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FINISH!! Recent buys, dollywink and more…

Thanks for the tons of questions for the Ask Anything post. I’ll be trying to do one every 2 months as long as the questions/suggestions keep coming in ^_^v

 School’s Over!!!!

After having a few days of being a shut-in and grinding out papers while I had 3 hrs of sleep at a time, I’m done!!! Damn I was exhausted. I celebrated by singing 4 hrs of karaoke that day, margaritas and mexican food.
Got an e-mail from my prof teaching my classes this year, A’s in every class! Woot!!
Heading out for 1000yen 2hr nomihodai with the boys.

Pre-sales have already started at some stores, Glad News, Gilfy, and Mar*s already have sale items. More to come soon!

Fukubukuro’s available:
Liz Lisa‘s 10,000yen for 50,000 of merchandise and a rolling suitcase and 5,000yen for a 10,000yen of merchadise and a bag.
Glad News also has theirs on their rakuten website 10,500 yen for 503,000 yen of mercandise and a bag.
Delyle has a 10000 yen bag and a 5000 yen bag on their website

It’s a hunt to find more, but hopefully those who are looking can grab them. I’m waiting for Lip Service and One*Spo, but I’m still on the fence @ buying the Glad News one.

Recent Buys


My first DIA purchase! My staff-chan was amazingly nice. I love their rough/oraora/haadi/rock style, but I just never nabbed a piece from them. I bought a tee that’s back-front reversable. ^_^

Glad News

I can’t stop buying from this store. They’re prints are too fun. I really appreciate them as a rock-style store that doesn’t take itself seriously.

Their sweater material is so comfy!
Slowly they’ve started to have some great items, and now their presale is making them all around $50USD.
Pre-sale nab, so comfy and warm
I also nabbed the Tsubasa x Backs Ugg boots in black ^_^v
Their popular fake shirt skirt
Worn together
Layers + zips + crazynon English = Gilfy
I haven’t bought much from them this season, but I really love their balloon + stud detailing in this.
Lately these are my everyday boots. A nice & comfy 5cm hidden heel + thigh high length.
Dolly Wink!
I finally found Tsubasa’s new Dolly Wink in Shinagawa station’s Atre. A month in and this is the only place I’ve seen it in Tokyo. In Osaka I saw them everywhere, but Tokyo seems to either be sold out or not distributing it.
Nabbed the case and the bottom Doll lashes for 1760 yen.
I don’t know how I feel about how thick the clear strip is.
On, I have no clue why I look saddish in this. Sorry for the bad lighting >_<;;
They’re good, but I’m not sold on the price vs. bulk lashes. The eyelash case though is fabulous and very travel friendly.
Missing peeps
I’m in my last week of Tokyo and people are leaving for winter break before me and making me all sad.
Me and my boys.
What can I say, I treasure every moment with them and dare people to find funner, nicer, more bitch-karma loving friends. Being without them is making me sad.
Me and Yujin and her man after all-you-can-eat sukiyaki.
She’s probably going to study in the states when I head back to Japan. I’m gonna miss this girl. We’ve been friends since I moved to Japan.

Mekas and Tsubasa

Gyaru Ressurgence and Mekas

I have occasionally run into the Japanese English-language fashion blog Mekas when it was still going. I however didn’t see their takes on NEW gal until a few days ago. In their well-laid out article Gyaru Ressurgence, they point out key points in why 109 and its brands are still a force to be reckoned with.

I’ll give you a moment to read and then we can discuss.^___^ *plays Jeopardy theme music*

First of all, I think it’s a well researched piece that got reprinted in The Japan Times, so obviously it has gotten peer-review praise.

As an aside…where did they find a picture of these 3?! The make is bordering on mamba and the hair, gurl get a hat for those roots. These three are looking a bit unkempt for 2008.

Contested claim 1

However its continuous discussion of the class system and gyaru belonging to the lowermiddle and poor classes is just bogus.

So the Gyaru may no longer be a “trend” like they were in the 1990s but a manifestation of lower middle and working-class fashion values in the market. If this is true, you can expect the look to exist for years to come as long as the split between rich and poor keeps getting steeper.

