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FINISH!! Recent buys, dollywink and more…

Thanks for the tons of questions for the Ask Anything post. I’ll be trying to do one every 2 months as long as the questions/suggestions keep coming in ^_^v

 School’s Over!!!!

After having a few days of being a shut-in and grinding out papers while I had 3 hrs of sleep at a time, I’m done!!! Damn I was exhausted. I celebrated by singing 4 hrs of karaoke that day, margaritas and mexican food.
Got an e-mail from my prof teaching my classes this year, A’s in every class! Woot!!
Heading out for 1000yen 2hr nomihodai with the boys.

Pre-sales have already started at some stores, Glad News, Gilfy, and Mar*s already have sale items. More to come soon!

Fukubukuro’s available:
Liz Lisa‘s 10,000yen for 50,000 of merchandise and a rolling suitcase and 5,000yen for a 10,000yen of merchadise and a bag.
Glad News also has theirs on their rakuten website 10,500 yen for 503,000 yen of mercandise and a bag.
Delyle has a 10000 yen bag and a 5000 yen bag on their website

It’s a hunt to find more, but hopefully those who are looking can grab them. I’m waiting for Lip Service and One*Spo, but I’m still on the fence @ buying the Glad News one.

Recent Buys


My first DIA purchase! My staff-chan was amazingly nice. I love their rough/oraora/haadi/rock style, but I just never nabbed a piece from them. I bought a tee that’s back-front reversable. ^_^

Glad News

I can’t stop buying from this store. They’re prints are too fun. I really appreciate them as a rock-style store that doesn’t take itself seriously.

Their sweater material is so comfy!
Slowly they’ve started to have some great items, and now their presale is making them all around $50USD.
Pre-sale nab, so comfy and warm
I also nabbed the Tsubasa x Backs Ugg boots in black ^_^v
Their popular fake shirt skirt
Worn together
Layers + zips + crazynon English = Gilfy
I haven’t bought much from them this season, but I really love their balloon + stud detailing in this.
Lately these are my everyday boots. A nice & comfy 5cm hidden heel + thigh high length.
Dolly Wink!
I finally found Tsubasa’s new Dolly Wink in Shinagawa station’s Atre. A month in and this is the only place I’ve seen it in Tokyo. In Osaka I saw them everywhere, but Tokyo seems to either be sold out or not distributing it.
Nabbed the case and the bottom Doll lashes for 1760 yen.
I don’t know how I feel about how thick the clear strip is.
On, I have no clue why I look saddish in this. Sorry for the bad lighting >_<;;
They’re good, but I’m not sold on the price vs. bulk lashes. The eyelash case though is fabulous and very travel friendly.
Missing peeps
I’m in my last week of Tokyo and people are leaving for winter break before me and making me all sad.
Me and my boys.
What can I say, I treasure every moment with them and dare people to find funner, nicer, more bitch-karma loving friends. Being without them is making me sad.
Me and Yujin and her man after all-you-can-eat sukiyaki.
She’s probably going to study in the states when I head back to Japan. I’m gonna miss this girl. We’ve been friends since I moved to Japan.

Christmas at 109

It’s not Christmass or even X-mas, it’s X-Madonna at 109!

Christmas-time is a big shopping celebration at 109, but of course Christmas is a date night here. The #1 date night. That means party and date dresses pop up in 109 stores. I know people think it might be for New Years, but New Years is actually more of the family event in Japan with soba and Hatsumode. Stores usually also have freebies this time of year to get people into the buying mood more.

I am currently hunting for a party dress to take back to the States for NYE, there are a lot of options now at 109 ^_^v

Lip Service in Christmas

Lip Service has put out another catalog and it’s filled with all the dreamy goodness a girl could want for Japanese Christmas.

Fabulous looks by the Jelly girls. It really plays into the single girl or girl getting ready for a date. I love the couple underwear on the last page. Too cute!

