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the week wrap-up: Make, Rocking out, Shoes, Puri, Momoeri

The Make-up obsession

After being obsessed with Gal Mori magazine from my previous post, I had to buy myself some more makey.
The two fake eyelashes are really amazing. Color Change bottom eyelashes are the most flexible and easy to attach bottom eyelashes I’ve ever bought. Having a flexible fake lash is half the battle when using bottom fake eyelashes. These were hella excellent! Although I lost them in the first wear due to hard use (helping a drunk friend comes with makey consequences), I’m absolutely buying them again.
For the top lashes I used Koji’s Takako Style lashes in #12. I prefer half lashes for my top lash since you don’t have to worry about bending or glue melting into your tear duct, but you get the same effect.
Maybelline announced another exte mascara here. I’m not sold on this one. I had the two step process with a lengthener and then a mascara, and this one comes off in clumps. Not recommended. -_-
Visee’s new quad-eye sets are awesome not only for their shades, but their easy to use instructions on the back. $12.00 and the purple reminds me of Urban Decay’s Asphyxia, but for less!
Finally Chanel’s black eyepencil is fabulous. Better than MAC’s because of it’s built in sharpener and smaller line.
V-kei and head corsages
I went with a friend to her beloved band Penicillin‘s live. I’m not really into J-rock, but I don’t shun it either. It also doesn’t hurt that the lead singer, Hakuei, is over 180cm (I think 6’3″) and is covered with tattoos…HOT!! The concert was fun and a recommended experience. I’m seeing them in Yokohama later this year as well~ Good music followed with beef tongue was cool. The concert people made up of mostly older women (since Penicillin the band is older as well), but they were all quite friendly.
Everyone waiting for the live to begin
I decided wear a One*Spo leopard frilly dress, Lip Service cruxifix necklace and One*Spo hairpiece corsage to the event. Censored me because I do not run well on 2 hours of sleep and a hangover -____-;;

I decided to try the head corsage for the event, since dress-up was okay, but I can’t see myself doing it everyday. The current November Egg issue has Romihi and Nonoka modeling them, and outside of modeling Nonoka often wears them.
Nonoka with Aina from Nonoka’s blog
Along with Momoeri and Sakurina, Nonoka is a definite style icon for me. Love her dark gal look!
Puri continued…
I took puri with my good friend, D, on Thursday in Centaagai before dinner together. Puri is fabulous~
The puppy-kitty one on the phone is flash-based with the puppy hopping out continously.
There’s also one that sparkles. Flash puri is awesome ❤
I’m in a Delyle trad jacket, One*Spo dress and skirt
D is in a Lip Service top
Fall shoes: I love you!
I currently have a craving to buy a jillion fall shoes. My quest for the perfect everyday grey thigh high boots continues as well. I tend to walk over a mile a day in Japan in heels on busted streets, so shoes die really quickly. Four recent purchases as I continue my black streak.
By: Flag-J
Simply and easy short western boots
By: R&E
Hidden wedge 3 fake zipper 3 fake buckles, one fabulous side zip. So comfy
By: R&E
Do you see how slick the red part is? I’m gunna die.
Love the thin heel and hidden platform.
By: Flag-J
Super sexy, but the heel kills me.
I need shoe inspiration. What’s on your fall shoe list to buy?

Momoeri in Men’s Spider

Momoeri appears on the cover and on 3 fashion spread pages in Men’s Spider.The spread looks quite classy.


Gilfy for Fall 09

Gilfy is already out with their Fall merchandise. Even a set of cardigans were available in store during a day where it is hideously hot outside.

Front and Back of the Autumn looks. The dress and jacket on the bottom left looks amazing. Their engineer boots and hat offerings seem repetitive from the last two seasons, but the boots did look hot. I tried on their lame sneakers, but I don’t know how awesome they looked on, I’m undecided about them.

The camisoles seemed too basic in person, but the clutch bag looks hot. Too bad it’s $100 USD.

Of course since I’m a shopping whore I had to nab some items…

Same tee on the bottom right of the flyer. Hurrah for Gilfy’s crazy nonenglish!

Backs fitted jacket in comfy knit. Love the back.

I absolutely love these pumps. They look insane in blue as well. A little too big, so I’ll have to buy some foot pads to keep them comfy.

I nabbed these through summer sale, from $134 USD to $54 USD!! Very comfy and perfect until it gets too chilly for toes.

Gilfy seems to be headed in the right direction for Fall (after a few questionable seasons), I’m looking to more great styles from them.

Let’s talk shoes

I love shoes. I don’t care what type, I love love love me some shoes. My first time living in Japan for a long time, I calculated I bought so many shoes it was at least one pair every two weeks. ^_^;;

Shoe sizing in Japan

What size am I and can I buy shoes?

