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Going Shihara with BAPE

With Tsubasa reviving the magazine PopSister, there’s been a rise in crossover of Shibuya Gal with Harajuku casual. The blending is pretty easy to consinder since it’s only a 15 minute walk from Takeshita in Harajuku to Centaagai in Shibuya. However what defines ShiHara is not so understandable.

Yurukaji (aka loose casual), perfect for sweaty summer

ShiHara-kei for me has to be one of two things

– A blending of harajuku casual with gal [not often seen]
– Wearing a store that is prominent in both districts

Now since reason 2 might not be as understandable, but clothing stores like ANAP, BAPE, Hysteric Glamour and LDS fronted Girl’s Voices are all acceptable.

When wearing from these brands it’s important to portray the rest of yourself as gal if you are looking to go very ShiHara. Nails, false bottom and top eyelashes, overly styled hair etc… One of the main reasons to enjoy Shihara is that its casual where sneakers and loose-fit jeans prevail.

Get casual NOW!

August is the absolute worst time to be in Japan. Honestly, if you have flight plans work your hardest to change it a month forward or backward. It rains the most in August and it is deadly humid and hot. You just melt and sweating makes your feet create horrible blisters in heels. So casual and comfortable is the best idea this month.

The forever young Aki Hoshino (who did the Gilfy 08 catalog) in Bape fall 09 catalog

Bape HARAJUKU – 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-21-5
Bape SHIBUYA – 東京都渋谷区宇田川町13-17 ライズビル (gmap)

Bape Harajuku usually has more selection and also a seperate ladies floor, but both are great.

BAPE history

BAPE was founded by Nigo in 1993, a lot of Japanese people I’ve met are unfamilar with BAPE but familar with Nigo. He has a crazy tv show on MTV Japan you can watch all episodes here region free. BAPE has blown up and a lot of hiphop celebs love it. Pharrell has a joint company with Nigo and Kanye West is one of the BAPE heads. The best thing is Bape now has stores in London, Paris, New York and LA and a US webstore. So you can get Shihara kaji by shopping at home.

bape nerd is a great place to get info

Bape is Gyaru loved

So ATOM head dj, Tora, was a huge fan of Bape in ’07-’08. It was impossible to see him out of it. This seemed to rub off on Royal Cast dj crew member and event night dj and local hottie, Satoshi (he’s in Bape on his profile pic). Who at the time was dating Egg model Kanako. Now Kanako seems to be a long lover of BAPE and posted recently about getting the Fall lookbook and putting the stickers on her cellphone.

Can it fit me, hell yeah it can!

Sizes for girls go from XXS to S, with the S being almost an American Medium. Although a lot of tee prints are unisex which range up to men’s XXL.

Alright show me some bape!

Kanako in Bape shirt and cap with crazy dresser Verbal

Her bape-stickered phone

Their new silver and gold prints for fall

Their shark hoodie in cute drawn form

Baby Milo is popular with gals (and with me!)

A whole outfit with Bape trucker and jeans

Cute hairtie for any outfit

Brand new girls LE Milo x Ghostbusters tee

My comfy Bapestas for fall

There’s always cute designs and bape tees are made out of great thick comfy material, it’s also great for the bkei girls around. So go ahead nuts “go Ape Shit, especially in my Pastelle in my Bape shit…”

Get them braids on, guuuurrrl

Wow this hair trend has blown up. I was in 109 today and 25% of the girls at least when in some type of braid.

I am going to show you two easy ways to add this to your hair.

Momoeri cross-over

Skill level: Easy
Time: 10 minutes
Hair length: Semi-long to long

Now here’s how Momoeri does it (pics from her amoeba blog):

Take two pieces and braid them

Flip to the other side, pin and cover with volume hair

Now my way is a bit different, but gives a bit more balance.

I braided one from one side and one from the other, crossed them and then pinned each end.
Allowing for a more headband look.

This is really easy to do and my favorite shopstaff girl had her braids more on the crown of her head further back, and it was successful as well. Remember to volumize your hair around the braids.

The braided bangs

Skill level: Medium
Time: 5 minutes
Hair length: your bangs should be eyebrow atleast

Wow, roots! And messyness! That’s okay this style is aimed at a natural summer look.

I tucked the end in with a natural small clip and poof! Easy sweat-proof style.

