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SALES! Universal Doll is selling!

Universal Doll now has a sales blog. Up now are 10+ Deco, Gal, Gyaruo and Host magazines from the classic time of 2007-2008.

Ageha, Deco&Deco, Deco Venus, Popteen, Egg, Nuts, Men’s Egg, Men’s Egg Youth, Men’s Egg Core, Men’s Knuckle, Men’s Roses, Men’s Digger.

So much hotness for sale it’s bound to make your cheeks blush ^_^v

More sales to come on shoes, bags and clothes from Gilfy, Glad News, One*Spo, Delyle and more!

Edit: Just added 2 Gilfy onepieces and a One*Spo jacket

Sexay, sexay.


The giant Girls Voice in Harajuku (Love Boat, LB03, LDS, Heels Uptown) and their sales signs

July is the best and worst time to live in Japan. It’s horribly hot, you’re always sweating and it threatens to rain every 4 days. Except that July is the best time to come to Japan! Why?

S A L E S !!!!

Most everything goes on sale starting July 1st. OIOI has already started while stores like Glad News, Gilfy and Spiral Girl have already started their pre-sales with 30% off or more. 109 in Machida has already busted out their full sale. Brands like Dior and Chanel are on sale to regular old clothing. The stores are jammed, the sales staff yell through megaphones until their voices hurt– it’s absolute madness!

Since summer in Japan can often last til the end of September (2007 it was like that), buying summer clothes even in July last you for 3 months at least! Stores often bring out new clothes just for the sales, Gilfy has several sets just for the sale.

Gilfy’s cute bear advertisement outside of their 109 store for their shirt + vest special set.

So for those brave enough here are some sale tips:

– don’t go on the weekends
– buy monotone or basics useful for Fall
– nab some classic shoes
– then finally grab bits of totally trendy items

Some new buys (prt 2) aka Mitsu is a shopping whore

Okay it was my b-day and all b-day girls should be allowed to shop til their heart’s content!


Damn I did damage at this store. They have great monotone looks that work well with other stores.

I love this shirt, the bilevel black/white is really flattering. Delyle understands a girl’s body.

I keep wearing this vest. When I paired it with the Cecil McBee pants and other monotone items with fauxhawk curls, I got called “oshare” by shopstaff. Everyone calls gaijin kawaii, but to get stylish, ahhh my heart flutters!

Too bad it was being dried from the laundry so it doesn’t look as fabulous in the picture, but I think it’s an adorable style.

My favorite dress to pair with the jacket!


After ragging on Gilfy I’ve finally seem some cute summer pieces emerge.

Love the color and the cut. It’s fully open at the sides and has a great buckle detail at the back. Looks cute with a tank top or without.

Great pairing of blacks and you can zip up the skirt to show a peak of Zebra or keep it closed for all black.

One of my favorite things I’ve bought recently combining frills and vertical stripes. The loose fit and princess cut seaming is just perfect for summer and anyone’s body.

Cecil McBee

Combining the popular fake vest and strap styling with a cute color and motif! I dig this! The suspenders clasp at the back. It’s very loose and summer casual.

I was wearing this while shopping in Delyle and the shopstaff girl had to pull the other girls to look at this tee. It does look very Delyle, but I couldn’t resist the glitter. Apparently the Delyle shopstaff can’t either ^_^

Cecil took harem pants and made this. Every Cecil staff I know bought them and my friend also had to buy a pair. So many pockets make them perfect for clubbing! Best paired with high heels.

It’s like every tee in 109 with a girl in a bold print and glitter. This is everywhere! I had to buy t for the proper English “We make the streets our runway!“. HELL TO THE YES! The Doll might have a new catchphrase ^_^v

Lip Service

I usually don’t buy LipService Japan. Mainly because my boobs + their clothes looks a little too much. However I couldn’t resist the cute cut casual top.

On sale for 3000 yen. Princess seams and a loose cut, and I’m wearing it to Disney Sea!


I am the biggest One*Spo whore, so it was only fitting that I buy my birthday outfit from them. Kie who is the cutest shopstaff in the world was wearing the blue and red of this. I settled on Monotone Marine with cute loose thigh-high leggings. It was sexycute, exactly what I want to be on my birthday ^_^


I finally bought a logo tee, pictured is the back. Why Not? Sexy Glamorous The Egocentric Beauty. I feel BEAUTY. I feel GORGEOUS. I feel LUXURY, butstill never felt so satisfied just I’m in EG.
LOL! Yeah! Exactly ~_^

Glad News

Yet again GN delivers! I got a big bruise on my thigh and needed something sexy to cover it up. So this was bought. My picture doesn’t do it justice. The color, the length, the flow. I want to go to Hawaii just to put it on as a glamorous beach coverup.

The fabulous SakuRina of Ageha fame is wearing the Spiral Girl maxidress similar to the Glad News one, but after trying both on the Glad News one is much more flattering. I love resortgal!

Layla Rose

I am not the biggest Layla Rose shopper, mainly because it’s right when you enter 109 and so if you buy there you might be missing out on other treasures. But for 5000 yen (50.00USD approx) for the jacket and romper was a price I couldn’t pass up. The romper’s buttons are fake so no embarrassing gaping, and the shorts of it are lined so no nude panties needed. Very casual and great for this humid weather ^_^;;;


They are running the shoe game. Flag-J and R&E are slightly boring this summer.

The bows glitter and mules always make your legs look longer, so yes and yes!

That’s it probably until summer sales start end of June. Although the weather sucks then, the sales are amazing. We make the streets our runway, ladies.