Lip Service also has a relationship with Nuts (as seen previously) and they toted Lip’s new line in their January issue (yes both Jelly and Nuts are already out with their January issues ^_^;;). I love their riders coat and the Betty Boop dress looks cute paired with their bowtie.
I think that ribbon corset velveteen dress is cute, and possibly for New Years. What do you think? Yay or nay on that dress?
Their first roomwear collectionr releases this Friday (11/27). Their eyemasks look luxurious, so I am tempted to buy them.
Of course since the glasses freebie set and eyeset came out last Friday you know I had to get my purchasing on. *sigh* I know 3 of the staff-chans there. We chat when they’re free.
New shoes from Lip Service!
My first Lippy pair! Love the stud detailing on the ankle strap.
On the Betty Boop catalog page the model is wearing the red version of these.
I also nabbed the Christmas gift set.
Eyelashes + eyelash glue + body lotion. A clever gal set.
The were three eyelash choices, I chose the Cool set, which (hopefully) you can see purple on the outer corners of the lashes. It looked striking without being drag queen on my staff-chan.
Lip Service’s freebie is the his and hers glass set with tealight candle and holder. I really like this freebie ❤
Lip Service also had a great set price on 1 cropped cardigan (your choice of color) + 1 shirt (3 designs in different colors) + velteen pumpkin shorts (choice of colors).
I think this was a cool idea to have options within a set and “financial condition” (lol)
One*Spo has had some adorable stuff in, but recently it’s outfit sets that are made with jackets to short for the talls.
I couldn’t resist their loose top combining lace and Union Jack trends. I also like how the skirt is really just attached on and only gives the illusion of a 2 piece.

Heaven and Earth
I usually always browse this store, but never buy anything. The look they do tends to be outweighed by the bolder and in-your-face Glad News. However, since last year Heaven and Earth has been concentrating more on an OraOra look. IMO Barak, TutuHA and Heaven and Earth are the best makers of this look. It’s very monotone with a skull and animal print theme and it’s often categorized by a worn look with damage, slashes, and cutaways. Grey, black, white and khaki seem to be the mesh of colors.
Slashes with a thin skull extra lining in the front. More slashes on the upper back.

Soft nubbly hoodie with faint skull print.
One thing I can’t get over is how comfortable their pieces are. Their fit, loose cuts and long lengths work awesome with tall people. I’ll definitely be shopping here again.

Of course it’s hard to shop and ignore make-up shopping. I pass the MAC counter at Tokyu Hands in Shibuya Station most everyday and it just calls me to come in >_<; Their new seasonal collection called Magic, Mirth and Mischief has tons of cute shades. I recommend checking out their pretty holiday looks.

MAC Lightful. A great moisterizer before make-up and recommended for dry winters.
Mineralize eyshadow duo in Mayhem (MM&M collection)
Dazzle Glass in Jingle Jangle (MM&M collection)
I’m looking forward to Christmas!

Cecil McBee’s Winter Catalog ’09

I picked up Cecil McBee’s Winter Catalog sold at bookstores and conbinis. It’s 920 yen, but you’re gauranteed a scarf (of decent quality) so I took the plunge and got a cute hot pink scarf. The Winter Catalog with its moniker “The Brilliant Lady” is more OL and Oujousama themed than Gal leaning. However the clothes are pretty and the coat selection looks lovely as always. Previous Fall 09 catalog here 

Their catalog even lends itself to more crazy with a 25000 yen Swarovski iphone case in a Cecil McBee logo and car accessories.

50 pages of it for you, so I will not be posting all. You can download all 50 pages in a handy zip at mediafire.

So what do you think about their Winter looks and what would you buy?
And bonus points if you noticed Egg models and twins NoriTae ❤

One*Spo is growing! = Mitsu a happy girl

When discussing the then upcoming Girls Walker fashion show, I mentioned One*Spo was doing it and I hoped they got a webstore. Well if you read my twitter, they did!!! You do not realize how happy this makes me (okay okay maybe by the amount of exclamation marks)!!! One*Spo has been doing cute, creative lines that all types of girls can enjoy. I see it on lolita-types to rocker chics. Even the ageless Aki Hoshino blogged about her summer maxi dress from there.

Finally they had a fashion show with Girls Walker, which I was a little disappointed in since inside the shop the items are much better presented/styled and it was not their bests of the season on the runway IMO.

Some of the better looks from the show.
See all here


But then I saw that Girls Walker is now doing an on-line shop for One*Spo. WOOT! When I am in Houston I long to see the new looks and count down til when I can buy them in person instead of askng my friends to ship. Now, the new pieces are a click away!

Love this onepiece, can’t wait to see it IRL
They have also introduced shoes!!!! Yes just saying the word shoes makes me happy, but when you add One*Spo to it, I’m in heaven.Their price point is a little high, they might have to correct that to have their shoe line last another season ^_^;;

Sexy, casual-chic rocker boots.

One*Spo started putting out new fall merchandise in July and had already knocked out the trends with their own flare while other stores were full of tired summer goods. They are even working on major trends since their sparkly beret from last year is being turned out from stores from Delyle to ANAP.