Bonus, dorky me in Puri and my bang braid.

Other options!

– Braiding your hair french braid like a headband (difficulty level: hard!)
– Braid two braids on each side and then put your hair in a ponytail (difficulty level: easy!)
– Take all your hair to one side mermaid-style, highlight the empty part by 3 french braids (difficulty level: medium)

Now let me seem some cute braids, girlies!

…on a random note I ran into/saw EggMag star Kanako eating shabushabu at Mopara in Centaagai today. Mopara is always popular, 1500 all you can eat meat for 2 hours is hella fun. Although the girl was eating in a cap and sunglasses <_<;; uhhh yeah. The other girl with her could've been Romihi, but I'm not 100% sure. The staff however, told "ka-chan" to come back again. ^_^

New Deco and new Chanel and Point Cards

Ohhh just typing that title made me happy!

I went to Takashimaya’s Chanel make-up counter and intending on just replacing my Chanel compact, I ended up with a few more items. Isn’t that always the case at make-up stores?

Clockwise: Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Platine, Silver Illuminating Powder (for cheekbones), and Lip Gloss in Venus

Favorite buy was the Illuminating powder, it’s great for highlighting and gave off a nice sheen without being too glittery and tacky.

I lost my precious butterfly deco Chanel compact on the Yamanote (sob), so I had to replace it. The make-up counter girl suggested their mineral powder instead and I was sold.

Then I headed to Shinjuku Alta’s Glam Baby and asked them to make it pretty.

I had 3 designs doodled out and we toyed with doing different choices, but we decided one had the most impact.

The rough sketches

The final product!

I’m really pleased with the outcome and my Glam Baby girl said it was a favorite among the staff and asked if I was in design school ^_^;;; I am still toying with getting the cc done, but I love the adult look of it.

Point Cards!

Shopping at Chanel reminded me to bring up an important item about shopping in Japan. Point cards! They’re everywhere! They’re not just limted to clothes, but even my local conbini and drugstore have them.

Left column: OneSpo, Mars/MeJane, CecilMcBee, Lip Service, Esperanza/Bonita
Middle column: Takashimaya Shinjuku, Earth Hair, Line Extensions, Blacky Tanning, Rounge/Luxurous nails and eyelash exte
Right column: Mac, Chanel, Shu Uemura, Body Shop, Tsutaya

I actually have a pretty small amount compared to most. ^_^;; Sometimes it’s spend 20000 yen and get 1000 off, or fill up the card and get half off. It all depends, some even make you buy into them like the Mar*s card, but it’s worthwhile if you’re a fan. So if you’re planning to stay in Japan for more than a month, nab yourself some point cards.

Human Hair Extensions 101

Human Hair Extensions Treatment 101

American salons are terribly expensive with Hair Extensions and can be known to charge 500+ per session. Japanese salons however often offer specials offering $130 USD for a set. If you’re planning a vacation soon to Japan or live there already, extensions are best gotten there. Don’t worry about your light colored hair, Japanese salons keep light colors on hand.

Getting extensions done in Japan:

I don’t know any/ know very little Japanese!

Visit a JR train station and pick up an issue of HOT PEPPER BEAUTY. This is a beauty circular that lists deals, store openings on nails, extensions, skincare etc… Hot Pepper is divided up into regions and cities so pick up the closest one to you. Look for an extension place with 放題 after the price. This means all you can get.

Ask your homestay or hotel concierge to book you an appointment at one you see. Have an idea already where it’s located and also how many extensions you want. When you arrive if you don’t have a Japanese speaker with you or use hand gestures, they can get you amazingly far.


Argent Sue (see previous post)


My normal place is the ladies of Line in Takananobaba, Tokyo off the Yamanote Line.

They are at 2-8-5 Shinjuku-ku Takananobaba
Telephone is 03-3204-2727

Line only does extensions and their prices are pretty great.
They range at 140 for 40 pieces non-mix to 245 for 60 pieces mix hair (if your hair is natural color then you’re probably mix). The extensions are good for about 8 weeks and their staff rocks.

How long?

Extensions generally last from 1 month to 2 1/2 months, depending on time of care spent on them. Any longer and they get too frizzy. While natural hair extensions ARE natural hair they do not have a root to live off of so they must always be kept moisturized (more in the care section).

How many?