First of all, how many people ages 18 to 25 are upper middle class? Even college students are the typical eternally broke bunch.  Continous stories are put out about how OLs prefer to leech off their parents so they may buy brand goods and enjoy high-class items while being on a low salary. And those women are over 25 yrs+ (See parasite singles wiki, parasite singles washington post, usa today parasite singles bottom of the story).

The girl in the Washington Post story is 26 and making 26,000 a year. That’s lower middle class! Simply because gyaru and gyaruo are of a lesser age of course they will be classified as such. Just because they do not dress in Otome fashions is simply bunk to classify their look as cheap. I think Mekas confuses the point of wages = cheap look.

Considering a woman with extensions, nails and a tan could be spending upwards of $600.00 a month on her look, there’s nothing cheap or low-class about that! 109 clothes can be cheap, because they’re appealing to a younger audience, not because they are low-class.

Contested claim 2

Mekas also decides that there is gyaru boom in the countryside.

While the Gyaru look is still considered outside of the mainstream, the subculture has become the standard for a large number of rural and working-class girls across Japan. (Tokyo youth seem less interested, even though Shibuya is the shopping hub.)

I have some serious doubts about this one. Personally since I think the farther you are away from the epicenter of a trend, the less connection you are likely to have to it. Although websites like rankuten and girlswalker do well to sell-out their on-line merchandise, I do wonder how much of it comes from the countryside.

Also, I have just not personally seen evidence of this. Honestly, I have not spent much time in the countryside. But when I have been in smaller towns and in the mountains there is a definite lack of gyaru that I see. This comment makes it seem like I would be seeing the opposite.

Mekas does not back up these two claims with data. Yes there is a resurgence and sales data of clothing + magazines can tell you that. However, the reasoning is not backed up.


Mekas also discusses Tsubasa, and when discussing Tsubasa I have mixed feelings. I think she’s gorgeous and was an adorable model for Popteen during her stay there, but at the same time I question her “graduation” from Popteen as she did it.

When she discovered she was pregnant she decided to “graduate” from Popteen and get married. Of course people spouted pregnancy rumors, but no word was heard from her during her time of pregnancy. She even closed her blog. For me, it seemed like a very Victorian thing to do to seclude oneself during pregnancy. Like it was a shameful thing. Since there is only a tiny stigma about getting knocked up and marrying, I do think Popteen would have kept her. If not, marketing while pregnant could’ve have still worked.

Now she has Rion and POOF is now a galmama. Selling her mama+baby lines for Gilfy and Umeshan’s company Buzz Spunky now has a kids line.

She is a rolemodel so the feeling of “shame” around her pregnancy seemed to only present a bad image. If you contrast it to how Rumi was portrayed in Egg it’s a whole different way. There’s even pics of Rumi in the delivery room, looking not so gal-done.

Having said that, I do still like her and want her products and herself to be popular and cross into the main market.

Mekas while discussing the Shibuya Girls Collection has doubts

They are total unknowns to anyone besides avid Popteen readers. The “star” model of SGC was Tsubasa Masuwaka — a 23 year-old ex-Popteen model and young mother who is big with the kids in Shibuya but has no connection to the mainstream entertainment industry. (She is sometimes featured on TV shows but only in news stories about her marketing power with teens. Despite her popularity, she is not invited to be a cute tarento on quiz shows.)

However in the Gyaru Ressurgence article they discuss her as a new Icon.

Popteen’s main model Tsubasa as the next big opinion leader for youth — the first legitimate heir to Ebihara Yuri. Tsubasa has the Midas Touch in being able to suggest products on her blog and see them sell out days later. Her spokeswoman work for the brand Liz Lisa had put the manufacturer on the map.

 Her big test comes this month with the large branding of Dolly Wink.

Dolly Wink is a cosmetics line from Koji, that offers fake eyelashes, eyelash glue, eyeliner and eyelash cases.

Posters like these are everywhere in Shibuya.
The display looks adorable
Fabulous ribbon theme
An eyelash case. Definitely will purchase this. It’s a pain to take care of tons of loose eyelashes around. This was a really clever idea.
All the eyelash lines are up on the Koji site. Love the Sweet Girly style. A possible buy ❤
There’s a special movie on the Koji website about her. One of the things I like about Tsubasa is she has a very real voice. Unlike many female celebreties and staff-chans alike, who have faked their voice to be higher and sweeter, she sounds quite natural. Also great hands-on pictures of her working to develop the line.