Here are two recent buys from One*Spo

 Balmain styled tee done in gold glitter.
Halteer zip-up onesie
Love the shorts and bow in the back
My shopstaff girl who has been my girl since last fall grabs me into the corner and hands me this

A sweet perfume Hard Candy belt charm!
It’s a “freebie” if you buy $150 or more, but I didn’t. Loyal customers get love, though 😀

I absolutely love their fall collection. It’s been my biggest desire in a 109 store for One*Spo to expand, and apparently my wishing is paying off. If these styles are cute to you but possibly too edgy, sister store Shiny Glamorous, tends to blend One*Spo cute edge with OL traditional looks. It’s on the 3rd floor of 109-2 next to Bonita. Inside you’ll find similar looks to One*Spo but with an OL style.Also Shiny Glamorous tends to use more color recently than One*Spo if you need some more color.

Congrats to One*Spo, doing it right deserves applause!

Cecil McBee 2009 Autumn / Winter Catalog

Cecil’s biannual catalog’s are huge, come with furuko, and go on sale at bookstores and conbinis around Japan. Unlike flimsy catalogs that get packed in shopping bags or are left for grabs in stores, the Cecil McBee and Gilfy catalogs are magazines in themselves.

Overall I think the catalog is well done and has some cute pieces I can definitely see myself picking up.

Edit Note: Hiroko Anzai is the main model of the catalog. (wiki and blog)

All 34 images available in a .zip through mediafire.



Silver Week sales and Mar*s blogs

Silver Week

September 19 to the 23rd is known as Silver Week in Japan. We get a ton of time off all at once, so travel inside and out of Japan is more expensive ^_^;;; It’s Autumn’s answer to Golden Week. Just like Golden Week, Silver Week offers a great time to shop in Japan since retailers put out sales or special sets to get during this time.

Mar*s sent me a postcard in the mail to let me know they have two cute special sets for the week. 

Nice note on the back
Also, don’t forget the sexy two sets being offered by Lip Service during this time.
Sadly, or rather not so sadly, my man is coming to visit that week so I will possibly miss out on these items (but hopefully there’s a few left over or I rush to get them Friday morning before he arrives… heehee). 
In other sexy Mar*s news, they have awesomely decided to put up blogs on the megapopular ameblo blog site of each of there store’s new items and life. I think it’s a fabulous way to see how new items are worn and to get the scoop on the new items coming into the store. These blogs were launched last month, so I don’t know how long stores will continue to keep up their posting rate but it’s wonderful while it lasts.
stores of note
honten blog 
109 blog 
realmars blog

These are definitely going on my blogroll

Fall Updates in 109 stores (the extended version)

Well those who have been staying up on my twitter, which wow so many people joined. It was overwhelming, but a happy surprise. Thank you! I’m happy to follow you, but I’d like to know more about you. So please message me and let me know a little about you. ^_^v

Gilfy and Backs:



Both have stayed within their styles, but I’m a little saddened that they keep bringing back old trends. Back’s coat had moko-moko as the lining, which was so overblown last Winter. Gilfy keeps putting out new pom-pom ski hats even though they reached their peak in 2007. However, if you’re a fan of both stores you may be pleased by Backs sticking to classic monotone and Gilfy’s use of bold colors.


I usually don’t talk about this store, which is a shame because it’s a great store that provides trends while keeping looks adult and sexy. They have a great pink blazer with runched sleeves as well as traditional ones. Overall cute dresses in great slim sillouttes.

Spiral Girl:

Looks a bit bland this season. Their summer was very fun and casual, while I’m not seeing anything that says must buy or even trendsetter.

Cecil McBee:

Should have a very popular season while sticking to their half OL / half gal styling they have cute accessories, good shirts and lots of variety.

Liz Lisa:

I am a little disappointed in their season. While lace is very popular this season, Liz Lisa went a little overboard with their use of it. It’s simply dripping off skirts, tops and other bits. However, they have kept a cameo trend throughout their clothing and it looks cute pinned to shirts and dresses. I was more heartbroken that I couldn’t find a dress that didn’t involve brown, no such luck for an all baby pink OP. I love having an excuse to buy more shoes, but brown shoes aren’t exactly my thing.