Using poupee I chose 4 different hair lengths and showed how many hair extensions might look for you.

Choice A: Going under 60 is a very bad idea. Your extensions could look scraggily or you’ll feel the need to always wear them in a ponytail.

Choice B: This was my hair length for many extension rounds and I preferred 60 for a full enough look.

Choice C: With long enough hair, it’s okay to scale back some, but any less than 45 and you’re in trouble. 50-55 is best here.

Choice D: You already have long hair! Actually many women with long hair choose extensions to give their hair a fuller look. Sometimes 20 is enough, but don’t get over 40. You’re over paying.

Other factors to consider: If you hair has been Japanese straightened you will want more. If your has more than a natural wave and you prefer it that way you might look messy in extensions (which are mildly wavy at best). Straightening, then curling is the best idea.

Choice of hair-cut before extensions?

Any layered look helps blend them more. When extensions are done well people will never think of your hair as fake. If you dye your hair, you must must must have your hair newly dyed before extensions. Using a color booster shampoo on your natural hair is a good idea.

General tips:

– Resist blow drying your hair. You’re taking out moisture of already dead hair. Bad idea!

– Keep a comb handy. Extensions tangle often so on a windy day if your hair is loose you’ll have to keep brushing them.

– Do not wash your hair everyday. This only dries out the hair more. If you must wash your hair multiple days in a row, consider washing only your real hair. Pile your exntensions up in a bun, loosen all the natural hair you can. Wash around the extensions. (See poupee pic)

– Always use leave in conditioner before you style and loosening knots.

Extension care timetable:

Getting them: Get them LONGER than you want. Always!

Week 1: Your hair is lusterious and shiny. Resist the urge to curl. It’s beautiful so silky and straight!

Week 2: Curl, style and enjoy. Use your first leave in conditioner. Keep it on for about 30 minutes.

Week 3: If your ends are feeling ragged, cut them off. This removes the brittle hair from curling/general use and makes your hair feel fluffy. This is why I said to get them longer. Keep using leave in conditioner.

Week 4: Start using leave in conditioner as your regular conditioner. Keep it on your extensions overnight at least once this week. Consider only curling the tips and using your straight iron less.

Week 5: Cut more of your ends, and braid your hair at night into a loose thick braid. The braiding keeps your extension hair from tangling. Continue with leave in treatments.

Week 6 – 8: Maintenance is key to keeping your extensions lasting. Since older extension hair tangles often it’s best to keep them always curled so you won’t have to brush when you’re out and about. Sleep in leave in conditioner as much as you can. Continue trimming your extensions. The better you treat your extensions, the less times you have to pay for them!

Week 9+: Know when to say when. Tangled and dry hair is not hot at any length. Even if you take the utmost care of them, they will get this way eventually. Accept this and take out your nappy hair girl!

Tools of the trade:

Giant curlers – Use these on the top for your head to after your hair is damp dry. They will provide body without the blowdrying.

Mega clips – Provide more grip to curlers, and keep hair out the way when styling

Exte Conditioner – Most exte salons will sell this

Detangling Spray – Found at your salon or grocery store.

Leave in Conditioner – DO NOT get exte without owning this. It is an absolute must.

Round Brush – Allows for more volume.

Quality hairspray + wax – Japanese brand Keep in their pink bottle does great in this disgusting heat.

Deco Part Two – The Pros

Part One: Intro
Part Two: Visiting a Pro Shop
Part Three: Simple How-to (including recommend supplies and shops)
Part Four: Advanced Techniques
Part Five: Great Deco vs. oh… that’s uhhh nice

Heading to a Pro shop

If you’re in Japan or visiting soon I highly suggest if you’re at all interested in deco to go to a professional deco store. Not only to get work done, but just to look at their work. Pro-deco shops are like museums showcasing their drop-dead pieces in order to get you interested. They are so beautifully set up, you’ll want to stay a while.

There are tons to visit and most popular nail salons now do deco since they have both experience in delicate work, gluing techniques and crystals.

In the beginning I visited shops and got my items made. Unless you know what you’re doing with expensive Swarovski crystals, it’s often best to leave it to the pros.

