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Hairset – Osaka, Nara, Kyoto

Mai buumu

Everyone in Japan always has a current obsession they love. Known simply in Engrish as My boom マイブーム. It’s a common survey question or something you say about yourself when asked. The Eggmgg old profiles asked it and Joy’s boom was overseas dramas such as the popular 24 and Prison Break, Kaoru’s was handmade items, Rumi’s was looking at vacation pictures. Others when asked in fashion magazines say hats or sunglasses.

So readers, what’s your boom?

Currently my boom is hairset. The idea of paying $20.00 or less and having perfect hair for 2 days is too much temptation. My man came from the states for a visit so of course I had to schedule a hairset appointment to have fabulous hair for when he arrived. Sadly most hairset places conscribe to hostess hours and I could only get it before 3:00 ^_^;;  I would have been out of luck if I didn’t run into this wonderful but sparsely designed blog of hairset places and their times in Tokyo, Osaka and beyond.

Dears Princess Hairset

Dears Princess in Shibuya was the only one listed in the Shibuya area. The have KAT-TUN’s live eternally blazing loud so it is a pain in the ass to make an appt over the phone >_<;; The store itself is girly and pink and set around all the other exte/este places in Shibuya (hot pepper site for them). I felt they did a cute and sweet job, not agejo but I liked the look. I also thought they did my bangs the best. However, the guy working on my hair was absolutely clueless on gaijin. He spoke to me in all English and I replied to him in Japanese but he still kept thinking white people can’t know Japanese -_-; He did however do my hair how I liked and my braid headband lasted for 3 days ❤ Recommended only if you’re in a pinch!

Silly angle is silly. Sweet large curls matched with a hair-headband (カチューシャ)
I was happy to have a sweet hairstyle since my hair often heads to rock-kei
So my man came and we immediately headed for Osaka. Sigh we both love Osaka. I’d like to get a job there in the future, but who knows. Osaka is also awesome because it’s only 540yen and 30 minutes to either Nara or Kyoto. Our hotel was only 110 a night and we were on the 27th floor with another amazing view. People always talk about how Japan can be expensive, but you can have a really cheap time when you travel.
Osaka’s bboy North Exit Namba station central, mainly had parapara girls on Friday night. I think Western  gals often think parapara is a huge thing in Japan, but it’s really declining. Sure around 30 girls and guys will do it at Atom, but within gal that’s not so big.
After we got settled we headed to our favorite Yakiniku place: Mitsuru
The sign  alone warns you you will be a piglet
Delicious Yakiniku ❤
Dragon Ramen place that was not so delicious.
If you’re looking for a ramen fix in Japan I suggest Kamukura ramen located in Centaagai, Kabukicho and Dotonbori (Osaka) for your tasty ramen needs.
Gals on a date probably wondering what to eat
A common pastime for gals: to read the magazines newly set out.  This is popular at conbini’s too.
New hosts at the causeway waiting for girls to pass
-Namba is jokingly called Nampa (lit: to be shipwrecked, meaning: to be hit on) for a reason 😉
Nara is one of my favorite places in Japan. It’s an easy day trip from Nagoya, Kyoto or Osaka and you will probably have tons of fun there. Tame deer roam there said to be divine beings. Their antlers are cut each year in a ceremony for their safety and they are kept well fed by everyone who visits. The temples are amazing too and unlike many places in Japan their souveniers are well-priced.
Eating delicious freshly made mochi-red bean cakes with peanut coating. It’s a tourist attraction as they beat the mochi with wooden hammers in tandem.
Mostly deer just sweetly nibble the special deer senbei from your hands
You can get as close as you like to some and they’re not afraid
They do tend to follow after feeding though 🙂
Mega buddha! Since the 700s
The weather was perfect and all the leaves were changing ❤ Gorgeous!

Me and my man ❤
We’re doing our best deer impressions. Males in mating season (now) open their mouths and let out between a door creaking or a baby crying sound. It’s pretty hilarious/pathetic to watch.
Me: Lip Service cardi + Gilfy bracelet
Him: Bape

next… to Kyoto!

Nagoya and Osaka <3

Note: Well in June I had this post written as I got back to Tokyo, but I stupidly put the pictures on my external hard drive and forgot where they were ^__^;;; and no travel post is worthy without pictures. 

In June my man came to Japan for a visit and of course I said: we’re traveling. So whirl of a vacation started with 4 days in 3 cities and a 3 hour hike down a mountain with a suitcase (:o)


Had a lovely, but short time there. I however had to make the quick stop to their gal shopping Mecca. Since Tokyo 109 gets everything first usually, it was more just to scope the layout and the crowd.

Egg always likes to talk about how Tokyo girls are different than Nagoya girls are different from Osaka girls. Nagoya always gets this hime/agejo touch to it, while Osaka gets the more Amekaji. This really didn’t come across to me while I was there. Nagoya girls were doing it right although I felt the audience was younger than Tokyo’s. 109 is often a mix of high school and 20+ yr olds.

PasSe, the big gal set of stores
gals getting some money out before taking the elevator to shop

Nagoya however has a Glam Baby right inside it’s mall, which I wished 109 would do since Glam Baby {much better than} Chiara.

I have nothing at all negative to say about Nagoya girls, I’d consider living there since it’s very laid back.

Oddly enough I was in Nagoya on a Sunday and barely saw any couples. Tokyo Sunday is all about couples. People of every age pair up and do everything from grocery shopping to regular date activities. It’s impossible to escape in Tokyo and it does make you want to scream out I HAVE A MAN, TOO!! if you’re alone at the time. I am unsure if this is Tokyo only, but it definitely didn’t seem like the Tokyo level of dating.


I tried to book an onsen stay before we left Tokyo, but right before the weekend all of the big ones were booked solid. So I dropped into the travel beaureu in Nagoya and they helped me set up a rocking Onsen play in Yunoyama which is hidden in the mountains between Nagoya and Osaka. Mountains, streams, unlimited shabu shabu and the perfect cap to a night: a private outdoor bath for me and me man. Happy me!

Our Onsen is on the left. Mountain air was so cool, even in June!

Inside our room. I always travel with Big Toe. ❤ uglydolls


Osaka was a bit of a mindwhack after being nestled in the mountains with only the sound of flowing water to greet you. Friends always tell me Osaka is a bit behind in the behind in the times fashion-wise. Personally I believe Kansai-people are more likely to hold onto a trend they like.

Osaka gyaruo especially reminded me of 2007 Tokyo gyaruo. Since Tokyo gyaruo have been charmed by either refined Host-kei or they’ve latched onto DJ Ace’s Oraora kei with more Exile looks, it was nice to see many in Osaka doing simply gyaruo.

I noticed a few talking about me as a white gal. In Tokyo it’s not as shocking, but I think it’s even more rare outside of Tokyo.

Osaka had some great style, I spent most of my time there around Namba and their awesome aquarium, too. Namba was full of shops with fake Amekaji Cocolulu stuff and Gilfy-style look alikes, but this seemed more acceptable in Osaka.

A puffer inside Osaka’s Aquarium

Gal in Namba (jokingly called Nampa – aka picking-up girls)

Fake Amekaji/Cocolulue merchandise

A covered route jutting out from the main drag

Tokyo’s popular Host Club, Club AquA, advertising for their Osaka branch

Possible host, looks like he has booty (rare)

One of the more racy Host Club posters I’ve seen. In Kabukicho the signboards are not this big.

Donki’s insane ferris wheel above their store.