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ReDark revamped website

Redark, welcome back!

Finally going back to its AmeKaji college roots with an adorable webpage design is up and looks cute! 3 adorable backgrounds to download, too!

Judging by what’s new on their webstore, ReDark is heading back to its colorful roots after a detour.

Some of my personal favorites from their new items:

This looks so comfy for the Spring/Summer transition

I would have loved to have this outfit vacationing last week.

So cute! Want this!

Kudos ReDark for getting back to your cute AmeKaji ways, let’s hope it keeps up! They are following the trend of Spring pastels, known as Sherbert colors in Japan. Aren’t they so fresh!

Just some quick news/updates…

Gilfy + ReDark = Gilfy Market

Yokohama new store was opened as Gilfy Market (so far the only one I know of) and according to news on Gilfy’s website it has both Gilfy items and ReDark items. Did they change the ReDark look just help this new store concept along?

Causing quite a stir

This dress has been making magazine rounds! Egg, Ageha, Vivi and SCawaii have all featured it. Possibly more small frill items to come then…

Forever 21 is coming!

This dress that I profiled earlier in the One*Spo done America Style post, is now the subject of Vivi!

The dress now worn by the lovely and super popular Rina. Forever 21 opened last year in Seoul in a giant store and has since had great progress in the Asian market. Now it’s set to open 4/29/09 in Shinjuku with the new H&M location.

H&M lines in the first Japan store in Ginza were full for 4 weeks until a friend and I could get in, and by then the place was just demolished by crazed shoppers. Forever 21 and H&M Shinjuku should be packed and the topic of many magazines.

Although Vivi isn’t a gal magazine I thought this was worth mentioning since many American gals look to Forever 21 to plump their wardrobe and it also helps those first traveling to Japan to not look as out of place.

Vivi also this issue pumped up such 109 stores as the hippy Love Girls Market, as well as Moussy, OneSpo, and OneWay.

Open Comment Access

I was a blonde and didn’t realize you need to be a blog member to comment. I’m open to any comments, and so I opened up all comments to Anon and non-Anon. Everyone has their own idea of fashion and if mine differs from yours well let’s hope you show us how it’s done in your blog ^_^