Pros about the Pros:

– tons of experience
– they always use top quality glue
– will usually repair a stone or two for free
– often an artistic background to draw or create interesting looks for you

Cons about the Pros:

– expensive
– all speak only Japanese
– in person is usually the only way to deal with them
– can possibly speak against a design idea

Expensive really is the hurdle that you have to get over when paying for deco work. To cover a whole cellphone in Swarovski can often go to 300.00. Don’t be scared, there are many options in between 70.00USD to 150.00USD that you will probably find doable.

Before going to a shop:

Know your item you want to deco, be sure it can be permanent. If not, you might want to ask for them to do it as a seal. The cons of a seal are stones are not as attached as directly to an object so they are more likely to come off.

Think of a few designs you’d be interested in. Consider flexibility. The less you want to pay, the more flexible you sometimes have to be.

Have a price range in your mind. Most stores will charge less for work if you choose larger stones, however with smaller objects this isn’t as viable.

At the store be sure to communicate your design idea clearly. Bring a sketch if needed. If you don’t like the final product, tell them! While I am sure there will be disappointment on both sides, you are paying for your design concept to be done. So make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the outcome.

My two recommended shops:

Bling Me

Shibuya 109-2 1st Floor
渋谷区神南1-23-10 109パート2内1F

3F shinjuku Marui Curren

Bling Me is the only licensed pro shop allowed to do Hello Kitty work. They also do other amazing deco and they have well priced Swarovski stickers for decorating a mirror, pillcase or phone. Expect to pay around 40.00-70.00 for the stickers. They will also customize it if needed, prices are acceptable. They also have lots of ready made items such as headphones.

Glam Baby

In front of Shinjuku Alta (East Exit)


東京都新宿新宿3-24-3 ALTA1F

This is the shop I trust for consistent, beautiful work. Shop staff in deco stores are like many stores and people often quit and join. I have had excellent experiences with 3 people from 2 different Glam Baby stores. I love them! They are also one of the original deco pro shops. If I needed more custom that I wouldn’t do myself, I’d go to Glam Baby.

So here’s some of my pro work from both shops:

For reference I paid 40USD to 120USD for each of these items.

Bling Me

1st work: Pill case. Bling me used to not make them so I had this custom done.
Now they seem to be Bling Me’s top selling item.

2nd work: This wasn’t a custom by a seal to buy. Seen on my AU Japanese phone.

Glam Baby

1st work: A 3-D crown and gorgeous butterfly design on my Chanel Powder compact. Chanel is queen! My favorite work.

2nd work: My Dell Mini done in an original EcoCamo style. My largest piece to date, but my laptop is really small.

3rd work: My Nike headphones. The inner crystals move as you move. Done in a heart Pucci design. My most expensive work done to date.

4th work: Iphone case for my American phone. Done to represent my cat Luna.

The triangle beast herself

…next time: My Resume

Let’s talk shoes

I love shoes. I don’t care what type, I love love love me some shoes. My first time living in Japan for a long time, I calculated I bought so many shoes it was at least one pair every two weeks. ^_^;;

Shoe sizing in Japan

What size am I and can I buy shoes?

This converter is accurate for number sizing here

Now then there’s letter sizing for many of shoes in Japan which is as follows: S – M – L – LL
Gilfy says S to LL is: S:22.5cm ・ M:23.5cm ・ L:24.5cm ・ LL: 25cm

For example I’m an 8.5 US which makes me a 24.5 or an L in Japan. Of course this can vary from shoe to shoe, but it’s pretty truthful.

Many 109 stores only sell shoes up to an L size, but sometimes its only M. Cocolulu had a cute Nike sneaker last year and they only went up to an M, also Glad News tends to go up to an M although their M can be roomy.

So if you’re over a 9, you’re outta luck in Japan.

I’m an LL where do I shop?

Bonita in 109-2 and Shinjuku Alta carry a good selection of LL shoes. Randa (locations), however, has an amazing LL selection. Randa on Takeshita above Happy House has such a great shoe amount and plenty of booths to sit down and take your time trying on shoes.

Bonus! Both stores are pretty cheap by Japanese standards.

I want leather shoes

Most of the time, good luck on that. LDS sometimes does leather, or the most realistic fake leather I’ve ever felt. There’s also a Nine West on Omotesando, but their prices are high. Prepare to pay the price for leather.

What’s a good shoe in Japan?

First of all it’s important to consider the streets of Japan.

