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Twitter note

Just a quick post that I will be tweeting while at 109 about some 109 shop updates and trends either Sunday or Monday. My twitter is miss_mitsu. Hopefully my flight goes smooth and I can get home, change and head to 109 to see what’s been happening in the last month. I’m way too curious, if you are too stay tuned to my twitter for those 2 days.

I’ll be making a blog post of what’s up for Fall in the stores, but if you want the quick and dirty stay on my twitter.

See you in Japan ladies. I’ll be missing some wonderful things about the States, but craving some good ramen, sukiyaki and shopping. Also I need my este! Carry nails, Argent Sue’s hair exte, Eyecandy’s eyelash exte… wait for me!!!

It’ll also be my last semester in Japan, since I’m graduating (YAY!). I’m staying 2 weeks after I graduate in December just to enjoy Tokyo and Japan without the pressures of school.

I plan to come back to Japan to teach for 6 months, but that’s a maybe since I need someone to hire me first ^__^;;

My interview suit, courtesy of Banana Republic.
OLness was expensive >___<

I’ll try to incorporate the blazer into gal looks this fall since blazers are trending this season