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ReDark revamped website

Redark, welcome back!

Finally going back to its AmeKaji college roots with an adorable webpage design is up and looks cute! 3 adorable backgrounds to download, too!

Judging by what’s new on their webstore, ReDark is heading back to its colorful roots after a detour.

Some of my personal favorites from their new items:

This looks so comfy for the Spring/Summer transition

I would have loved to have this outfit vacationing last week.

So cute! Want this!

Kudos ReDark for getting back to your cute AmeKaji ways, let’s hope it keeps up! They are following the trend of Spring pastels, known as Sherbert colors in Japan. Aren’t they so fresh!

Fall Fashion – The Reality Part II (originally from kogal_panel)

Fall Fashion part two  

Wow this was a lot to assemble so it might be a while between the next one ^_^;;;;

This part includes: Moko-moko, more shoe info, deco, gilfy catalog, redark, cecil mcbee catalog, Ranzuki’s trends

A SHOE addition
I looked around in 109, Alta and other small gal stores to see what was up with pumps, since I am sure some of you might not enjoy boots all the time. Lately the pump style is shown or hidden platform and PLAID. Plaid pumps and furry pumps with fur puffs on the toe , or sweater like ones. EEK all of this fabric and the dirty streets of Tokyo~!

Pink Gilfy Sexy shoes

ReDark’s great representation of a chic plaid pump


Meaning fluffy and furry. It’s like the legions of 109 gals are stealing the fur off of teddy bears and wearing it around. Personally I love it. This is becoming  a big trend and I see the style done all the way (like as you see on my vest) or with trim on sweatshirts, boots, shortpants and dresses.

This teddybear vest is from Love Boat


Nails are becoming medium deco, with some raised details. Not the nails that look like anything is impossible anymore (giant bows and impossibly long). However there’s a huge boom in decoing everything else.
          Cigarette cases
          Phones (of course)
          Deco phone charms Pingmag did a really great article recently on decoing, check out the amazing pictures.
The two most common gal deco stores are Glam Baby and Bling Me. Glam Baby does amazing work and they’re known for their custom and 3-d work. I highly recommend the shop in Harajuku, they work within a price range and their custom work is awesome. A stop by their Harajuku store is a must just to look at their talents, they’re even better than on their website!
Bling Me has a new store on the floor of 109-2 that does Hello Kitty work. It’s a sparkly wonderful land, however their showcase store is inside of Shinjuku Station East Exit across from the Betsey Johnson store.
Bling Me works only with Swarovski crystals and their prices can be much higher than Glam Baby’s for it. However they do great small pieces.

I picked up this baby bling at Glam Baby, the arms and heart body are movable.


This is my Hello Kitty pill case I had custom done for me at Bling Me.
My Hello Kitty phone bling from Bling Me.

This is my custom Chanel Compact done by Glam Baby, I’m so in love with the 3-d crown, Chanel is Queen!


Deco is rising and there are d-i-y deco kits in every accessories store, however if you want yours done right I suggest going to the professionals.
There’s a new store in 109 on the 4th floor called Bumblebee. Cute name~! They also have cute clothes, with a girly rock electro feel to them. It’s a great small shop and the staff were super friendly.
My star cropped cardigan with sparkle.
…which brings me to another trend
It’s my prediction that Cardigans will become very big soon. Bumblebee with their star one, Spiral Girl has an awesome guitar one with music note buttons.
MUSIC – the new sweets
Rock-kei is where it’s at this winter, and it’s all about rocking out. Music note earrings are huge everywhere. Music notes are the new sweets for accessories. They’[l surely spill into clothes more as well.