They suck! They’re tilted, craggy and have guides for the blind around busy areas such as train stations. The guides for the blind are excellent and it’s amazing watching the blind navigate some of the busiest train stations on their own, but it’s hell on shoes.

The left pic shows the bars and bumps for the blind. These really hurt after a while.

Examples of good shoes and why:

The strapped pump

Brand: Bonita
Heel height: 3 inches (8 cm)

These have a solid heel along with a great snap in and out of strap. This helps since you have to take off your shoes in Japanese dressing rooms and houses. The bottom of the sole is rubberized and textured for traction and some protection from the blind bumps.

Brand: Randa
Heel height: 4 inches (10 cm)
Platfom: .5 inch (1.5 cm)

The platform keeps you safe from blind bumps. Also, the straps hold you in, keeping down blisters from slippage. My perfect gal pump.

Gal tip: Remember when buying straps to buy them low the two above and not fastening at the ankle. Ankle straps make your legs look shorter.

The classic pump

Brand: Rossessence (RE)
Heel height: 2.5 inches (6.5 cm)

The heel is perfect for a long walk, but there is no platform so the blind bumps can get painful. This can be solved with a great thick insole in the toe.

Sexy Sandals

Brand: Bonita
Heel height: 3 inches (8 cm)

Some toe padding, and mules are easy to walk in. Make sure you buy a tight enough mule so you’re not slipping around.

Brand: Flag-J
Heel height: 4 inches (10 cm)
Platform: 1 inch (2.5 cm)

I just got these resoled (more later). These have a cushioned toe base making them amazingly comfortable. The ankle strap and wedge add stability. My all time favorite sandal. Gilfy also has cushioned toe bases in all their shoes, which makes their very tall platforms pretty easy to walk in.

Shoe care:
Three of the shoes above have been resoled and cleaned up. For about 14.0o USD it’s a great way of keeping the shoes you love looking nice. No one looks hot with busted shoes. If they’re a classic, don’t buy new just redo!


Insoles: An absolute must!

The ones on the left are my favorite. I have high arches and these provide arch support and heel comfort as well. The heel gel inserts on the left help slipping and are concealed easy in sandals. Bonita will give you free insoles if you ask for them when buying a shoe, most of the time they’re cheap and wear out but hey, they’re free and they also are usually made with charcoal to help foot odor!

Tokyu Hands (Shibuya store) has several insole options if you need a pair in Japan. They’re a bit pricier than in the US, but their selection is good.

Pump stockings

Sweating and rubbing causes blisters, so Japanese heel socks are a must in the summer. Cheap Muji has several options with extra toe and heel support built in. Tip: double up if 1 pair isn’t working for you. Shinjuku store: (東京都渋谷区 神宮前 1-12-7 B1~2F, take a right after leaving the Kabukicho exit. It’s about 2 streets past Alta on the same road).

If you’re curious:

Most apartments have a shoe closet, here’s mine.

Left to right: Nike Pink Air Jordans, Brooks Running shoe
Marc by Marc flipflops, Pink havianas, Randa heels, Bonita Heels, R&E heels
Flag-J sandals, Bonita mules

I have a lot of room to fill ^_^v!

Then again you can ignore my info. I saw a woman yesterday walking the streets of Shibuya in limited edition 2005 Louis Vuitton perforated peep-toes. She was working it, but I felt bad for those precious limiteds. Save the designer for when you’re in a car.

Heading to Japan!

It’s Summer which means my booty is on its way to Japan. My apartment is in Shibuya and without giving away stalker-ability details, it’s near 109 (!!!!!!). I am however in the awkward situation of packing to go… so I thought I’d share with you things I’m bringing and things I will buy as a helpful tool to those who are visiting or staying.

1. Not bringing an empty suitcase!

American clothes as long as they stay with the trends can blend well into your Japan gal ways. Personally I love print tees, since they are original and can match with a skirt, jumper or shorts. Plus with Forever 21 opening in Japan, be the first to easily have merchandise that’s soon to disappear in Japan.

Although bringing a small suitcase and buying a Japanese style suitcase is a smart buy. 360 degree wheel turning and a hard shell make traveling so easy.

Pictured is my giant indigo traveler that makes moving from one country to another very easy.

Three of my summer buys in America:

This sweetheart bust dress with pockets from Urban Outfitters helps my Marine coordinates.

These two tops from UO work for the French Chic that Cecil and other brands try to combine with their Marine look.