Me Jane:

Looks more like itself inside the store than their online shop, which was a welcome suprise. Lots of baby pink mixed with black that looks very sweet and sexy. They have brought back their fur stoles (like other stores such as One*Spo, Mars, Lip Service), but I was too nervous to look at the pricetag since last season they were 200.00USD D:


Their gorgeous trenches drop this month, so I’ll be on the hunt when they really come out to see if they are as hot IRL. Their logo houndstooth dress, as seen in their catalog, was cute and cheap by Mar*s standards at $86.00, but I resisted. Their two piece coordinate was onesize and not made for tallies ^_^;; The fall plaid onepiece was cute but made of sweater material, and while it is still warm in Tokyo it’s not getting bought by me. They really need more stock, their store was looking a little bare. They however now have a perfume, self titled and available for $60USD. I haven’t smelled it yet.

Mar*s does have new fur stoles in at a suprisingly low 85.00USD. Their trademark hotpink color was available, and I keep thinking about it.


They have had such low seasons for the last year that I have been worried that they might close soon. Which is shocking since it was founded by powerhouse Gilfy and should always have a market. The store looked filled with fresh Amekaji blends and much more people (even during a typhoon) than I usually see in the store.


Keeps putting out great looks while staying in their “girly rock” theme this season. Great use of leopard, leather and shiny black. I was slightly dissappointed by their Balmain jacket copy (center), but overall they have a great wearable season and cute jacket + skirt combinations that are their signature every season. I am very tempted to buy the zip halter dress on the left. ^_^;

Shiny Glamorous:

Another store I usually don’t talk about. It’s on the 4th floor of 109-2 and is part of the OneWay One*Spo fashion collaborative. It in the past has looked a little too OL for me, but they’ve recently taken a page out of One*Spo’s design handbook and have brought popular looks from One*Spo’s great winter collection last season and made them more adult. The sparkle shirt and beret from One*Spo are now at Shiny Glamorous, they are also using One*Spo’s popular trend of chiffon frouffy skirts to spice up their looks. Even their baby pink lace skirts seemed sweet.


Their jackets turned out of to be made of a heavy cotton (twill possibly) and felt a bit scratchy. Quite a let down. However their Chanel inspired cardigans felt like cashmere and represented the luxury and adult look of the brand. There were several skirts that looked adorable, and overall they’re having a good season with lots of buys that will last you onto next Winter.

Heaven and Earth:

I am not an often shopper of here, although I do like the look. Unlike other MitsuMaru brands that often just copy what the headlining gal brands are doing, Heaven and Earth has stuck with a nice Rock and Oraora blend. Their staff is always friendly and while they didn’t have much yet in for the fall collection it all looked close to the brand style, while keeping it hard and interesting. While Mar*s has a possible Nicole Richie print, Heaven and Earth has a possible Lindsay Lohan print. The staff girl and I weren’t sure if it was Lohan or not. Either way it was strong print and looked well with their tough selection.

Glad News:

Bold prints, great shapes and hot leather. As always it’s apt to say this brand goes “balls out” and takes no prisoners. Their thigh-high boots follow their forefathers of the brand in looking deadly and hella sexy. The front is all tiny lace-up and looks befitting an S&M queen if not for the color palatte of navy or bronze. I absolutely love their heart and leopard print hoodie. It’s hot and their leather jackets are always gorgeous.



Remolded their store a little and it looks much more accessible and sexy. Having 2 down seasons, they currently provide all the shoe trends (wedges, thigh high boots, lacing styles, pumpboots, pumps in every color) and I was tempted to buy 2 pairs when I was there. It also helps that their shopstaff is continually pleasant and attentive.


Nothing that’s a yet, and I usually trust them for my boot needs since in Japan Winters just eat up boots.


Gorgeous pumps and stylish short boots. Their sky-high hooker pumps are suprisingly walkable and while I keep laying them down since I am already tall, I keep going back to drool at their supreme sexyness. Lots of hidden platform pumps and regular platform pumps, overall cute and whether you’re a bkei chick or a hime girl you will probably find a pair you can’t live without.

Random notes on all the stores:

  • If you didn’t catch it on my twitter, most every store has a leather jacket and a blazer. It is so entrenched in most every top store that if you do not have one, you are not in fashion this season.
  • Leopard print is back, but like I said please only one item at a time. Do not burn my eyes, ladies!
  • Purple, red, grey, and lavender are key colors this season. If you are Lip Service you have also added green in mint.
  • Thigh-high boots have arrived along with booties, and I for one am super happy about both trends.
  • Fur stoles are back, and will be paired with many looks this season.
  • Sparkle is here to stay. Hair accessories, berets, shirts, watches… it’s a glittery wonderful world.

