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Thanksgiving, Saike & Tokyo Guide prt1 McDs

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who commented on the previous post. I hesitated on posting it because I worried how my statements would be taken, so I really thank the positive and constructive response everyone gave. ❤

Yay Thanksgiving

So those of you in the States are winding up to the family pigfest that is Thanksgiving. But, sadly there is no Thanksgiving in Japan, so 20 expats are forced to huddle together and eat a potluck Thanksgiving in honor. It’s downright impossible to find turkey in Japan unless you’re ordering on-line, so we dealt with chicken surrounded by all the goodness of cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatos, and pumpkin pie. A German, some Japanese, a Canadian Native and two Swedes also came to the event.

Blurry but there’s me in the back
In my local 7-11 on October 31 started stocking Christmas cakes. Tokyo Disney World already had Christmas trees up when I went on Halloween. It’s surreal, the fall holiday season is unknown here, except for MARON gentei items. Which is chestnut (thanks Anon!), and gentei meaning seasonal.

Saike Saikou!
After the Thanksgiving celebration I headed to the Tokyo Next Gen psychedelic trance event featuring Gataka and Zikimoto as well as Ace. Ace decided to schedule a dj week where he played Friday his usual Rebel night at Atom, then take a plane to Fukuoka and dj at the Soul Japan release event, and then fly back Sunday and dj at the Tokyo Next Gen. I saw him play both Friday and Sunday and all I can say is the man looks like he’ll be having a massive hangover for a week.
Sigh Ace is awesome, I will miss hearing him play when I head back to the states. Sunday was my last time >_< More on Ace on the OraOra article coming up, so stay tuned!
I didn’t know cameras were legal at the event, so you have to settle for LQ camera phone pics >_< The djs were great, I got pretty drank, and everyone was nice and sharing their alcohol. I was the only foriegner that I could spot other than the djs and 2 of their security. It was quite surreal. ^_^;;
The crazy venue which had a giant screen playing psychedelic videos and the half-circle the djs played in.
DJ Ace in the center of Zikimoto. *happy sigh*
Half of Zikimoto working the tables
Gataka rockin’ out. If you haven’t listened to them, they’re recommended!
Me and a girl I was drinking with. It was 5:00 and we were both suitably gone.
Tokyo Guide: Centaagai – McDonalds
Throughout the month I’ll be working to be your tourist guide around gal places and fun things to do in Tokyo. Hopefully if you make a trip you’ll be thoroughly informed where to go.
The big crossroads on a rainy day
The Centaagai McDonalds is centrally located in the big crosssection. So of course it’s a destination for gals, but more than that it’s a great place to people watch. The 2nd floor smoking area is where you’ll find most of the gyaruo and gyaru. Mostly they’re highschool age, since McDonalds is of course cheap. On the 2nd floor there’s a great row of seats where you can look down at Centaagai and people watch to your hearts content.
The great view.
Since you’re in Japan and at a McDonalds, try the Shaka Shaka Chicken. It’s on the 100 yen menu and delicious!
The smoking area closes at 8:30 so be sure to get your watching on until then ^_^

Powah Kitti, Psychelic Trance, Nails, and Men’s

Powah Kitti!

Getting my digital camera done was the biggest deco item I had planned to get professionally done here. I went with friends to Glam Baby at Shinjuku’s Alta to decide on a piece. I had some rough sketches but all were running into roadblocks of not enough impact or harder to concieve. Since I leveled up to the iphone 3g in the states, I wasn’t able to use my kitty case anymore so I knew I wanted to do something about my kitten Luna.

We played around with several realistic designs and then my friend took pen to paper and drew this cat. I added the background and well… I’m 100% in love! The deco process itself took 3 days for my deco artist to create, and it’s absolutely true to the drawing. The design known to me and my lovely deco artist as POWAA KITTI! Nyan to the rescue! It makes me smile when I look at it and cameras should have that effect on people 😀

She’s gunna get you~!
Sparkle sparkle~!

I also had some leftover Siam Swarovski to which I did my new MAC eyeshadow brush with. Simple, but effective.

My special Gold Chanel lipgloss also got the kirakira treatment 🙂


I went to Carry Shibuya on Saturday and I was admittedly a bit hungover. I was also unsure about design but I knew I wanted to do black on black for some. Since nails take an hour to come off I had some time to decide the rest. My nailist nails were fabulous so I decided to do a take on hers.

Her starting to paint on acrylic and mold it. No tips in Japanese nails.
The acrylic all on.
Final product! Leopard print, giant acrylic made heart + ribbons on the thumbs
Mega big stones = love
The undersides with the acrylic heart
My nailist’s gorgeous nails.
I am betting the Ayu symbol is for Ayumi Hamasaki’s concert series Wed-Fri here in Tokyo.

We were talking and it turns out she also loves psychedelic trance (saike). Carry in its locations has flat tv screens showing movies or music videos. At the time they were showing hiphop and my nailist admitted she wasn’t such a big fan, so she leaves for a sec and when she comes back a DVD of a large Tokyo saike rave was playing. It was amazing both Skazi and Astrix were there along others. I even spotted Atom fave DJ Ozawa in the crowd of the event due to his unique hair. 😀

The rave itself was put on by Vision Quest. They have an event coming up November 29th that I definitely want to attend. Astrix will be there again 😀

While I was getting my nails done a Haadi gal came in and sat next to me and we started talking about saike. The conversation moves on and apparently she saw the Gaijin Gal episode and thought it was fabulous. woot! Nice to hear some support 😀

Carry Shibuya with their giant deco Hello Kitty
Pink girl in hat was the Haadi girl
BONUS! The haadi girl’s 3-d Hello Kitty cellphone
It was suprisingly light.

Saike from Friday

Friends and I went to the Buffalo Bob and Rebel event at Atom. DJ Ace is one of my favorite djs to hear play and is also the founder and owner of Rebel Clothing. My first post on universaldoll was actually about OraOraKei īŧˆæ‚Ēįž…įŗģ), the style Ace personifies and helps create. That was back in 2008, but this year they now have their own magazine called Soul Japan now on its 3rd issue. The style is rising with guys who reject the host-o and ame-kaji styles that are dominating the male market.

Oraora guys follow DJ Ace wherever he is playing, and man loves to travel with posse. However it’s easy to spot him since he’s well over 6 feet and hot ^_~ He’s playing this weekend at Shinjuku M’s on the 23rd for the Psychadelic Rave #5 release party. If you’re free this weekend and in Tokyo I suggest DJ Ace and crew to the rescue. My booty will be in Osaka so sadly no Ace for me.

Atom Last Friday, from Ace’s blog
Ace in the cave from my viewpoint

Buffalo Bobs was out to support and handing small towels to a couple lucky enough to get them. Buffalo Bobs doesn’t impress me much as a clothing store, but I was beyond happy that most of the main Men’s Knuckle models showed up to the event. Even my personal fave, Naotaka. Hosts from Club Fantasy were also there (a really fun host club to go to!).

Knuckle model Naotaka with Dj Ozawa the morning after.
Ozawa says 1,200 people were there that night :o!
Men’s 109-2 is enlarging with many new stores. The Barbie store on the first floor is now replaced by Backs-looking Vagrancy Freedom. It’s nice to see some more looks for the guys, but I do wonder if it’s too much too soon.
Also there is a giant Men’s Egg ad outside of 109-2
Daichi, Yukihide and the rest are GIANTS 😀