The thin textured stripes on this cardigan from the Gap won me over. The lightweight fabric will help transition from Spring to Summer. I can see this worked into Marine and Preppie coordinates.

2. Curling irons and straighteners.

I have yet to find a curling iron in Japan with delicious ceramic and ionic capabilities. Getting a quality tool makes quality hair.

My ceramic 1 1/4″ rod of fury. A drag queen complimented my hair the first time I tested it out, enough said.

3. Sleepy clothes aka Room Wear.

Room Wear has become very popular in Japan and many cute brands are doing Room Wear. In the dead of Winter OneSpo gave away a cosy dot set (a sleep dress with hoodie and kangaroo pouch and matching scrunchie) and slippers. They were so comfy and free! But don’t count on 109 stores, Peach John did their version of Pink (Club Peach) and in my opinion, it fails. So instead enjoy the cute VS Pink or cheap adorable roomwear you’ve brought from overseas.

4. Deep Conditioner.

I’m a healthy hair fanatic and I have yet to find something wonderful in Japan to match my Deep Conditioning treatment. Love your hair and it loves you back.

Ion brand Deep Hydrating Conditioner is my Godsend. Pictured with another good idea, inexpensive hair scissors for bang and split end touch ups.

5. Bras.

Japan has lifting skill beyond belief, but for those an American C cup and over you might have trouble getting cute bras in Japan. Buy new ones right before you go so they’ll last you.

Curious what size you are in Japan: use this bra converter

6. Highbrand pieces.

Brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior all have pricing standards in different parts of the world. US and Guam are the same, while Hawaii can be cheaper. Japan however is very pricey and you may find yourself paying an extra 100USD+ to buy something special. So buy or bring your hot pieces into Japan. It’s why Hawaii and Guam are such popular vacay spots for Japan. Other than the snorkling, Guam is tons of fun! ^_^v

My Chanel ring, a Valentine’s Day present.

7. Fitted items.

If you are busty or tall consider buying button up shirts, onesies, swimsuits and other items before heading to Japan.

Important tip about sizing in Japan below!

I was going to have a whole post on this, but the quick and dirty is…
American 00/0 = S, 2/4 = M, 6/8 = L. Anything else and you’re out of luck. Of course height and body type play into this, so check the measurements!

Most brands only carry up to M, or jeans come in 3 sizes up to a 29 inch waist. Honey’s in 109-2 carries L size fitted items (jeans, shorts etc…) in many of the newest styles. They’re also cheap! Check out their Odaiba store(map), too. It’s big enough to be worth a trip to Odaiba for!

8. Sneakers.

Super popular right now and so comfy! It also helps to dance all night in them. Nike America and Nike Europe have great selections, so make your IDs and have fun. Or find a great pair of Converse Hightops.

9. Sensible shoes.

Oh this is just depressing to say, but 2-3inch heels are the best when doing a lot of walking. Sorry, but that’s as sensible as I get. Make sure at least to have recovery shoes such as: engineer boots or sneakers.

Do not consider flat shoes like flip flops for a walk involving a train station. I did this my first semester and some salaryman busted my toe open in my Dior gladiator flats. It was a sad day girls.

My Marc by Marc Jacobs pair for heading to the conbini and such.

10. Deodorant.

I sweat, with some skill. Japanese deodorant sucks, it sucks horribly. So stock on up on some. Degree Clinical Protection is my personal choice.

11. Basics.

Yes there’s an American Apparel in Japan, but it’s usually $2-3USD more expensive. Leggings, basic tees, high waist skirt dresses, even their cute skater dress gets my thumbs up.

12. Medicines/Contacts and Glasses.

Most great Doctors are happy to fill your prescriptions months at a time which helps not dealing with Japanese national healthcare for birth control etc…

13. Whitening strips.

I had to add a number 11 to my Summer tips, because this is one I do every summer. Use whitening strips, Crest makes great ones and they really help. White teeth make your eyes look brighter, your tan darker and your face more pleasing to look at when you smile. They’re cheap, they’re easy to pack, and all it takes is 30 minutes while surfing on the net to good body care.

Gal tip: Using lipglosses with blue undertones make teeth whiter. MAC sells blue glitter glosses to layer over your favorite color.

