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Travel home + w<3c love

Heading Home

Me at Narita reshuffling luggage. No eyemake for long flights v^_^

After dinner + too many drinks the night before with close friends, I was faced with Narita. Also I had to repack my luggage since 3 of the 4 checked bags were overweight, the limit was 23kgs (50 lbs). So I had checked luggage totalling 200lbs!!!

Man that was tiring. Thankfully my man was doing most of the heavy lifting. The days before that were so tiring with health insurance + cell phone + apartment issues to sort out. No wonder we both slept so well on the plane>_<;;;
A look at what it took to get me home this winter. 7 pieces of luggage all mine.
Definitely over 300lbs in mostly clothes.
If anything this is Confessions of a Shopaholic
Back at home with my katzen, Luna. As she turns away <_<;;
Before leaving Japan of course I needed one last 109. I mostly just said goodbye to my shopstaff, but decided to head to w<3c for the hell of it and I’m so happy I did.
When w<3c (site, four blogs, 109shop) opened this Fall I wasn’t too into the brand since Popteen was promoting it and it felt very young and a little too Ame-kaji. However, their adorable mascot Kuma-tan was too adorable to resist. Their shop is by far the best designed, laid out, and boldest of the new 8th floor offerings.
w<3c is done by the fashion personality Chinatsu Wakatsuki and opened to lots of fanfare. Even during the weekdays their narrow aisles were crowded with teens and young moms trying to navigate their strollers amoung each other.
I was casually looking around and then *poof* I hit it off with one of the staff-chan, I-chan, and we talked for 2 hours!! I ended up walking away with four cute pieces and learned a ton about the brand. It’s a damned shame I had to leave Japan when I did because we felt like old friends.When I left the store she hugged me and we made a pinky promise to go out sometime when I get back.
Sadly this pattern kept happening to me. In the last 2 weeks before I left I met 4 fun gals who all tried to make plans with the leaving me and I had to tell them maybe next year >_<;;
My staff-chan I-chan modeling their fabulous giant leopard coat with ears
Close-up of her awesome leopard hair, done in Harajuku.
Chinatsu Wakatsuki loves that her initials are also the nickname for a toilet in England. So she uses this irreverant humor into her pieces.
Like this tee: Where is the restroom? What is this place? This is a clothes shop!!!
She has a popular “pee poo” print that’s in dresses and bags in fun yellow and green colors.
 A freebie w<3c pouch from SCawaii
While her bright pop style may look very ame-kaji, it’s actually trying to be j-kaji.

She has both shirts and backpacks saying JAPAN or JAPANESE
I-chan and I giggled about a gaijin wearing this ^_^;;
Also they have stacks of the I ❤ SF print. I suspected SF meant nothing like most English on Japanese clothing, but instead w<3c did it specifically to mean I ❤ Sex Friend (sekusu furrendo or sefure for short, the Japanese engrish for fuck buddy). She counters this comment with a bear print.
This is the real skill of w<3c: balancing a playful bold sexuality with punchy colors and cute accents.
I’m excited to buy from them again!
The fun w<3c lady and girl bear print on their shop bag. So cute!
Sweater and fluffy khaki skirt from w<3c
I don’t like Winter! It’s true ❤ Yet again, spot on English. 
Paired with Shihara style blue tights and blue plaid Bape tennis shoes.
A catalog ad for the same shirt + fluffy skirt.
Their cute popular bear print hat that says: I have no idea
I’m excited to see what they do for their Spring/Summer collection since that’s when all stores gear up for more color.

Shibuya 109 English Guide – The Magazine


Just this bast week Glitter decided to put out Shibuya 109 English Guidebook. The thing is… it’s all in English! To make it worse, it’s distributed everywhere. From bookstores to conbinis. (edited cus I went ranty) But why in the world was it created and distrubuted? It’s not like English speaking loving gals are in the tons in Japan. We’re a tiny group!! I know Japanese love shirts with English sayings on them, but not a whole damned magazine! Its target audience is overseas, yet it’s filling the Tokyo area >_< WTF

The magazine itself is produced by Glitter, and continously gives off the impression of a Japanese magazine trying to look like a Western magazine. White backgrounds? Celeb cover? White models (who often look more frightening than gal)? It constantly misses the mark for me. It’s neither an English style mag nor a good laid out Japanese magazine.

It also has a two page spread on underwear. Western women tend to have larger frames and often grow breasts quicker and uhhh larger than Japanese women. A C cup would be impossible in those stores, which is a common bra size for Western women. Personally at 34D I’m seen as a freak of nature by Japanese standards. Japanese bras are just not a selling point for half or more of Western women >_<

…however it has many good points, beyond the pitfalls it steps into


Two page history of 109 and somewhat of gal
It brushes over some aspects and spikes of yester-gal times, but it does give a sense of history. Personally I didn’t know there was a competition in 2004 to bring new designers to the forefront of 109, and that one of my perennial favorites, Gilfy, won it!

Five pages of mostly shop-staff in currently in-store looks
Maybe I am biased because my two favorite shop staff: One*spo’s Kie-chan and Lip Service’s Mai-chan are in it. Aren’t they cute! Their personalities are just as cute. They are everyday gals dressed in the shop’s most current looks. Egg’s street snaps are often month’s old or showing only 1 or 2 shopstaff.

(see both below)

The rest of the magazine doesn’t really show styling that seems gal, but the shop staff are great models of a store’s stylistic direction. Instead of catalogs featuring Hoshiaya or Tsubasa, these people for regular shoppers are the face of a brand.

Don’t get me wrong, while I think the gal styling is off on this and they went at this magazine the wrong way, there is still a ton of useful information in here for the beginner gal.

I am sure this mag will get scanned, but for now browse below or all 36 images in a handy zip filehere (cus I <3)

Styles of Covergirl Nicole Richie and their interpretations of her looks from gal shops.
I honestly am not a fan of this since it’s Westernizing gal not galifying Western looks, yanno ^_^;;.
her make frightens me (where’s GalMori when you need it?)
Age appropriate? Co&Lu is meant for 15-18 yr olds, she looks more adult than that <_<;;
Marine for Fall/Winter? Very summery >_<
These have been blended with black in stylings though >_< Not together!
The most current gal look in the magazine IMO, love the pop of color
My Kie-chan <333
Mai-chan <3!
Love this denim
Great JSG looks, love the metallic leggings
1/4 of the magazine is blocks like this by floor discussing their own brand.
Talk of all the new 8th floor stores
A nice touch for tourists