This converter is accurate for number sizing here

Now then there’s letter sizing for many of shoes in Japan which is as follows: S – M – L – LL
Gilfy says S to LL is: S:22.5cm ・ M:23.5cm ・ L:24.5cm ・ LL: 25cm

For example I’m an 8.5 US which makes me a 24.5 or an L in Japan. Of course this can vary from shoe to shoe, but it’s pretty truthful.

Many 109 stores only sell shoes up to an L size, but sometimes its only M. Cocolulu had a cute Nike sneaker last year and they only went up to an M, also Glad News tends to go up to an M although their M can be roomy.

So if you’re over a 9, you’re outta luck in Japan.

I’m an LL where do I shop?

Bonita in 109-2 and Shinjuku Alta carry a good selection of LL shoes. Randa (locations), however, has an amazing LL selection. Randa on Takeshita above Happy House has such a great shoe amount and plenty of booths to sit down and take your time trying on shoes.

Bonus! Both stores are pretty cheap by Japanese standards.

I want leather shoes

Most of the time, good luck on that. LDS sometimes does leather, or the most realistic fake leather I’ve ever felt. There’s also a Nine West on Omotesando, but their prices are high. Prepare to pay the price for leather.

What’s a good shoe in Japan?

First of all it’s important to consider the streets of Japan.

They suck! They’re tilted, craggy and have guides for the blind around busy areas such as train stations. The guides for the blind are excellent and it’s amazing watching the blind navigate some of the busiest train stations on their own, but it’s hell on shoes.

The left pic shows the bars and bumps for the blind. These really hurt after a while.

Examples of good shoes and why:

The strapped pump

Brand: Bonita
Heel height: 3 inches (8 cm)

These have a solid heel along with a great snap in and out of strap. This helps since you have to take off your shoes in Japanese dressing rooms and houses. The bottom of the sole is rubberized and textured for traction and some protection from the blind bumps.

Brand: Randa
Heel height: 4 inches (10 cm)
Platfom: .5 inch (1.5 cm)

The platform keeps you safe from blind bumps. Also, the straps hold you in, keeping down blisters from slippage. My perfect gal pump.

Gal tip: Remember when buying straps to buy them low the two above and not fastening at the ankle. Ankle straps make your legs look shorter.

The classic pump

Brand: Rossessence (RE)
Heel height: 2.5 inches (6.5 cm)

The heel is perfect for a long walk, but there is no platform so the blind bumps can get painful. This can be solved with a great thick insole in the toe.

Sexy Sandals

Brand: Bonita
Heel height: 3 inches (8 cm)

Some toe padding, and mules are easy to walk in. Make sure you buy a tight enough mule so you’re not slipping around.

Brand: Flag-J
Heel height: 4 inches (10 cm)
Platform: 1 inch (2.5 cm)

I just got these resoled (more later). These have a cushioned toe base making them amazingly comfortable. The ankle strap and wedge add stability. My all time favorite sandal. Gilfy also has cushioned toe bases in all their shoes, which makes their very tall platforms pretty easy to walk in.

Shoe care:
Three of the shoes above have been resoled and cleaned up. For about 14.0o USD it’s a great way of keeping the shoes you love looking nice. No one looks hot with busted shoes. If they’re a classic, don’t buy new just redo!


Insoles: An absolute must!

The ones on the left are my favorite. I have high arches and these provide arch support and heel comfort as well. The heel gel inserts on the left help slipping and are concealed easy in sandals. Bonita will give you free insoles if you ask for them when buying a shoe, most of the time they’re cheap and wear out but hey, they’re free and they also are usually made with charcoal to help foot odor!

Tokyu Hands (Shibuya store) has several insole options if you need a pair in Japan. They’re a bit pricier than in the US, but their selection is good.

Pump stockings

Sweating and rubbing causes blisters, so Japanese heel socks are a must in the summer. Cheap Muji has several options with extra toe and heel support built in. Tip: double up if 1 pair isn’t working for you. Shinjuku store: (東京都渋谷区 神宮前 1-12-7 B1~2F, take a right after leaving the Kabukicho exit. It’s about 2 streets past Alta on the same road).

If you’re curious:

Most apartments have a shoe closet, here’s mine.

Left to right: Nike Pink Air Jordans, Brooks Running shoe
Marc by Marc flipflops, Pink havianas, Randa heels, Bonita Heels, R&E heels
Flag-J sandals, Bonita mules

I have a lot of room to fill ^_^v!

Then again you can ignore my info. I saw a woman yesterday walking the streets of Shibuya in limited edition 2005 Louis Vuitton perforated peep-toes. She was working it, but I felt bad for those precious limiteds. Save the designer for when you’re in a car.