14. A foot massager.

This is my first time bringing a big one, but all the ones in Tokyu Hands were $100USD+. For $44 here I bought a warming one with rotating balls. Now my feet can be comforted while I’m reading the latest Ageha. Such heaven!

Ahhh the balls.

10 steps for summer

So hopefully everyone reading this blog is a shopping freak and is working on their Spring/Summer wardrobe. If not, what are you waiting for?

Here are my (and others) simple rules for new wardrobes:

1. Pick one trend and follow it. If not you’re left with a closet of miss-matched clothes and you’ll look back as the weather changes and think…”Why did I ever buy that?”

To say it again, key styles are: Marine, Preppie, Amekaji, Girly, Doll, Bohomenian, Safari, and Rock (those can be combined such as Preppie Marine or Girly Rock). Possibly Shihara-kei (Shibuya x Harajuku) will rise up, but right now it’s just Tsubasa.

Here’s the diagram I like to call: THE MESS. Surrounding each style is its main looks, and then the connecting lines show how that look can be used somewhere else.

2. Onepieces are effortless. No matter what style, you only have to coordinate your shoes (and sometimes hairstyle) and in a flattering onepiece you’ll look great. Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel genius extraordinaire, said a dress will always be the easiest way to look complete.

Karl practicing what he preaches with an army of well dressed ladies. It’s how he rolls.

3. If branching out, head to a onepiece. If not, you’re stuck coordinating and Rock top with your Marine sets and it will be hard to pull off. A onepiece is your cornerstone!

Go sexy like Lip Service, and take advantage of their set-up.

Cecil McBee does this casual Marine onepiece. Onepiece doesn’t mean dressy, casual is cute!

4. Unless you are a Size 00, hold back thick stripes below the waist. I can’t emphasize this enough. Wide horizontal stripes make you look larger, no matter if you’re a size 2 or a 20. Especially if they hug the body. The thicker the stripe, the fatter it makes you look. Go for thin stripes! This way you’ll have a nicely accented bust, but not the butt/stomach/hips many women dislike on themselves.

Karl says hold back.

5. Set up your outfits. A dress and pumps is fine, but what about a cute cardigan, preppie pins, fun stockings and a stylish bag or hat? 2 bits of extra flash can make an outfit, not just a dress. Analyze what outfits you like in magazines, especially Street Snaps, and see how you can translate that to your look.

The bow, the white jacket, the shoes. It’s fabulous. She brought it into Spring!
She’s Spring Doll while still wearing a fall dress and fall hosiery.

A dress, a belt, a vest, a hat, a jacket. She’s added so much to this cute Glad News dress. The mannish Backs shoes and the girly OneSpo belt are cute while being contradictory.

6. Tanning beds / self tanner is love. Darker skin changes your look to summer and also helps cover up blemishes, cellulite, scars etc… When showing more skin, make that skin look sexy! Also, LOTION, LOTION, LOTION! Healthy skin is nourished skin.

She’s got the confidence to wear sexy heels and short shorts

7. Change up your look! I’m not talking about dying your hair, but changing the way you style it/ darkening or lightening your make-up / putting extra time with your nails. It’s the small things that make people want to come up to you and say you’re workin’ it.

Doll to Micky-kaji…who knows? Image changes are tons of fun!

8. Resort to black. Buy your basics in neutral colors, so you can match-up more.

9. Take time. Are many of the make-up tips and hair tips about quick and easy? Sadly, no. Gal love is a labor of love. Looking at the schedules of most gals printed in magazines, they wake up 2 hours early to get themselves looking great. I personally woke up an hour earlier to do my hair/make etc… and I was usually eating with one hand while holding a curling iron with the other >_<;; While I know school or work is often not the time to look fabulous, it's the practice you put in doing it everyday that makes you good at it for clubs, dates etc…

She takes 20 minutes, just on make-up!

90 minutes, wow! She’s gorgeous though.

10. Work on your walk. This isn’t just for models. We’ve all seen them, the girls wobbling heels or just too tomboyish in sneakers. Watch your walk in a mirror, how can you make it more confident and sexy? Remember to walk slowly (a bad habit of mine to walk too fast). A couple of a friends of mine and me practiced ours in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. If you know you’re rockin’ it to hosts, you’ve got it covered.

Walk right and you might catch the eye of Egg Men’s Model Daichi Tanaka. ^_~