the head corsage for the event, since dress-up was okay, but I can’t see myself doing it everyday. The current November Egg issue has Romihi and Nonoka modeling them, and outside of modeling Nonoka often wears them.
Nonoka with Aina from Nonoka’s blog
Along with Momoeri and Sakurina, Nonoka is a definite style icon for me. Love her dark gal look!
Puri continued…
I took puri with my good friend, D, on Thursday in Centaagai before dinner together. Puri is fabulous~
The puppy-kitty one on the phone is flash-based with the puppy hopping out continously.
There’s also one that sparkles. Flash puri is awesome ❤
I’m in a Delyle trad jacket, One*Spo dress and skirt
D is in a Lip Service top
Fall shoes: I love you!
I currently have a craving to buy a jillion fall shoes. My quest for the perfect everyday grey thigh high boots continues as well. I tend to walk over a mile a day in Japan in heels on busted streets, so shoes die really quickly. Four recent purchases as I continue my black streak.
By: Flag-J
Simply and easy short western boots
By: R&E
Hidden wedge 3 fake zipper 3 fake buckles, one fabulous side zip. So comfy
By: R&E
Do you see how slick the red part is? I’m gunna die.
Love the thin heel and hidden platform.
By: Flag-J
Super sexy, but the heel kills me.
I need shoe inspiration. What’s on your fall shoe list to buy?

Momoeri in Men’s Spider

Momoeri appears on the cover and on 3 fashion spread pages in Men’s Spider.The spread looks quite classy.


Exte, Make, Puri, Gilfy, and Shopping

Dye and New Exte

I went to Argent Sue again to get exte. They stuck by their ability to be cheap yet the atmosphere not as fun as my old place, Line. However, they are cheap and unlike every other exte/este place I visit, I can make an appointment that day or even walk in since they are not so busy. Carry  usually takes a week to get in, so by constrast Argent Sue is stress-free.

I got my hair dyed and cut first at Dude Salon. Owned by a Japanese man who studied hair in England. He imports his dyes, which is a lifesaver for us with non-Asian hair, since white hair dyes differently and so dyes developed for white hair are obviously better for the result and the health of your hair. The upstairs is all for English speakers and the lighting is quite lovely (no worries about staring at yourself in harsh lights while you look like a tin foil origami project) and the chill music and staff made you feel at ease. Dude is totally recommended, and he did a great job on my bangs, which I can be quite picky about.

Image from the current issue of Jelly I got obsessed over.
Short hair me result, which doesn’t last long
Argent Sue to the rescue!
Other side with less red
MAC is love
Afterward I went to MAC and shopped my happy heart out. I had a painful eye issue that made me throw out all my eyemake, but thanks to the geniuses at MAC I am happily stocked up.
Gel Fluid liner in Black and brush
Eyeshadow in Paradisco and Cranberry
Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC20
Jelly x NYX Make-up
Speaking of Jelly… Jelly x NYX Make have started a new campaign.
Their cream glitter shadows as seen from the current Jelly issue look great.
At $14.00 it’s not a bad price to try new make-up out 🙂
One*Spo love ❤
Then I headed to 109. I met my girl Mai in Lip Service and the dress from Atom night was in store, yay! I got it in pink 🙂 Also some more goodies. I got some bits from One*Spo as well, and my favorite staff-chan was there. I love her to pieces and when I asked to take a pic of her for my blog, she made me step into as well.
I was terribly unphotogenic in this pic, so it’s censored ^_^;;
I also look like a giant next to her, lol being 5’7″-5’8″ (171cm) with a large frame in a country of short tiny people does that ^_^;
I do love this pic because Kie-chan is styled in perfect One-Spo look.
She’s wearing tough looking clothes while looking super cute.
Puri Obsession~
Later that day I met up with a friend for dinner and puri. I’m absolutely addicted to purikura and obsessed with the machines where you can get all 6 on your phone.
Me: Lip Service hoodie onsie + Lip Service necklace
Him: Wild Party and Diablo belt
He’s censored since I didn’t ask if I could use his pic for this blog ^_^;
Gilfy News
In Osaka at Anti-Sanal Gilfy I was handed a flyer, thought I’d share the new and coming Gilfy pieces with y’all too 🙂
Tsubasa collab city! Personally I’m wishing for the Gilfy mirror ^_^v