GILFY Catalog
Gify’s catalog is a decently sized magazine that came with a free shirt for 1200yen in total.
Mainly it’s photoshoots, some more high fashion others more about mixing old and new. Gilfy is all about making a style yours including adding your own style touches. They show this with combining vintage clothes with Gilfy’s own current line.
Almost to the end is their current clothing catalog. Mostly its sturdy hoodies and jackets with silver button detailing and ties. There’s either torn details with the denim or its grommeted (sometimes unflattering IMO ^_^;;). Plaid and classic winter knit details go throughout the catalog along with leatherette accessories.
Gilfy is considered to be very ROCK style, and as always its good to stick with darker colors, add punky accessories and keep it clean. Invest in a great pair of black leather boots.

Just look at this shop staff spread, doing it right.

The legwarmer ones I brought up in the legwarmer post


There can be some easy styling confusion for those who are also j-rock fans.  The lines should be clean and less of a punk influence. Also shortpants are an easy way to bring a style to GAL ROCK-kei.
Since RE-DARK is part of the GILFY umbrella, I’ll bring it up since it was in the catalog.
IMO REDARK is the store that does the closest AME-KAJI that is actually American Casual as us yanks see it. Since the trend this season in Ame-KAJI is HIKING (will talk more about this later); lumberjack plaids and roughneck jackets compete with charming corduroy jumpers and frilly knit shirts with bears and adorable sayings. Their key to boots this season is suede-like with overlap.

I want this dress, cute colors!

Notice her great preppy colors and plaid pumps

Cecil is the other 109 shop that I saw a catalog magazine for. Theirs came with a cute cookie mirror combo that was available in 3 adorable colors.
Cecil relies on a lot of animal prints. Leopard leggings, Dalmatian print dresses and scarves, zebra sweater dresses. As I think I’ve explained before CECIL often carries two dueling styles in their stores, one a very ADULT almost OL-kei (Office-lady kei) and another is this cute slightly edgy younger girl. I will assign ADULT or YOUNG to their 14 style keywords they bring up in the magazine.
1.       Knit Material – Adult with enlarged hounds tooth and Chanel Like cardigans, Young with oversized knits drapped over tshirts and plaid skirts.
2.       Plaid – Young, although adult in coat this is more with their rock influences this season.
3.       Winter Coat – Adult with structured and sweet larger collars, young with a hiking rough style
4.       Nordic Pattern – Adult girly
5.       Knit Parka – young with brown accents
6.       Knit One-Piece –Adult with faux-suit touches
7.       Fur Vest – watched your tiny ones, rabbit is in this year, Adult
8.       Shirt Collar Knit – fake shirt collars with light sweaters, Adult
9.       Parka Jacket – A combination button up jacket with hoodie, Young
10.   Dots Pattern – Adult and frilly
11.   Mokomoko Parka – Young and sweet style
12.   Ensemble Knit – British influenced with a plaid skirt and hounds tooth scarf, Adult
13.   Poncho – a rollover from last year, Young
14.   Dalmatian print- adorable and Adult
Really I think Cecil hit the fall trends spot on and it’s a great place to look if you’re coming this fall for any style you enjoy, although many of their trends are not easily translate-able when shopping abroad.


I just bought Ranzuki’s November issue and since they have made themselves the go to for Ame-Kaji, they’re the best ones to look for to see trends coming out of that style.
Their points getting casual are:
1.       An old-style t-shirt, their example is the Smurfs.
2.       A plaid boys style shirt
3.       Boys denim
4.       Jumpers (scallopette)
5.       Cut-off denim
6.       T-shirt onepieces
A few more points are striped athletic kneehigh socks, sneakers, rock t-shirts are a big time, anything mokomoko is great, engineer boots (their example is white), spangle trucker cap, rucksack, snow boots, grey and khaki, lumberjack plaid, sunglasses


Outside of AME-KAJI they mention a point that is great for all GALS. The point of this season is STRONG. Like all the plaids are not small elegant plaids but big lumberjack ones. Black is in, but with a good strong color like purple, green or pink next to it. Or bold prints that take up an entire shirt. Contrasts are very popular this season.

STRONG looks


…wow that’s a lot.