Lip Service Fall Catalog = Sexy

Lip Service in 109 was packed with hot clothing. So much cute and trend styles, I was impressed. They were able to bring in tons of trends, but keep their looks very within Lip Service’s style. Some great looks without xeroxing runway styles.

Two trends that are packing in every store: One*Spo, Glad News, Cecil McBee, Spiral Girl and more… are the blazer and leather jacket. In my mind, they have done the best trend blazer and definitely given the leather jacket some beautiful feminine flair.

I did a lay down on Mar*s’ great houndstooth logo print dress, but instead fell for Lip Service’s sexy styled onepiece (I’ll post it up on my next shopping piece, it’s not in the catalog). Also, they have really packed their fall well with great releases and freebies. I picked up their special release green lace bag and a cosmetic bag in the white lace print. Packed in my shopping bag was also this great catalog.

In the catalog they were also nice enough to give advance on when certain pieces are coming in, which makes the weekly trek to 109 and wishful thinking in the past.

See for yourself their stylish looks in their sexy catalog (or download a zip of it through mediafire):

They’re doing trends like lace, plaid and studs really well. I’m really looking forward to 9/18. Love both those looks! What are your faves from the bunch?

It’s Hoshiaya (again). Companies just love to throw money at her. I’m accosted by a huge window billboard on my street with her doing ads for yet another company. (-{}-);;

So is Hoshiaya the new Tsubasa? It’s a valid arguement to say that Kumicky is the new Tsubasa since she’s plastered on every cover of Popteen and has a brand endorsement of Valentines High. However, Tsubasa sold for the big brands, Valentines High is a relatively smaller brand and it’s just one. Kumicky doesn’t have the grown up looks to pull off Lip Service, which is great since she’s cute and a fun teen.


Twitter note

Just a quick post that I will be tweeting while at 109 about some 109 shop updates and trends either Sunday or Monday. My twitter is miss_mitsu. Hopefully my flight goes smooth and I can get home, change and head to 109 to see what’s been happening in the last month. I’m way too curious, if you are too stay tuned to my twitter for those 2 days.

I’ll be making a blog post of what’s up for Fall in the stores, but if you want the quick and dirty stay on my twitter.

See you in Japan ladies. I’ll be missing some wonderful things about the States, but craving some good ramen, sukiyaki and shopping. Also I need my este! Carry nails, Argent Sue’s hair exte, Eyecandy’s eyelash exte… wait for me!!!

It’ll also be my last semester in Japan, since I’m graduating (YAY!). I’m staying 2 weeks after I graduate in December just to enjoy Tokyo and Japan without the pressures of school.

I plan to come back to Japan to teach for 6 months, but that’s a maybe since I need someone to hire me first ^__^;;

My interview suit, courtesy of Banana Republic.
OLness was expensive >___<

I’ll try to incorporate the blazer into gal looks this fall since blazers are trending this season

Fall Updates for 109 stores

In other shop news, Cecil McBee was scaring me for a while.

Wrinkled, ill-fitted and cheap. Prom from HELL!!

Then they decided to appease the fashion gods who still were puking in their mouths about that mess (not a hot mess, just a mess).

Classic. Perfect with hot pants. The casual boyfriend blazer.
Handclap Cecil.

LDS also put out their version of the blazer. Very stylish. Berets are back as well.

Lip Service decided to do the same thing as Cecil and put out some mess to scare me into thinking they might have a bad season.

What a weird drape. Slightly post-apocalyptic slightly just bad.

And then they put out this cute sexy corset print.
One*Spo also did one so I’m calling corset print a trend.

Egoist has been holding down the fort doing sexy basics right, and also a few other cute items.

In black it’s adorable and grey it works as well.
Fab party dress, now shake it.

Also putting out this hot motorcycle jacket. Sexay sexay.

Leather jackets are back this year and Valentines High also decided to put one out in black, white and adorable pink.


Cocolulu has also put out some rockin’ outfits. Sorry I don’t talk about them much, their Ame-kaji style often feels a little to close to home (my American home that is) so I don’t shop from them, but their shoes might change my mind.

Love them! They have lots of great sneaker options.

Two great shirts. Great job at placing stripes away from the midsection. Love the print.

Screaming yellow cap, great for redheads and brunettes.

Ji.maxx sometimes seems to miss the mark, but this onepiece is just…

Comfortable, sexy and cute. I have to hunt this down.