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I came, I saw, I shopped.

After not doing a shopping post in a while it’s downright intimidating to show how much I went crazy on. It got instantly cold here in Tokyo so I felt the need to stock up on winter pieces. And I did… ^_^;;


My purchases from my trip to Tokyo Disney Sea.

Washcloth and bathing headband
The cute headband
Halloween mask and blinky ring
(everyone at Disney wears a hair accessory hat/plushie/mask)
Marie passcase and hairbow ❤ Marie
Glad News
I thought GN was going to have a horrid winter judging by their early releases, but I was happily wrong. Love all their fun prints!
New leopard fake fur coat w hoodie!!
Pic from the GN site
They finally got this comfy sweatshirt dress back in! Luvs it
Love this crazy faux multilayered hoodie
On with hotpants from Ascent Gem
This and the shirt below was 2 for $40
GN shirt and new skirt from Zara
Crazy print close-up
More skull love from GN and plaid shirt from Zara
Lately I’ve been really liking some Zara pieces. Since it’s in Centaagai a lot of gals shop there.
 Along with the plaid shirt and leopard skirt I got this combo
Shorts + shirt for $40.00
Black damage shorts seem to be really trending ATM
Lip Service
Continuing their excellent Winter!
My new leather “rider” jacket from Lippy. Love the high collar
Catalog pic (one on the left)
Leopard scarf, sigh I keep buying so much leopard ^_^;;;
Pretty lavendar onepiece and accessories
Party bag and digicam case with detachable strap
My first purchase from tutuHA! A giant stud belt bag ❤
…I love winter clothes!!